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Googleshng - February 23 '00- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

If you're wondering about the title, yesterday people were pestering me and whining all day. Being the emotional vampire that I am, it really bummed me out. Now though, both Alpha Centauri AND The Movie came in the mail! Although I have to finish the column before I can do anything with them, so let's get going!

Oh, and tomorrow Mark Jordan is guest hosting. You may know him as the person who runs The Music Box a couple links below Q&A. So if you have any musical questions you didn't get answered last week, let him have'em.


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In video games, why do graphics matter so much? In my observations, people seemed to like the old NES games that had crappy old graphics just as much as they like new games with flashy graphics. Now, though, great games have been brushed aside because they don't have graphics like FF8. For example, I was playing Grandia a few days ago when my older brother walked in, watched a minute, and said the graphics looked like crap. I replied by asking him if graphics made a game. He said yes. This brought up a few questions for me. One was why did he never beat FF7 or FF8 (he never got over 10 hours for either), which boast some of the best graphics for PSX, and then he spent countless hours and days on FF6, a SNES game, in the Anthology, without even knowing it was originally for SNES. He thought it was always a PSX game. So, he says graphics make a game, and yet he only finishes one with older outdated graphics? And I know there are more people than him that do this. Sorry for dragging on, but I wanted to prove my point and have backup for my question. Oh well.


Hmm... maybe he just doesn't like polygons. 8) Anyway, I believe the official creed of the hard core RPG player is that graphics don't matter one bit. What's important is the story. Although these people also tend to say Dragon Warrior is the greatest RG of all time. Go figure. Personally speaking, my list of priorities goes gameplay, music, plot, graphics. Why music before plot you ask? Ever play Secret of Evermore? 8)

Cinematic Slowness
Alright, two questions here, addressed to the only person who knows more about RPGs than myself.
1. What's the latest news on the Final Fantasy movie? Last I heard it was coming out this summer, but if that's true, shouldn't we have heard more about it by now? Any help would be appreciated.

2. Are there any plans for Grandia 2 to be released on PSX2?

Well, as far as movies go, they just take a really really long time to make! So, it's still comming along, but not much has been leaked out lately. As for Grandia 2, no, no plans have been announced of a PSX2 port.

I'd like to ask you couple of questions..... 1) Did I see YOU writing about Weird Al consert.. Or did I eat too much fungus and started hallucinating again.... 2) What's all the talk of the-impossible-FFT ... It's kinda easy when you realize the idea.. I deleted all my saved games about 5times and started the game all over again, but I still think it was kinda easy (only with 1 expection... fourth last fight with couple of BIG monsters and that guy with pistol..)... 3) Are you man/woman, both or neither??? Webziz, king of my toes

Yes, I did see Weird Al in concert, I think the reason FFT is a hot topic is that reading about it makes people remember it, and there's a lot of amusing memories. As to your finial question, well, the answer is obviously yes.

Poll Comments
About the recent pole. Does the amount of hours go by ACTUAL game time or the time that they think it will take a person to get through the game? I mean every time i play a game i am finished with it and pretty much expolored the entire game well below the amount of time that they said the game was. Every game i have seen that has a so called 80 hours of game play, only takes about 35 hours at the most, with traveling and doing all the little extras that they put in the game. Just thought that i should ask since it might be a worthy question to discuss.

Cerick Grimstalker

Well, the spirit of that poll was how long do you like a game to take you. As for listed gameplay times, really they vary unbelievably from person to person. Take FFT. You could win it in a day or spent weeks in Chapter one depending on how you play. That sort of thing. I'm more concerned with this week's poll. I mean, it depends on the kind of game, too many characters sucks when you have to put actions in for everyone at the beginning of the round, but in TRPGs, the more the merrier! Then there's Dragon Force where the optimal number of members is 505. 8)

I have a few questions regarding the PS2. First, when is the thing coming out in the US? I have heard nothing about the release date. Secondly, what do you think the price will be??? I have heard between $300-$400. Even for two Final Fantasy games, I won't pay $400 for a machine which we all know be replaced by the PS3 5-6 years after it comes out. And lastly, have you pre-ordered yours? Thanks for your time...

I hear the price is supposed to be $300 in the US, but it isn't really concrete yet. As for whether I've preordered one, heck no! I agree with you! It's way to pricey and I haven't seen any Must Have releases slated yet. Besides, I haven't a penny to my name.

Hey googs,

I saw you got a Saturn (maybe I just never noticed it before) how much did you pay for it? And where did you get it? I was thinking about getting one and getting that panzer dragoon saga everyone always talks about. Ok, thanks.

Punko'stomy bag'IWishIhadALastName

I got my Saturn at a Funco Land for $30. Good deal. Now if only I had some games for it. Oh, and I've had it for months Mr. Observant. 8)


ACK NO! The white space was better than that. Who gave you that format idea? Someone from Microsoft's GUI department?


You don't like it? Most people seem to.

It's not '99 anymore....dammit

How did I go so long without fixing that?

Show me the meaning of being lonely.


Oh just get a dictionary. 8)

Evil google!! evil!! I send you my cute googles and you don't put them up!! AAAHHH!!! :(


I'll get to it, I've been really busy lately.

My browser decided to open 2 e-mail windows so I sent 2 emails. Don't blame me.

- Juryu

Uh, OK...

Is it just me, or does Cid (FF7) run like Voldo?


I don't remember Voldo running like that, I know Hitomi from Escaflowne does though.

I could go on and on about how great a strategy/tatics game Dragon Force is, since you mentioned it, but it's SO GREAT, I won't. All I'll say is that it's "Magically Delicious!"
~SmartLaine "Algernon is a satanic rat!!!!"

It SURE is.

The Last Laugh:

OK, there we go. A nice full collumn despite a huge lack of questions, having a game and a movie I've spent years looking for, a friend over, and about 15 people IMing me while I was trying to work... and only 14 hours late. Anyway, I'm off to colonize Alpha Centauri, don't forget to get those letters in for Mark tomorrow.

Googleshng "HAPPY!"
Today someone said I didn't care about columns anymore so I should retire and let him do it. Can you believe that?

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