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Googleshng - March 15 '00- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

OK, the letters that are REALLY against the X-Box are starting to die down, but there's still an awful lot of them. So, I'm forcing the guys who wrote the story that started this whole mess to come in here and defend it tomorrow, because I sure can't. In the meantime, I'll try to make today a calm before the storm kind of thing and try to keep the X-Box letters to a minimum. So enjoy a nice breather, and then let fly at my mailbox. 8)

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Hiya! Thanks to you, I am quite addicted to Escaflowne. It's hard to limit myself to seeing only one tape a week, but I'm surviving. Somehow. Anywho, a little while ago I saw someone selling an Escaflowne game on eBay. What do you know about that?
Also (and this has been bothering me a while) why are giant robots called something different in every anime and game series I know of? Why is it sometimes "Mechs", then "Gears", then "Melefs" and so on? I know it's a bit silly, but it's not easy to remember which name goes with which series anymore. I think old age is getting to me...


One a week? Try 2 a year! The worst part is the price of individual tapes keeps climbing but the boxed set stays at $100. Last I checked, that saves you $80. Anyway, I guess the reason mecha are called something different in everything is that there's some weird rule that the show/game/whatever must be named after the mecha in it, or the most significant mech. That cover it?

Here's an honest-to-gawd couple of questions amongst the slew of anti-microsoft mail and haiku's ;) Not that such things are nescessarily evil.

1) In the song "knight of fire", you know, the song played in Xenogears when ever you go into a fierce battle, at one point during the song, you her some kind of chatter in the background. Is this gibberish, or are they saying something there?

2) HOW do you beat Deus when you first fight him aboard the alien ship (which is not so alien)? He keeps healing himself for 16000 HP! Is there a trick to this battle, or am I destined to lose it.

3) Is there ANY Xenogears character cooler than Citan? I don't think so.

4) What's a good strategy against Ice pokemon? (I'm serious here ;) ) Such as Jynx and Articuno.

5) Do you like Gundam Wing, o anime buff, Googleshng? Personally, I think it's one of the best damn jobs I've ever seen on a dub (kicks the FUNimation into their own little wretched Home For Infinite Losers) If you like it, who's your favorite pilot? Mine's Duo.

6) How soon will Baldur's Gate 2 see the light of day?

And lastly...

7) Wouldn't it be nice to see the pokemon revolt, scream "We can't take it anymore!" (Translated roughly to: "Pika Pika Pi Chu!"), and eat a very surprised Ash Ketchum? I mean, come on. Imagine you're a happy pokémon...wandering the wild, living a natural life, occasionally electricuting weasels (for fun), when, ONE DAY, some little brat with a ball makes you his eternal slave and forces you to fight for him in Cock-Fight style battles!
Scary, huh?

Love and Piercings, (not that I'm in the mood for either)
Cheshire Catalyst

OK, what's being chanted there is "Sentient mode is capable." I can say this with confidence because about 5 or so other people I know arrived at this independently. As for why it says that, uh, I used to have a good reason, can't remember it now though. As for fighting Deus, well, you notice how every round it halves everyone's HP including it's own? Just wait (while conserving fuel and maybe healing, I forgot if that's nessessary) until it brings it's own HP down enough and give it one good solid whack. That should be easy enough since I seem to recall you have Weltall-2 there. 8) Moving on, yes, Citan's the coolest, but Billy's pretty cool two and the secret freaks. If you want to beat an Ice Pokémon, use fire, fighting, or rock. I haven't seen Gundam Wing, I'm not the one to ask about BG2, and yeah, that's an interesting way of looking at Pokémon.

Creepy Concept
Hey Goog,

The end draws near on my current trimester and I need to have an original program written for my AP computer science class final. So I decided to make a virtual pet based on you. Anyway, I need a few ideas so I thought it was only right to ask you. Naturally, I'll need a name. I'd also like any suggestions you can give me on any other features you would like to see or think would be interesting.


