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Wasn't home
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Shining Force
Domingo is so great.
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My cousin's copy of Pokemon
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I should take that out.
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Phantasy Star
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RCR's home now.
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Soul Calibur
This victory strengthens the soul of... Jay Sherman!
Googleshng - February 28 '00- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

On Thursday I was forced out of my house and dragged to a Magic tournement. I won though... well, technically the person who dragged me didn't realize I was winning, so the 4 finalists just split the prize 4 ways, but I'd beaten them in earlier matchs. Anyway, this means I DIDN'T get to spend the whole weekend playing Alpha Centauri, which ticks me off because now I find myself wanting to play it instead of write this column, oh well.

In other news, a lot of people have been telling me how incredibly funny the Metamorphisis spoofing thread in Fox Trot lately is, but my newspaper doesn't carry Fox Trot! Waaah! Anyway, since I don't really feel like moving right now, and I don't want to wait until the next collection book... any of you have a scanner? If you do, please don't send me .bmp files, They're way too inefficient, my modem's fast enough that it matters. Update: As soon as I woke up my mailbox, I had about a dozen links to online Fox Trot archives, so you can ignore this last request.

Where do you want your Node today?

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That's just so funny!

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Better Late Than Never
Re: Aria question,

I remember asking this question in the eighth grade ^_^. "Aria di Mezzo Caraterre" means "Aria of the middle character" (as opposed to the first character?), and an aria is basically an important woman's solo in an opera. Not to get too technical about it, since you weren't asking about operatic terms...


There you go whoever asked that way back when. 8)

First off, I'd like to scoff in the general direction of everybody confused about Goog's gender. Why? I know Goog personally! Well... close enough. Unless of course everyone claming to be Goog's friend/relative are all actually part of some elaborate gender-hiding scheme. Scoff.
Anyway, predictably, I have a few questions for you, Googles.
1) What's up with Koudelka? I haven't heard/seen anything new about it for awhile. Also, do you know when it's supposed to come out?
2) Will we be getting Front Mission 3 over here? If so, when/how probable? If not, why?
3) I was perusing the games list the other day, and I gotta ask... what's up with this "Racing Lagoon" thing from Square?
4) Is Escaflowne any good? 8-)
5) Yoshimitsu is a magical wooden robot. Does that make him a scarecrow? Thanks for you're time. One last thing before I shut up... don't worry about the whole gender thing, Goog. Just remember, Shiva has it much worse.

- Brain "Thou hast slain the Jabberwock. Thou hast earned 500 gold." Walker

PS: Any fighter able to both kill and heal himself is cool by me.

There hasn't been much talk about Koudelka because it's not a high profile game. Anyway, that and FM3 are both right there on the release dates page. As for Racing Lagoon, I've been told it was a "Racing RPG". I don't buy this. Those last few things don't deserve responses and you know it. 8)

Dear Google,

You're a pet slime? That sucks. And then Brad owns you? Your life is worse than mine! Oh, by the way, Tell Brad I don't wear dresses. I mean, I'm a guy. Why would I wear a dress? Do you still own any of the 8-bit nintendo games?


No, you see the dark truth of the matter is that I am the true master and Brad is but my puppet HEY! Why am I telling YOU this?!? Great, now I'll have to go get a new puppet, thanks a lot.

Sorry everyone
Hi Google! Missed you this weekend!
Hey, guess what? I actually have a real question! Two, actually. First of all, where do you find the Xenogears Perfect Works book? Is it only sold in Japan? And how do you order the orriginal Xenogears soundtrack, the instrumental version, not Creid (It's late at night, I can't think to well so I forgot the name...)? A website I can order it from?
And this has nothing to do with RPGs, but do you know when Phillip Pullman will have the third His Dark Materials book published?
Thanks for helping loyal fans in-need!


Well, it was published only in Japan, quite some time ago, and tracking it down now is just pure luck. All the import stores are long sold out for the most part. There's always eBay though. As for the sound track question, I'm pretty sure Square's online store carries that sort of thing, although I've heard varying reports about their reliability. Oh, and before the... 2 people who care about this sort of thing I printed THIS letter because it asks a question in addition to the Perfect Works one.

Last Week
Why did you have to write the same quote you wrote yesterday?Lazy!And you only have 6 questions,and small ones for that matter.I can read the column in a flash,and that sucks.Oh!and on february 22,you said you spent the whole day watching Anime and playing games,and then you leave us with 3 questions.Shame on you mister(you are a guy and I know it)!Get a job!

OK, I suppose you people deserve an explaination for last week. After putting up the column, I went to visit a friend of mine I haven't seen in months. Then I came home with a positive attitude, wrote an upbeat intro, openned my mail and lo and behold, I didn't have enough for a column. So I went to bed, intent on finishing it in the morning... however, when I woke up, my cousin, yes the very same cousin who stole my gameboy, had been dropped off at my house by his mom and was pestering me while playing FF8, plus I STILL didn't have enough letters. So, I try plowing through meanwhile a dozen people are IMing and msging me insisting that I listen to them complain about stuff, while still being poked. Anyway, then instead of leaving later that afternoon like he was originally going to, my cousin stuck around all week pestering me and preventing me from getting enough sleep. Then I was forced to leave town for the weekend and STILL didn't catch up on that sleep. Yet I still managed to get columns done. See? I care about you all that much.

Just want you to know that you're appreciated!!!!!! Especially since you answered my question! That made my day! I sincerely hope that you feel better from your lousy week! *smiles*

Aileen (aeris40)

P.S. Any news on FFTactics 2?

Uh, thanks. Anyway, as I've said many times, there is no FFT2 but the same team is currently working on Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth. Won't be out any time soon though.


Just out of curiosity, do you know of any useful or interesting information on Lunar:EB for the PS? A release date, maybe?


I know it's a difficult concept, but the release dates page is actually accurate lately, so you can just look it up there. Around June though I believe.

My playstation is broken *sobs* so I've been forced into playing NES!

Remember kiddies, coconut=coconut!

Don't whine, there's some great NES games out there!

YOU no pronounce good! I show GOOD pronounce!
Is MarLEE! SeeLEES! GoogleSHUNG! Pronounce girl not know what talk about..

The attached sound file was quite frightening.


Would you believe this is the only thing like this I got?

yayyy! thank god you're back. brad's a meany head and won't accept my quickies. but you will. right? right!?

- hall of fame announcer, harry carey.

Actually, I wouldn't be printing this if I wasn't short... 8)

Where have people found the XG Perfect Works book?


I know I answered it, I'm out of good quickies though.

I am he as he is you you are she as she is her her is they as they are I. I am the walrus, Koo-Koo Ka-Joob!
-Rinoa the Resistance Fighter

No comment.

The Last Laugh:

I'm low on sleep and my nerves are shot, so I'm going to bed and rhyming... caught. I've recently been exposed to Wheelie, forgive me.

Googleshng "Winner"
It was sealed deck, new expansion, so I was on even footing.

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