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Googleshng - March 13 '00- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

This job can kind of suck at times. There's times when I have to take my own opinion on an issue and lock it up for nobody to hear... or maybe put up on my page which I meant to get done this weekend, maybe tomorrow. Anyway, my mail box was packed full of flames about that X-Box story, and I loved reading them despite the fact that they were flames of a good friend of mine. The problem though is that, believe it or not, I have some standards and ethics and whatnot. I also know that if I post my opinion on a controversial issue, I will get 100 or so flames, mostly from morons (not that disagreeing with me makes one a moron, just that morons like flaming people and I hate reading poorly written mail). So, I can't state my mind about things like Microsoft, and in fact, I feel obligated to take the defensive on such issues. Although I kinda told you what I really think just now didn't I. Uh, whoops. Oh well, the intros off limits for disagreeing with me, OK?


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People hate Microsoft
Oh goog, I would like to provide this word to the wise:

All the x box is-a cobbled together pc with a fancy video chip! It is telling people that a console is better for games than a why do we need 800mhz run email! By the time it comes out it will be out of date. I ghz is on your doorstep. The x-box still runs on the x86 code, a legacy of the old days of PC and hindering the chip design from the ground up. The Motorola chip powering the G4 and Dolphin is/was designed without the Pc code baggage...1 gflop and more for Dolphin.. AS IT USES 128 BIT FLOATING POINT REGISTERS TO do calculations...Intel chips does it in 32 bit!! They cannot do 128 until until it discards x86.The graphic chip is the X box only real asset.As for the PS2 it has a 128 bit word doesn't need to go too high in the mhz game...betware of those misleading comparisons...6 gflop of pure floating point vector chips cannot do 1 gflop even in 1 ghz as its Simd instruction set operate in 32bit! It relys on the graphics chip.The nintendo dolphin and PSX2 is a more superior design. I would choose the PS2, because i know im going to get quality games from squaresoft, konami, namco etc. The X-box is just sounding like a PC you plug into a TV (Windows on a console WTF???), Its gonna have installations, and im sure in the future you will be able to upgrade (the most annoying thing ever, lets upgrade every 6 months!!). We console gamers do not like windows, we want a simple and effective OS like the dreamcast one (it doesnt come up with messages like "an unexplained error has occured, please reboot your system", and even worse, THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH)

No offense but That RPGamer article is total BS. An official Microsoft press release probably wouldn't been a more reliable source of info. RPGamer took everything that Microsoft said at face value, and they failed to take into account that the demos weren't even being run on an X-Box. The X-Box's graphics processor (which I'm sure you realize is a very key component) doesn't exist yet. Which makes the demos about as meaningful as the "N64" demos that Nintendo ran on SGI workstations.

-Edmond"Flying fat"Honda

This is a tad on the extreme side but most of what's in my mail today is just like this. If nothing else, I think the fact that so many people with so little provocation are attacking the X-Box this visciously is a very bad sign for it's potential sales. Anyway, this next letter is a rebuttal from one of the guys who wrote that article.

Now from the defense
I quote, from Microsoft's press release: "More than three times the graphics performance of the newest-generation game consoles will be offered. Co-developed with experts at NVIDIA, the custom-designed graphics chip will deliver more than 200 million polygons per second." However, that's true that the chip wasn't in the prototype system yet. But, if you think about it, the technical demos were even more impressive, then. The system and the demos were running solely upon the CPUs raw processing power, and not even tapping into the power reserves that the graphics chip will add to the system. Once the chip is added, it certainly will not downgrade the performance of the X-Box at all, but simply make it even more impressive. I'm still reserving my opinion until I can see more of the X-Box, but from what I saw at GDC of the X-Box, the simple fact that it is very impressive cannot be denied. Granted, a system is nothing without developer support, but take a look at all of the high-quality developers that have already signed aboard. Again, draw conclusions for yourselves; I'm simply reporting the news. It's still early, and there's a long way to go.

-Dan Calderman

I feel I should point out something here. Which system comes out on top is never a question of who has the most superior hardware. It's all a matter of which system gets the third party companies. The Sega Master System blew the NES away technologically, but everyone had exclusive deals with Nintendo. There was a time when the Genesis was more popular than the SNES. The N64 and the Saturn are both vastly superior to the PSX, but Sony got the third parties. As for the upcoming systems, well none of them have the third parties signed at the momment, so if you've already decided to buy one, you really are taking quite a big risk. Every major company is going to wind up making a few games for everything, but after that they'll devote themselves to their favorite. Well, it's another story if you're buying a system for it's first and second party developers, because Sega, Nintendo, and Nintendo's friends (Rare) DO make some pretty good games.

Yes I have that much
This is in regards to the guy who wrote in to Brad yesterday about being pretty impressed with the X-Box specs, and thinking Sony and Nintendo must be getting worried...

The thing to remember is that running Windows on an x86 architecture means that X-Box is going to have a pretty significant cripple when compared to PS2, Dolphin, and Dreamcast which are running their own very streamlined OSes on proprietary hardware designed specifically for gaming. I'm definitely not saying that X-Box is gonna suck, probably far from it, I'm just cautioning against drawing direct comparisons between it and other next gens. Not all MHz are created equal...


