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Googleshng - March 15 '00- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

Well, the steady stream of X-Box hate mail dried up at a very bad time. Oh well, I was getting a bit sick of that topic anyway, still, I have SOME responses to people's bashing, and some decent letters too. Well, let's get rolling.

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First some general bashing


The question I have for people who want to use PC hardware for consoles is this: How can an Intel Celeron 366 with 128 megs of RAM and a Voodoo3 2000 video card (whole computer totaling about $500) be outperformed on the Playstation's piddly little 33MHz processor with 1 meg of video ram on a game like Final Fantasy 8?

64 times as much system memory... 16 times as much video memory... MUCH faster processor......


Oh yes, that's right...

Because Final Fantasy 8 on PC is powered by...


Direct X! Running PC-style hardware!

Let's face reality here. If Microsoft wants to compete with other consoles, they need to do away with their PC-oriented thinking. They will NOT get the job done on the console with their Intel Pentium III architecture and their Windows environment.

I don't care what kind of price Bill Gates wants for his X-Box. As far as I'm concerned, Bill Gates can take his X-Box blueprints and use them for lining in his birdcages - after everyone sees how TRUE gaming consoles outperform that sorry system that's all the blueprints will be worth.

At any rate, I certainly don't have any plans to fork over ANY kind of money for this system.

Every other Microsoft product out on the market is released with piles of bugs and a requirement for regular updating.

I don't need to update the Playstation, do I?

I have had Microsoft applications crash on me almost every day for the last 5 years now - my Playstation hasn't crashed but once in that time frame - and that was because I had it sitting on a thick towel to plug the vents.

Thanks for listening.

There's two things to note here. One, Squaresoft is VERY very inexperienced with working on PCs, and having to make games that are compatible with multiple setups. To my knowledge, Final Fantasy 7 and 8 are their only PC games. Translating a game from Playstation over to the DirectX technology was very different, but trust me when I say that Direct X's later incarnations are more than capable of doing it. The game graphics are improved, and the movie quality has nothing to do with what you can do with Direct X, as countless PC games have proven to have INCREDIBLY good hi-res movies.

Two, the reason you are probably having problems with your PC is defined by one word. "Celeron." The Celeron chip is a stripped down Pentium II chip with little to no cache. It's not meant for any kind of medium- to high-grade game whatsoever. And yes, that one little detail can indeed slow the entire PC down and cause crashes. Not everything is Microsoft's fault, ya know. Sometimes users overload what their PC can handle.

About the X-Box.. well, just wait. Wait and see what it can do and what's on it.

Actually, since the PC ports were done by Eidos, you can't blame Square's inexperience. There's still the argument that the games might have been programmed in such a way that porting them was tough though I suppose.

The red stuff has Xenogears spoilers

Hey Google and The News Guys-
I've got two questions really, but the first is for Google. Google, I was wondering what characters you meant by the "secret freaks" in Xenogears, cuz I went through and beat the game pretty well w/o ever really getting any special characters on the team (unless you count The green-haired Nano-Machine chick one of those). Oh, and I'm not worried about any kind of spoiler cuz I've already beaten the game, albeit a while ago, but still. So yeah, what characters were you referring to?
The News Guys:
I'd like to start off this message by stating clearly that I'm not going to buy the X-Box unless some DAMNED good games come out for it, basically something that has as good a story as a FinalFantasy and is as fun to play as Lunar SSSC. So yeah, how long do you think that the X-Box really will be able to stand up to the harsh public? I mean, I know many people like me that believe that the current Oligopoly on the gaming industry (mostly just Sony and Nintendo here in the states) is perfect for the industry and the right way to go. One more question, what kind of third/second party support will there be for the system? -DracoDeus

Systems are nothing without games, and X-Box will have games from many companies for many genres. They've done their homework, and I have a feeling they know that RPGs are a very important market and that hardcore RPGamers will buy systems just to play a good RPG on them. Currently a lot of the big name developers are committing to X-Box already, such as Capcom, THQ, and Konami. Many others are also putting themselves on the list, and it's very early. No games have been officially announced yet, but once again it's incredibly early.

Committing is a very strong word. Really every developer looks at every system. I mean, Square looked at what developing for the DC would be like. Still Capcom and Konami never play favorites, they make games for anything and everything.
Anyway, the Xenogears thing was just referring to Chu-Chu, Seibzehn, and Emeralda. Sorry if I confused people, but they're secret in the sense that they aren't listed in the instructions. Anyway, you have to admit that a giant pink hampster, a massive sentient gear, and a nanite colony are all pretty darn cool characters.

Considering that most of my mail was people asking this all week, I'm surprised nobody asked today. Oh well, I'll just have to ask for them. The X-Box has PC components, a hard drive, and a modified version of Windows 2000. Wouldn't that make it a PC without a monitor? With all the unpleasantness that goes along with that.

