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Googleshng - March 7 '00- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

Well let's see, first Brad's column goes up freaky late, then RPGamer's server and my local one BOTH have problems, not to mention the fact that the mailto was broken for a while (OK, that's totally my fault, but I would have caught it sooner if not for the other stuff). Anyway, the point is, I'm still a TAD short here, but I'll get by.

In other news, today SaGa Frontier SHOULD be here, otherwise I'll just have to go and do certain... things to certain evil people. Uh, so anyway, by next week I should definately be able to answer some questions about it... or at least give an opinion which more of you actually care about oddly enough.

Like... stuff?

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Big Nasty Chrono Cross Spoilers!


Hello.... GOOG

The Radical Dreamers game for the satelleview thing is actually just a teaser for Chrono Cross. It has the same main characters, Serge, Kid, and Glenn, and it follows the same plot. Only Radical Dreamers is only text, and Chrono Cross is an actual thing to play. Anyways, as the story goes, these three adventures try and steal the freezing flame (a key item in Chrono Cross) from a villainous characters named Yamaneko, who just happens to be a key villain in the Chrono Cross world. During there quest, they encounter small battles, and side quests, which shape the Radical Dreamers game. (which is only a 3 hours game) Chrono Cross, which is very much a remake of this game, explains how these adventures meet, and adds a ton of detail to there backgrounds. Yet Chrono Cross does not stop there, it also continues the story of Radical Dreamers to where Kid gets injured during the quest for the freezing flame. CC and Radical Dreamers are the same game, just that CC is the complete story, while Radical Dreamers is a teaser in a way. CC is a branching story element not finished from CT. This means that Crono, Marle and Lucca are present, and are vital to the story. Although a seperate game on its own, CC is very much a sequal to CT, which it tries to complete. So really, CT and CC are important together, and complete a story, in which radical dreamers only gives you a taste of. (Radical Dreamers is the intermission to CC after finishing CT).

OK, do to my resistance to all things Chrono related to increase my enjoyment when I finally play it, I didn't really read this whole letter, but as my eyes scanned over it I picked up the general gist that it would fully explain the whole Radical Dreamers issue. To review, it was a text based game for that wacky satellite thing whose plot was canabalized to make Chrono Cross. OK?

(Quick note: I'm guessing that this is going to be one of only a few e-mails you receive this time, too, just 'cause the e-mail link on today's column is a little broken. Ah well. Anyway, here's my question:)

I'm going through Star Ocean 2nd Story for the first time now, and I was telling a friend how I thought I'd have to go trough it a few times to see everything, which sort of got me thinking: How often do you go back and play through your RPGs? And one more thing: How many times should I expect to have to go through SO2?
--CX (I cheated in the Lacoeur tournament. I lost anyway.)

This is the only person who pointed out the mailto thing. Anyway, it depends on the game, and how much time I have. For example, Chrono Trigger, it's a nice short little game, it gives you special perks if you go through a second time, and it was basically the last SNES RPG, so I played it a LOT. I think I was on my 17th time through when my game was erased. I'm still surprised how well I took that. Then on the other hand, a game like, say, Lunar came out when there was a lot of stuff out or coming out, and it was totally linear so I know I didn't miss anything, so, I've only been through once. Then there's games like FFT, I've only played through the WHOLE thing once, but I'm on a second game just character building for the sheer joy of it.

Mecha filled TRPGs
Hey Google,
Which are you going to get, Front Mission 3 or Vanguard Bandits? I think I'm going to go with VB, because I prefer the sword and sorcery to that of giant mechs, with arms that have their own hit points. I sure FM 3 is going to be awesome though, too. What are you're thoughts on them? I must admit I seen nothing on VB except advertisements.
The Great Cornholio

A couple people asked this. It's a REALLY tough one for me to answer though. As far as I can tell, the main difference is that Front Mission 3 has rather Mech Warrior-esque systems for upgrading mecha and whatnot while Vanguard Bandits features insult tossing similar to Dragon Force. Seriously, everyone just save up! 8)

Hey Google, I was glancing at some of the pronunciations paws did just now. She does a nice job and all, but the way she says Xenogears is wrong. If you've ever played the demo for xenogears that came with Parasite Eve you would hear the difference. They say it "zen-oh-gears" she says it "z-no-gears." If ya have the demo check it out and then listen to her pronunciation and tell me what you think. I also disagree with how she says a few things namely Citan and Agias. If you want me to send In a voice thingy to show you what I mean about Xenogears, though, I will. I think Paws does a nice job on the rest though. Actually even if you don't have Parasite Eve you have the movie clip I'm talking about in the Xenogears section. Hayabusa

I get this exact same e-mail once every couple weeks, and I just can't take it anymore. Xenogears is not a Japanese word. Squaresoft likes taking names from other sources, usually mythological. The prefix Xeno- is pronounced zeeno. The Japanese language doesn't have the zee sound. Therefore, the demo, on which the voice is just a native speaker of Japanese, mispronounced it. As great as they are, Square isn't TOTALLY perfect, you know? Oh, and by the way, don't expect those pronounciations to get updated anytime soon, since Paws has a nasty case of larangitis at the momment.

I just got FFT for 10 bucks at if you are looking for a game go there and you'll find it cheap and at least half off! FF8 only 20 bucks FF7 only 5 bucks. Lunar for 22 bucks. So go there now!


Well hey, if they're actually dependable and they have the things in stock, go for it!

Slippery Shards
Alright... back in FFV, when the water crystle shatters.... I noticed there was a shard sitting on top of that border that surrounded the room.... and I could NOT find a way to get up there... I didn't miss something important, did I?

-FakeOut "I love how destruction waits for you to get out of the way!"

It is rather mean how occassionally you'll see crystal shards that you can't reach, but don't worry, they'll find their ways to you eventually, possibly in the mouth of a black Chocobo... or was that the fire crystal...


The quote is from Phantasy Star. It's said by someone (don't remember who) in regards to how to get in to see the governor. Actually though, I thought it was "sweetcake," not shortcake... but I'm too lazy to check.

-- AegisFlash

I'm pretty darn sure it's Shortcake. Anyway, here's a gift certificate for a free one! Although you still have to get to the shop to pick it up, and there's some rather nasty monsters in the cave it's at the bottom of.

Why is Pokémon treated so badly?

Because little kids like it, and people hate the idea of having similar tastes to their younger siblings.

I saw what you did


Uh, I don't think I did, wanna fill me in?

I noticed that square made every gaming site get rid of the trailers. My harddrive recently had to be reformatted, and I lost everything. I was wandering if you know anywhere that I could find these trailers.


That pretty much sums it up. You'll have to either wait until Square releases official stuff, or ask someone who downloaded them, which I didn't.

Short on Quickies.

Hate when this happens.

Well, I don't HATE it.

It just means I have to do this.

Actually I guess I don't have to.

Oh well, I've already done it.

The Last Laugh:

One person was offended by C.C.'s last picture... this one will probably bug him too. Oh well, it's a funny pic.

Sorry this went up so late, I already explained why that was, now I'm off to stalk some postal employees.

Googleshng "irrate"
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