Well, Doug and Dan aren't here right now, so I can't pull out a rebuttal here, oh well, I'm sure someone will respond to it. I'm going to look really hard for some letters that aren't attacking Microsoft, but I'm not making any promises.

Hey look! It's about RPGs!
Hey Google!!

I have 1 question for you:

What is Tactics Ogre like?? Is it like FFTactics? And is Ogre Battle similar to TO?? I remeber that i've played OB on the SNES but only for like 5 min and i didn't had the chance to buy it because of some unknow reasons it was VERY rare and the price was quite high (from 120$ to 170$ can (remember SNES RPG were about 90$can)) Anywayz when it come out on PSX i just didn't see it. Now i can get both for a very cheap price btu uim not sure if im going to like it. I got FFT when it came out and i still play and enjoy it. As i seen OB and TO look quite different even if they are from the same serie....



Final Fantasy Tactics is from the same team as Tactics Ogre. I've never played it myself, but I believe it's pretty much the same sort of thing. Although obviously using Ogre Battle characters and units as opposed to Final Fantasy Franchise Fodder. I'd love to play it myself, but it's a pain to track down. As for Ogre Battle, it's something else entirely. There's maps dotted with towns, which you move parties around on in real time, and the fights are standard RPG style, with the rather odd little addition that you don't control your guys dirrectly, but there's enough AI choices that it's a moot point.

Alternate universes
Hey Google,

You guys do a kickass job here. I'm a loyal Q&A fan, and have been for a year. It's my birthday. (Yay!!) Nuff about me. Question time!

1)First off, if the series FF was never created, which rpg would be your fave on the SNES platform?

2)Second, lets assume that Square was never founded, and all of our favorite and cherished titles were never created. What would you be doing right now? (It's 9:14, just for reference.)

Thanks, Googs, and keep up the good work. (Aren't you glad you're appreciated?)

Kupop "Cuz it only happens once a year?!?" D. Moogle

-Eric Reichel

OK, aside from FFs, my favorite SNES RPGs would be Chrono Trigger and Lufia 2. Obviously I'm not counting Action/RPGs. As for if Square was never founded, well, I assume it's illegal to say all the people who work for Square would work for some other company, so I'll play your little game. First off, there would be no RPGamer. That means I wouldn't be working on the column, and RPGs wouldn't have gotten such a good foothold, so I wouldn't be playing any of my newer games. I guess I'd be watching X-Files though. Square didn't do anything for that!

Oh yeah, the game I wanted questions about
I want to know if Saga Frontier is worth buying I rented it and got up to the part where philippe's son is assasinated during the firebrand ceremony in scenario 1. I want to know if there is a big portion of the game left so I can decide whether to buy it or just rent it again.

Well, I plowed through it in just a few days, that translates to a play time of oh... 20-30 hours, not bad especially since there's decent replay value. Let me warn you though, the end of the game becomes insanely difficult. I mean like FFT is a piece of cake compared to the end of this game. That hard. Very very sick.


With all this talk about homosexual stuff, it's only fitting to ask this question:
Are there any RPGs with major characters that are homosexual?
- Can't think of one myself.

Am I allowed to answer this with the standard Gremio joke? Seriously though, I'm pretty sure there's SOME. If nothing else, in Japan there's RPGs based on Sailor Moon.

This is for you, man
Why are you not Brad, Google?
I am late I think!
Johnny "master of the bad poems" Danger

Haiku Overdose
So many were posted here
Over the weekend

House Atriedes values loyalty and honor far above politics!


True, but Paul's a whiny little dork, you have to admit that.

Brad sez yu ar a gurl. I am an idiot and must take things for up-front face value. Therefore, yu ar a gurl. Mary me plez.

And tell Harrey Carrey to come back to Quickies. I miss him! ;_;

~Bishounen Zach (there's one in every can!)

Heh. The accepted spelling is ur, not yu ar. As for your more serious comment, uh, he is back, see?

what's google's opinion on Star Ocean 2, mm?

- Hall of Fame Announcer, Harry Carey.

No sir, I don't like it.

Does the X-Box really look like a toaster? =)

Sure! You can cook your breakfast as you play! I mean, uh, no?

If I told you that today was my birthday, but I was really lying to you, would you still print my quickie?

I guess that would depend on if I had room for it, wouldn't it.

The Last Laugh:

A haiku (and my excuse for the decline in pics..... this week ;)

Finals week it is
exams for which to study
paper I must write

SO, here's a little piece of art work done by good pal of mine Nightwolf (or, as her parents named her, Kris Hoffman) It's a nice pic of two anime characters not getting along. One of them is the subject of one of the games you guys cover, so this one is doable.
The text in the background is the reverse side of a worksheet she was doing for religion class. It's a nice sketch, and I like it. I think this girl deserves a hand ;)

Cheshire Catalyst

Hey! What are you doing in my closing paragraph! This is MY little area! 8) Anyway, here's another amusing little picture for you all.

Heh, that's by Dias Diem. Anyway, I have a feeling that this Microsoft bashing won't be over today. Maybe I should fetch the GDC boys to guest host if it's still an issue by the end of the week.

Googleshng "Moderator"
This space is also immune to criticism. I'm against the X-Box too! Only those of you who know the secret of the invisible text are party to this secret knowledge!

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