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In the PSX:
SaGa Frontier 2
Very odd game.
In the Genesis:
Shining Force
Too many knights!
In the Gameboy:
My cousin's copy of Pokemon
In the SNES:
Get out.
In the SMS:
Phantasy Star
In the NES:
Poor little thing.
In the Saturn:
No games yet
In the N64:
Head hits only.
In the Dreamcast:
Soul Calibur
This victory strengthens the soul of... Gustave!
Googleshng - March 8 '00- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

Since SaGa Frontier 2 DID arrive yesterday, I don't have to go cause harm to any postal employees after all. Oh well. Oh, and in response to the one person who was wondering how I can order so much stuff through the mail when I'm broke, first of all, "so much stuff" consists of 2 games and a movie, and second of all, I didn't order them, they're christmas presents. See why I hate the mail now?

Anyway, this week's guest host is Andrew Bilyk, one of the many newbies in RPGamer's news division. He kinda slipped off before I asked him what obscure games he knew about, so I guess you can just consentrate on questions about working here that the old staff is too jaded to be able to answer, or just ask a bunch of (spoiler free) SaGa Frontier 2 stuff.


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Hey hey hey!
what ever happened to that big old cuddly fat chocobo? He hasn't been in a final fantasy game since FF4. He was cool, you'd give him a carrot and he'd hold your stuff for you. I miss him. *sniff sniff*. And yes, i know he was busy with chocobo racing, but couldn't he at least make a cameo in any other games?
-The Pansy of Doom

Well, the obvious reason there is that since 4 your inventory size hasn't exactly been limiting, but if you recall, in FF7, sometimes when you summon Choco/Mog, instead it just has a fat chocobo fall from the sky.

More crystal stuff
Actually, in reference to that question about the water crystal shard behind the border, there IS a way to get it. Much later in the game, after the tower is sunk, you can go back(it's timed since you're underwater). The shard is the Mimic job.

-Divine Id

An awful lot of people sent me this sort of thing, most also saying how to beat the boss guarding it, but I try to avoid printing unnessessary spoilers.

I love Mad Libs
Hi Googleshng,

The thought for this just popped into my head earlier. Just think up a word for each number, then plug them into the text at the bottom. Its funnier if you don't read the text first, of course. Hope you like (and will post) this.


1. Noun
2. Noun
3. Noun
4. Proper noun
5. Noun
6. past-tense verb
7. Proper noun
8. -ing verb
9. Noun
10. Verb
11. Noun
12. Adjective
13. Noun
14. Noun
15. Adjective
16. Length of time
17. Noun
18. Verb
19. Adjective
20. Noun
21. Noun
22. Verb
23. Noun
24. Noun
25. Verb
26. Adverb
27. Verb
28. Length of time
29. Verb
30. Pronoun

IMPRESSARIO: The 1.___ and 2.___ are waging war...
     Draco, the West's great 3.___, thinks of his love, 4.___.
     Is she safe? Is she waiting?
Draco: Oh Maria!
     Oh Maria!
     Please, hear my 5.___!
     How I long to be with you!
Narrator: The forces of the West 6.___,
     and Maria's castle was taken.
     Prince 7.___, of the East,
     took her hand by force,
     but she never stopped 8.___ for Draco...
Maria: Oh my 9.___, so far away now.
     Will I ever 10.___ your smile?
     Love goes away, like 11.___ into day.
     It's just a 12.___ dream.
     I'm the 13.___, you're the 14.___.
     Our love is 15.___ than the sun.
     For 16.___, for me there can be,
     Only you, my chosen 17.___...
     Must I 18.___ you? Our 19.___ promise?
     Will 20.___ take the place of spring?
     What shall I do? I'm lost without you.
     Speak to me once more!
Draco: Come, Maria, follow my 21.___.
Maria: We must 22.___ now, my 23.___ goes on.
     but my 24.___ won't give you up.
     Ere I 25.___ away, let me hear you say.
     I meant as much to you....
     So 26.___, you 27.___ my heart.
     I will be 28.___ yours.
     Come what may, I won't 29.___ a day,
     I'll wait for 30.___, always...

That was a pain in the neck to HTMLize, so I hope you enjoy it. I'll have to mess with this thing later myself.

Hey Goooooogie,
I need help! OK, I bought Xenogears many millenia ago, but have yet to beat it because oh one battle.

The Ft. Jasper/ Babel Tower fight near the end of Disc 1 is IMPOSSIBLE! Fei and Elly at Babel Tower don't stand a chance while Bart and the Lil' Chica in the Big Blue Mecha(heh, my nickname :-) kick ass at Ft. Jasper, I mean its one extreme to the other. Fei and Elly barely survive the first fight, then get punked on the second, because I run outta fuel and they just eat me up. Help me out! I want to beat thisd game so bad, but this is making it hard!


