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Googleshng - February 24 '00- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

If you didn't already guess from the title, today's guest hosting was kinda cancelled at the last minute, long story. So now here I am stuck with all these questions about music. Oh joy. Anyway, my Pokémon stealing cousin is STILL sitting here turning my room into an oven with his freakish metabolism (his normal temperature is like 120 F). This has not been the best week for column writing. Oh, and I keep forgetting this. Everyone who got the quote gets a tilde. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That should cover it.

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Good Month
Google and Mark,

I noticed that two Strategy/RPGs are coming out in March. Two!! I remember the days when we were lucky to get two SRPGs in the same year!! Anyway these are Front Mission 3 and Vanguard Bandits. So, which one are you two gonna buy?
I can't decide which one sounds better. I mean, its Square vs. Working Designs, an old series vs. a totally new game. I'd like to hear everyone's opinion.


Let's see... buy the TRPG with mecha by Squaresoft, or the one made by the Dragon Force team and translated by Working Designs...
hmmmmm........... I'm going to save up and get both.

Hey Googy and Mr. Music

This query is directed at Mark. I am trying to find original soundtracks for Chrono Trigger (on the net and in Midi format) and they are not there. I am looking for this soley to find Magus's character theme; which in my opinion kicks butt over every other song on any other game. Any help would be mightily appreciated.

Red Nu "All life begins and ends with Nu"

Uh, RPGamer has midis of most music from most RPGs. In fact, I know for a fact that if you go to to the Chrono Trigger page that there's a great version of Magus' theme. 8)

Okay, this has nothing to do with music and my Dragon Force comments are probably getting incessently repetitious, but is it a coincidence that the main hero in Vanguard Bandits is named Bastion? If memory serves me, an annoying mercenary named Bastion was in DF also....he was one of the lousiest characters, but that's just me.
~SmartLaine "Another generic thief...AAAAGH!"

I noticed some BIG similarities between VB and DF also as far as names and appearances of characters. Although it would be somewhat strange to play a game where the main character switched sides whenever his opponent had more female characters around than you do. 8)

I've always wanted to ask this, in an old Sega describing magazine Lunar: The Silver Star, it said to search for Dragon Master vol. 13 in the library tower place (something like that, sue me, I'm too lazy to get up and go to the other room) and read it, because it may "help" you. Now, being dreprived of a Saturn my whole life and playing it on PSX, I've gone nutz trying to find and figure out what this book does or says! Answer me Mighty Googleshng!


It was for the Sega CD actually, not the Saturn, big difference. Anyway, they changed so much in the remake that cryptic comments about one in a magazine don't nessessarily apply to the other.

How many emails do you recieve a day? How many do you trash? Have you ever thought about those peoples feeling when they don't make it up on the ASK GOOG column??? Huh? Ever? Well?? Tell me what Aria de Mezzo Caraterre means!!!!!


I get about 120 emails a day, and read them all. So yeah, tons of people don't get letters printed and whine about it, that's just the way it is. As for yor other question, Italian isn't one the the many languages I know unfortunately.

Sound Tracks
Hey Google (& Jordan),

Umm... first, a question for Google:

I've recently been buying too many anime-based RPGs, you see (Thousand Arms, Grandia, Lunar 2, etc.), and have been left in the dark on buying Suikoden II and/or Saga Frontier II. My question is, which one should I buy, SII, or SFII? I have played both of their prequels, and both were good in their own way. I no longer have the save file from S1, however. Will that affect my game in anyway, or make me unable to collect all 108 characters? I have been hearing excellent things about both games, and I need one that lasts (or will last) until August 19 (don't worry, I got both Grandia & Wild Arms to finish =P)... so, which one is it?

Now, a music question, just because he's guest-hosting today... are there any anime soundtracks that are highly recommended? Possibly any NGE, Sailormoon, or any anime Mecha-wise? Well, any genre of anime soundtracks is appreciated, just not any umm... hentai soundtracks -_-; Also, one more thing, I once saw a "SM" on an anime soundtrack. Does that resemble SonMay?

Thanks, Google!

~.*The Squiggle*.~

If you've played Suikoden AND SaGa Frontier, then, well, get the sequel to the one you liked more. I have heard that the S1 save file deal adds a lot to the game though, so if you don't have it around, you might want to get SF2.
As for your other question, yes SM=SonMay, and I'd recommend Escaflowne, it has an AWESOME soundtrack.


Hey Goog and Mark,
Is there any hope that RPGamer will start using mp3s or even possibly upgrading some of its current music into mp3 format?

Not to my knowledge

For the second time, what is THE MOVIE??????????????????


Transformers: The Movie

Aqua can go to Candyland, I like the new layout. Who's Mark?


I told you, he's RPGamer's music guy.

Do you know Google personally?

When will you people realize that NOBODY knows me personally?

There will never be a port of Grandia 2 for PS2 because Sega bought the exlusive rights and I dont think they would help there compition. Although they are making a gameboy game.

Yoda Monkey

Yet another strike against the PSX2. 8)

I saw Rinoa the other day and figured if she can get up, why can't Seifer? Hope you enjoy it, and please post it! If you don't, it'll break Seifer's poor, frail heart... -Xenochick

Fine, here.

When is the innumerable psychoskematiciatrickisizingismatic coming out?

Check the release dates page. 8)

The Last Laugh:

OK, there we go. A nice full collumn despite a huge lack of questions, having a game and a movie I've spent years looking for, a friend over, and about 15 people IMing me while I was trying to work... and only 14 hours late. Anyway, I'm off to colonize Alpha Centauri, don't forget to get those letters in for Mark tomorrow.

Googleshng "Tired"
It's too hot! I have a fan on and there's snow on the ground! LEAVE firey boy!

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