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Double RCs?
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This victory strengthens the soul of... Mr. Bill!
Googleshng - March 9 '00- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

SaGa Frontier 2 is a very cool game. If anyone out there is avoiding it because they hated the last one, your fears are unfounded, from what I've heard there's basically nothing in common. Everything about it has been growing on me, the plot is just flat out cool (one of the main characters gets to take over the world!), and it has a TRPG as a subgame! Anyway, today's a guest host day, so here's the new meat's intro.

Greetings. I'm Andrew Bilyk, aka "Aegis," one of RPGamer's recent additions to the news staff. I've been here since, well, last Friday, and I've enjoyed it ever since! I've got a bunch of news stories up already, so have a look, if you haven't already. About me personally, I'm a freshman at Southwest Missouri State University, where I'm majoring in computer science (yay computer science!) and minoring in math and physics (curses to both!). In my spare time (of which I have very little), I play video games, help run my dorm's hall council, bike, and program (among other random things). If you'd check out a "game" I programmed, you can read about and download it here. I've been playing RPGs since Phantasy Star, and I'm one of those jaded "old-school" gamers. Enough about me, though. On to the questions!

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How do you pronounce...?
Hey hey hey!
hey Google and Andy, how many towns can you remember that have random encounters, and what games are they from? I can only remember Zozo in ff6, so i was wondering if you knew of any other towns where i can kick some boo-tay
-The Pansy of Doom

Castlevania II: Simon's Quest is one game... every town has monsters at night (Then again, there may only be one town. I forget)... but off the top of my head, I can't think of any others.

There's more than one town in Castlevania 2, yes. Anyway, I'm trying to think of an RPG that DOESN'T have one town with monsters in it, and I'm having quite a hard time of it. There always seems to be that one destroyed town or slum full of monsters you have to pop into at one point, be it to find a special item, retrieve a missing character, or pick up a little robot to pilot your spaceship. The only exceptions in fact I can think of are MAYBE the first 4 FFs, but FF4 gets out on technicallity with the land of summoned monsters, and I don't recall/haven't played the rest to enough of a degree to be sure about them. Oh wait, FF4 has that scene where you're defending that castle with Yang, nevermind it then. 8)

More crystal stuff
Hi there Google and Drew (do you mind if I call you Drew?) Erm, question... or several questions... whatever.
Andrew: Sure, you can call me Drew!

1. When's Chrono Cross coming to North America? Everytime I think about it, I have to change my pants.
Andrew: We have Chrono Cross listed for release sometime this August... hopefully it won't be pushed back!

2. Have either of you ever tried aerosol cheese? If so, is it any good? Y'know, like on sandwiches and bananas and such.
Andrew: I have tried it (and in layman's terms, it's just Easy Cheese), and it's fantastic on triscuits and other cracker-type baked goods. I haven't tried it on sandwiches or bananas, though....

3. In FFTactics when does Beowulf start to get good? He's like an oracle with a sword. Yay.
Andrew: I regret to say that I've not yet played FFT, so I can't help with this one. It is on my long list of games to play, however.

4. Why don't we all drop this pronounciation thingie? Let's just say the words like we think they should be said. I say (ah-j-ree-as) Agrias, does that mean I worship the devil or something?
Andrew: I don't know why we don't drop the subject. I personally think you should pronounce it the way you wanna pronounce it. Then again, I always correct my roommate when he pronounces RPG names "incorrectly," so go figure!

Thanks for puttin' up with me!

Who says Beowulf doesn't suck later? I personally never used him as anything more than a means of getting other special characters, like Reis! The fearsome firebreathing, well, human! As for the whole pronounciation thing, well, it all started with me getting constant letters saying How do you pronounce this? and this? and this? and this? So I asked if anyone felt like making wavs of all these things that more or less coincided with how I pronounced them, and some people disagree.

Ledu Dulagon
Hey Google and Andrew
I was playing one of my Sailor Moon games (very fun), and I noticed that for Japanese games, there's an awful lot of English in them. They say their attacks in English, you walk around town, and it says "Game Center" and "O.S.A.P. Store" in English. There's even a border that says "Sailor Moon" on it. I'm just curious as to why there is so much English in Japanese games.