You aren't the first person I know to get stuck there. Anyway, first of all, unless you haven't ever upgraded Fei and Elly's gears or something, they shouldn't suck. Elly's a tank when properly equipped, and even if you run out of fuel, spells are fairly good on those two (if you use the right spell). Anyway, just try to conserve fuel, if you have any deathblowers, give them to Fei, and you should be fine.

Even more on Radical Dreamers
Well, Radical Dreamers Spoilers, maybe CC also/center>
You recently received a letter saying that Radical Dreamers and Chrono Cross are "the same" and that Radical Dreamers is just a "Teaser" for Chrono Cross. This is absolutely untrue. Chrono Cross is based on Radical Dreamers; nobody could dispute that--however, Radical Dreamers is far from a teaser. It is a complete game unto itself, and in fact, the plot develops completely differently than Chrono Cross. Despite the fact that many of the characters who appear in Chrono Cross originally appeared in Radical Dreamers, they are two very different games, with two very different plots. Alright, here's where the SMALL spoilers come in--although they are mostly Radical Dreamers spoilers, not Chrono Cross spoilers. For your convenience, I'll go through the normal spoiler procedure (please note that there are no major spoilers, but I'm just playing it safe):

In Radical Dreamers, the entire game takes place inside a fortress of Yamaneko's called the "SnakeBone Palace". You do explore the same area in Chrono Cross, although the events that occur therein have almost nothing to do with the events of Radical Dreamers. Contrary to what the person who wrote into you before said, your part does not consist of Serge, Kidd and Glenn, but of Serge, Kidd, and a mysterious mage named Gill who is later revealed to be none other than Magus (or Maou) from Chrono Trigger, who incidentally does not appear in Chrono Cross. Finally, and this is perhaps the biggest spoiler in my message, the person who wrote in claimed that in Chrono Cross "Crono, Marle and Lucca are present". Although I have not beaten Chrono Cross--I'm about 1/2 done--I know that this is not true, since in Radical Dreamers, it specifically mentions that all of them were killed shortly after the events of Chrono Trigger (at least one of them, i.e. Lucca, by Yamaneko, which was one of the reasons for going after him in the SnakeBone Palace in the first place).

Anyway, I hope that this could clear up some of the confusion regarding Radical Dreamers. If you have any questions about Radical Dreamers, feel free to contact me at Thank you for your time. -Eric Reichel

OK, if you really want to read it, highlight that huge gap there to see it.

Fine, I'll print one
Hey Google,

Actually, both pronunciations of Xenogears are correct. Xeno is the French root for strange or alien (as in xenophobia), which according to Oxford can be pronounced either zee (as Paws does on her sound clip) or zeh, with the rest being identical.


I'm pretty darn sure that xeno isn't french originally, but that's not important. Actually I'm surprised at how many dictionaries say both of those are acceptable. Anyway, most of these letters are along these lines, so let's let it drop here, shall we? The point is, the pronounciation here isn't wrong, so it doesn't need to be changed, so I don't want to hear anything else on the subject. OK? 8)


Do you live out of the US? You always say that such and such game should get here (i'm assuming by mail).


I already explained that in the intro, but this is as good a place as any to mention that RPGamer now covers 4 countries... plus the European release dates are up. 8)

Greetings ye of the vast knowledge of RPGs

When you eventually leave (sorry to sound depressing, but hey let's be realistic, this isn't exactly something you'll do forever) will you reveal your gender?

Red Nu

OK, WAAAAAY too many people talk to me like I'm about to drop dead any second. I know that RPGamer employees in general have a habit of leaving, but except for Thor, everyone left because RPGamer was interfering with their life. Thor just moved. Anyway, I have no life, nor have I any intention of getting a life (they're overrated), and I love where I live, so it looks like you're stuck with me. As for your question, I doubt I would.

play fft, join the arrmy

I'll just do the first one.

good golly............i'm very much offended by the picture u posted yesterday! It's not Seig Heil but Sieg Heil!!!!
Watch yer spelling there boy.................

Well I guess I'll have to appologize for C.C. then. 8)

Please dont go, the drones need you. They look up to you


Oh, all right.

McDonald's actually has kangaroo in their "hamburgers".

- hall of fame announcer harry carey, who decided not to leave.

This was just a ploy to get printed twice, wasn't it!

I'm comming...


Either it's a Poltergeist reference, or I should be worried.

The Last Laugh:

Maybe Selphie's hair isn't so bad.

Anyway, like I said, tomorrow a newbie shall answer questions, so hurry up and send them in.

Googleshng "The Steel"
Some other game had a Gustave in it... what was it?

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