-Googleshng's mailbox

Let's see.. a power chip, a graphics chip, RAM, and a slightly modified version of an OS. That's.. every single system in existance. Well, at least all of the current and next-gen systems. Playstation & Playstation 2 are Linux-based, I believe, and DreamCast is.. another Windows OS! Nintendo.. umm, who knows what Dolphin will be. As for the hard drive, both Dreamcast and Playstation 2 will have released a form of storage before the X-Box even hits the market. Add in modem support and keyboards on all systems, and you have a computer without a monitor. The only thing that the X-Box has done differently is that they're including it WITH the system, and probably for cheaper. Smart. The 'dummied down' version of Windows 2000 is probably not going to be anything to worry about, as the specifications for the system will never change, and the system will be tested extensively beforehand. Of course, the true test will be the actual system. We'll just have to see. =)

PSX using Linux? That doesn't sound right... anyway, I really want to know what the whole fad with giving consoles operating systems is. I mean, it's not like you ever have two games running at the same time or anything.

Enough about Microsoft, let's get back to business
Hey googledude, got a few questions for you and stuff for you.

First of all the xbox sounds good, but not going to buy it at first, if I even do buy it. I can already predict it crashing more often then Windows 95.

Q 1. Can you lend me your second disk of Xenogears? Mine's all screwed up.

Q 2. Whats your take on hamsters?

Q 3. How's Soul Caliber? Is it worth 50 bucks?

Q 4. Ever play Magic:the Gathering? What do you think of it?

Q 5. What do you think Parasite Eve? Looking forward to the second?

Q 6. Which animes have you seen? I already know you've seen Escaflowne. You seem a bit obsessed.

Peace out, Groovy, live long, posper, etch.


Xenogears? No way, I'm overprotective with my games. Hampsters don't have enough meat on them to be worth it. Soul Caliber is definately worth $50. Magic... I played it from when it was new to when they ran out of new ideas. I actually liked Parasite Eve, if I had the money I might get the sequel, but I don't. Not even close. I'm not obsessed with Escaflowne, it's just my favorite for some very good reasons. Anyway, I am NOT going to list all the anime I've seen because I'd be here all day. Instead, here is a brief list of what's good: Escaflowne, Slayers, Gunbuster, Neon Genesis Evangelion (there's a law stating I had to list that), Ranma (but the manga is so much better), Fushigi Yuugi, and oh yeah, Dragon Half! Those are all good.

Where's the new RPGs?
You want to REALLY freak out your friend Paws? I made her wave files into my startup and shutdown sounds. I like the phrase "I LOVE Final Fantasy Tactics".

I'd tell her myself 'cept I don't have her e-mail address.

By the way, what do you know about RPGs on the next-generation consoles? Is it PS2 all the way, except for Shenmue? Or does dolphin and DC have some decent stuff lined up? I figured you would be "in the know".


Not enough has really been said about the others, but there's a ton of upcoming DC RPGs. Off the top of my head there's Eternal Arcadia, PSO, and Grandia in addition to Shen Mue. FOr a new system, that's a ton.

Odd little point

Yes, you're right about graphics not being a factor anymore. Soon, graphics won't be given another thought. I've known about our 'biological limit' for some time and just can't wait till it gets here. Why? Because then game developers' only edge to sell more games(specificly RPGs) is to have them either: a) a better plot/story/experience, b) better propaganda, or c) simply a cheaper game.

The time until this happens is closer than you think. Already we have reached the limits of frames per second. Ever heard of a game boasting 75 fps? No, because our eyes simply cannot register that much information in one second, 60 is pretty much our limit. How about colors? Ever heard of more than a billion? Nope, and we never will, because we simply can't see that many. Well, a clever company might boast those things, but it would simply be propaganda.

Aside from visually, we also have the actual controllers themselves. Game companies simply cannot make a game that forces you to press more than six buttons at once, that's pretty much the limit unless you're double-jointed. And about number of buttons on the controller, they can't really add any more, otherwise the controller would be uncomfortable in your hands and you wouldn't want to use it.

Some might fear this coming wall, a wall we will probably never go through naturally. But I embrace it because it will allow game companies to devise ways of going AROUND the wall, instead of through it. Which means more a), b), and c). Besides, it would allow us to put away this petty bickering about which system is 'better' based on specs, instead on the systems' games.

-Red Raven

In case you missed the point, the issue here is that there's a point in the not too distant future after which graphics can't get better from a technological standpoint.


Aha. Googs has teamed up with Brad to block out my quickies! Rejoice, Liberation Army! We must declare war on the RPGamer Q & A column!

- Hall of Fame Announcer Harry Carey.


Before you open your fat mouth, just it a small reminder that my son was the one to drive a crysknife through your throat and into your brain.

-Lady Jessica Atriedes

Enough with the Dune stuff! 8)

<<One of them is the subject of one of the games you guys cover, so this one is doable. >> You are a girl. unh. ok.


Every once in a while I get a quickie that doesn't make sense no matter how long I look at it. This is one of those times.

Who is your favorite to win in the NCAA tournament?
-Sofa King Cool

*blank stare*

Is it just me or does Citan from Xenogears look like Egon from ghostbusters?

Jeff J

Hey, there IS some resemblance!

I already have the X-Box, it is sitting in my kitchen with cerel boxes and chip bags in it.



Don't ya just hate the Battle of South Moundtop?

No, but did I ever mention my masochistic streak?

The Last Laugh:

Well, we're back to only CC.

He's back to basics too. 8) Anyway, now it's the weekend so you can talk to Brad. I need to unwind from all this X-Box stuff, read some Onion articles, this fanfic crossover involving Mr. T and anime, maybe put a rant up, bye.

Googleshng "Warmonger"
I'm really shocked there's been no Gremio jokes.

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