The Japanese realize that English is in fact superior to their own language, being more legible, so they use it for all the important parts of their games. No, actually, I'm not quite sure at all... but the legibility part may actually be a factor. Goog?

You know, English is actually the most contradictory, non-sensical, and just plain weird language there is. Just conjugate to be! first of all, you need that to in there for the unconjugated form, then it goes I am, he/she/it is, we/they are, we don't even have a plural 2nd person! Now I'll do the same in Japanese, ready? Desu. That's it. Just desu. All the time. ANYWAY... for some reason, the english language is considered to be cool in Japan, so they stick english words all over the place. Actually, I've seen a lot of stuff where if they want to have a weird foreign language written on a monument or something in something from Japan, they use English. As for why english is considered to be so cool, I can't explain it, just call it one of those weird inexplicable cultural differences. Takahashi-san wa sugoi desu.

Before the question(s), I would like to make an announcement: Princess Mononoke will hit American shores on tape on June 13, 2000, pending no tardy stuff (Oh, right... you don't know anything about that! Disney's got the copyrights, I believe...)
Above and beyond that, I would like to ask that everyone see Titan AE when it is widely released sometime in June (14 would be my guess, the webpage{} has a counter that is currently at 100, yesterday it was 101, and Princess Mononoke will be here in 97 days as of March 8). Okay, sorry for those two shameless plugs, but I'm way too overjoyed at the fact that Mononoke will be released soon(relatively soon... I wasn't expecting it for another year or so...)!
Googleshng: I agree you should see those. Titan AE is actually not anime, but it's the closest thing this country has ever done (and put in theaters) so it deserves watching.

Hi-oh, Andrew. What's your position on RPGamer? How do you say RPGamer? (sudden flash to a scene in Slayers TMP "The Motion Picture"; And what's your rank?
Andrew: Right now, I'm just one of Stom's news monkeys (I write stories).

I used to say "Arr-Pee-Gee-Gamer," just because I think it sounds better that way, but now I pronounce it correctly, "Arr-Pee-Gamer," because I'm a staffer and I might be fired otherwise!
Googleshng: That's right!
Andrew: I don't quite know what my rank is, but I know it's pretty low right now. Hopefully I'll move up the ranks soon!

My rank?... I'd say I'm the third strongest on this island. That's not including our great master of course..)
Googleshng: Summon Jellyfish!

What are your favorite games Andrew? Getting anything soon (or planning to)?
Andrew: Since you said games, I'll list a few of all my faves: FF2(4j), FF3(6j), Chrono Trigger, Zelda: Link to the Past, Secret of Mana, Super Metroid, Super Mario 64, Goldeneye 64, Sonic Adventure.... that's as many as I'll list. : )

Just tonight I picked up Chu Chu Rocket, and I hope to buy Resident Evil: Code Veronica when it comes out.
Googleshng: That's out?!? NEED MONEY.

What, in your words, is your greatest achievement, videogame or otherwise?
What's your favorite system? What happens when two brilliantly dream as one?
Andrew: My favorite system is probably the SNES, but as for the systems that are actually thriving now, I'm partial to the Dreamcast.

I can't actually answer your last question without being TOO explicit, so I'll leave that one to the imagination.

Ellipsis Knight (thanks to Brad or Thor, can't remember which...)

Those last few aren't really fo me to answer.

Too many newbies!
Hihi Andrew... oh, and Google too. ^^

Just writing in to wish you luck with the newbie thing, and hopes that you don't end up screwing stuff up as much as I have. Being a newbie is tough, isn't it? Well, yea, it is. For those who do not know, I am a RPGamer newbie also... albeit in the New Media section. Oh, am I supposed to ask a question? Um... What's your favorite RPG?

Susan, aka Silkenray
The New Media Wench -Eric Reichel

Thanks for the words of encouragement, Silky. : ) In regards to your question, my favorite RPG is Final Fantasy 3 (6j) for the SNES. It was my first Final Fantasy (not including FF Mystic Quest, which doesn't really count), and after putting nearly 200 hours into it, I have so many fond memories of the game it's not even funny.