A virtual pet based on me eh? I can see it now, buttons to give it RPGs and anime, it expresses happiness by putting rants up, as it grows it goes from a little slime to a black cape wearing anime character. I'd better get royalties though! Then I can actually buy RPGs and anime in real life! 8)

More on this
another homosexual to note is Flea from Chrono Trigger. nobody is quite sure of his sex and he, errr she, errr it plainly states at the first battle it is no woman. i think Flea also states that either Chrono or Frog are cute. hey... U'RE NOT FLEA, ARE U?!?

Ramzlita IV

Oh please, Flea's about as gay as Tsubasa from Ranma. It just shape shifts into a girl and blows kisses at everyone to throw them off balance. Another thing someone tried to slip past me was Zanon from Dragon Force. Generally speaking anyone under the control of an evil soul devouring sword doesn't have any social life whatsoever. Come to think of it, it's odd that there's enough of them to make that kind of statement. 8) If you're really grasping at straws though, when Flea blows kisses at Marle or Lucca, they get charmed just like the guys do.

More homosexuality fun, and a question!
This might be a day late but on the subject of homosexual characters in games there is someone most people don't think about. (at least I didn't at first) This is Bandiger from Thousand Arms. Although he is not a playable character, you do encounter him many times in the game. Even though they don't officially say he is a homosexual, you can pretty much tell after you hear the song that is played when you encounter him. Not to mention the way he talks.

Since this is supposed to be a Q&A, I'll ask a question. Do you like Saga Frontier 2? I just got the game but i have yet to play it because I still have to finish Star Ocean.


P.S. Xenogears is the best game ever!

People mentioned the Bandiger thing before, but I didn't wind up printing those. As for SF2, well, it's a great game, I enjoyed it very much, but the end is so hard that the average person flat out won't win.

We all know that during translation, RPG's get things/features/whatever added on to or taken away from them. So what exactly did we miss or receive in the translations of Final Fantasy? (Namely Final Fantasy 5). Are there any other RPG's that have gone through major changes because of coming over to the U.S.?

Well, FF5 had a terribly butchered translation, but to my knowledge, they didn't take anything out. That really stopped at the end of the 16-bit era, and back then, well, most things had stuff cut from them. That's the best answer I can give you in a realistic time frame.


Hey Googleshng! I'm me, Scarmiglion.
Here's a good quicky for ya.
Bill Gates meets Dungeons and Dragons! It's fun for a laugh or two.
Bye Bye!
Scarmiglion - The King of Really Bad Haiku (as seen on #rpgamer)

I don't print that sort of thing often. Click that when you're done, it's hilarious.

Don't forget Clown Weenie and Acrobat Sausages from Brave Fencer! And the trick they do with an orange!

The Sesquipedalist

I still need to play it.

The umm.. theme park, forget the name, private action in Star Ocean 2 has Rena coming on to Celene due to a love potion. I know neither of them are lesbians but it is lesbian-ism- to some extent. -webrunner, the guy who's name has an 'ebrunne' in the middle.

I see.

When you go to take a leak.......Do you stand or sit?

Starwarrior----THE MAD RUSSIAN

That's a RATHER vulgar question! Anyway, the answer of course is yes. I don't know of anyone who would lie down in such a situation. X(

Screw the Deceptacons! And the Autobots while you're at it. Galvatron is the only 'bot who matters. (oh yeah, screw the go-bot-unicron-fodders also!)
Galvatr!.........Soundwave (yeah)

OK, that's just plain funny.

I will kill him!


How long is this going to drag out?

recent dna testing shows that sephiroth is the illegitimate child of setzer, and a disgruntled postal employee...the punett square is in progess...



The Last Laugh:

Yay! I managed to go the whole column without printing X-Box stuff. Tomorrow of course will be the official day to bash the X-Box, and I'm bringing along people who can actually defend it. Should me amusing.

Dias Diem is getting a lot of stuff printed here, isn't he?

Hehehe, I just can't get enough Xenogears jokes. I have to put up a link to my cousin's page of this sort of thing sometime. Anyway, people close enough to Bill Gates to have killed him when he was unveiling the X-Box will be here to defend it against your viscious attacks, make sure to send stuff in because I don't want to carry this into next week.

Googleshng "Warmonger"
I'm really shocked there's been no Gremio jokes.

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