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Googleshng - February 22 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

After a day of playing games and watching anime, I return to do a column. Plus later I can play games containing anime. 8) Anyway, I'm not really in the mood for a long introduction, so let's just get on with it.

Also, as you can see I finally got sick enough of all the wasted space so I reformatted things a bit. Much better now, don't you think?

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Final Fantasy 2

I was wondering if you heard anything good or bad about Final Fantasy 2. My friend told me that he might be able to get me a ROM of it if I wanted (I know ROMs are bad, but its Square's fault for not releasing it over here). Just wanted some input and info. Thanks.


You really aren't missing that much. FF2 is like FF1 with a few minor exceptions. It actually has characters, no picking your classes, a bit more plot, and some rather interesting game mechanics (for it's time at least). Still, it just isn't interesting enough (to me at least) for it to be worth tracking down. Your choice though.

Chrono Trigger
You recently revamped your release date window. I have one minor question, you've probably answered it already but I am too lazy tolook. Is the Crono Trigger remake coming to the US and if so when?

Well, Square has made no official announcement about bringing over the CT remake, at least not yet. I assume they will eventually since the US audience loves that game so much.

Obscure TRPGs
Hey "Hermie",
This is referring to yesterday's letter. Another good tactical game that I just recently discovered is Brigandine. I don't think it was ever very popular, but it's a very decent game so far. It is a whole lot like FFTactics, but a helluva lot harder. You can choose to be one of five or six rulers on the continent Forsena, and your goal as this ruler is to take over all of the neighboring countries and restore peace to the land.....yadda, yadda...
Anyways, if you liked Final Fantasy Tactics and are looking for a better challenge, this game is for you...But if you are still stuck on Fort Zeakden, I wouldn't attempt this game yet.
Also, don't worry about the confusion over your gender. I mean, we didn't discover that my sister's hamster was really a male for weeks! Of course, by then he already did the "horizontal hokey-pokey" with the two female for weeks!

heart of ice

People have been sending me all kinds of obscure TRPG lists there's also Fire Emblem, Sakura Taisen, Langrisser, and well, there's Dragon Force, but that's not quite a TRPG in the traditional sense, it still rules though.

The Last Laugh:

I had to cut this short today for various reasons, sorry, I'll make up for it tomorrow or something. Here's a pic. Oh, and I fixed that broken image from yesterday too.

Googleshng "Ack!"
A very distracting person barged in and keeps distracting me, I have to go kill him now.

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