RPGamer hired like 6 people in the span of half an hour. I still haven't seen two of them do anything. Get to work you!

Strange Visions
Hi Google!
Maybe it's from my obsession with Xenogears, but the other day I was going to a dentist appointment and when driving past a few streets, I started to reshape the names. For instance, I noticed one street was called Gablar. Is it just from the twenty-four hours straight I put on Xenogears recently, or does that sound like Geblar? What about Eldride street? I thought it sounded suspiciously like Eldridge. And get this- the two of them cross, right next to Emerald (Emeralda). -Xenochick

....and what am I, chopped liver? Yeah, I would definitely say you're obsessed... either that, or you just have a phobia of dentists that makes you see strange things. What do you think, Google?

I think there's a marching band coming to kill me and your apostrophies are turning into turnips. OH! About her. Hmm... she seems to see all sorts of crazy Xenogears stuff.


Do you know the way to San Jose? La la la-la la-la la-la la-la..


Andrew: Yeah... from here, you just take a left, turn south on Main St., keep going for about 278 miles, turn right, keep going for about 453 miles, and then you're there. I think.
Google: You know, now people can figure out where you live.

will you people stop asking what Googleshng's gender is?! does it even matter?!


Andrew: No, they won't stop. No, it doesn't matter (he/she/it most probably won't date you anyway). And by the way, I don't know Goog's gender either, so don't harass me for info, okay?
Google: Uh, actually they DID stop, but now you had to bring the issue up again so it'll probably start again. Thanks a lot. Oh, and for the record most people seem to have settled on Who Cares, or female.

Avast, ye fodder. Gimme CHICKEN!

Andrew: I like chicken. You know what I haven't heard of in a long time? Chicken Tonite! "I feel like chicken tonight, like chicken tonight..." Remember that, Google?
Google: Yes.

Hail oh almighty androgynous blob-thingie,

Are you a relative of the Ancient Slime from the Ancient Cave in Lufia II?

-Entropius, the God of Fuzzy Dice

Andrew: Wha'choo talkin' bout? Talkin' all about blobs and slimes and caves and Lufia and relatives. You git outta here. Go on, git!
Googleshng: Ancient Slime? I've only been down to about 86, is THAT what's at the bottom?

I'm almost here...


Andrew: Yeah, sure, I believe you. Bring it on! You're going down, fluffy. That's right, I called you fluffy. What you gonna do about it?
Google: What was it that kills muppets? Wooden stakes? Silver swords? Bazookas?

Buy my book... *mechanical noise* Buy my book...

William Shatner.

Andrew: God bless Jon Lovitz.
Google: I miss that show. 8(

Yrrah si dlrow eht.

- hall of fame announcer, harry carey.

Andrew: Just keep telling yourself that... keep telling yourself that.
Googleshng: Actually, nearly all RPG worlds are really toruses. Really! If you walk west enough you wind up on the seastern edge, and if you walk north enough, you wind up on the southern edge! That's the only way it could possibly work!

The Last Laugh:

Andrew: I had a lot of fun tonight answering questions, and I'd like to thank Googleshng for letting one of the newbies guest host right off the bat. All you readers should realize that doing this column is a LOT more work than you would imagine, and Google does a great job in keeping up with it. On a closing note, I'd like to say that Chu Chu Rocket is a cool, yet very bizarre game, and all you DC owners out there should give it a shot. Cheers!

P.S. If any of you really cool artistic people wants to draw me a sig pic (Andrew Bilyk,, that would be awesome. I don't know quite where I'd use it, being a news guy, but I'm sure I'd find a use for it eventually. : )

Google: Hmm... this doesn't have the usual impact... let me get one from someone else too. this is by The Snoremaster of Trafalgamore

Yeah, that's the ticket! Well, I'm off to play SaGa Frontier 2 all day, bye! Oh wait, first I should explain the turnip thing. His mail program used those weird mutant apostrophies that turn into turnips when they're in HTML. You know, that O with a ~ over it character? I fixed them though.

Googleshng "of the weird pics"
"Gustave dies at the age of 49." This timeline reminds me of Dune. I don't want a jihad!

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