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Googleshng - February 21 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

Last night when I was about to write the column, I was in a really lousy mood with a huge headache too. A little while later it occurred to me that I'd only gotten three hours of sleep the night before. Anyway, that's the only reason this is going up so late. Although I'm meeting a friend later today who I haven't seen in months, so I might have to cut things a bit short. Anyway, who's that Pokémon?


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I got a new "friend". 8)
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Shining Force
Ah, the classics
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My cousin's copy of Pokemon
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AC is in the mail!
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Phantasy Star
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River City Ransom
Time to give it back.
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Super Smash Bros.
Link! Vs. Pikachu! >8)
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Soul Calibur
This victory strengthens the soul of... Ranma!
Musical Overflow

I was wondering if you could, well, help me out a bit. I want to get a Chronotrigger and Xenogears soundtrack, but there are quite a few to choose from, like Xenogears 2cd original or Xenogears arranged or whatnot. If there is an (SM) after the title, what does that mean? Which soundtrack(s) do you suggest that I get? PLEASE help me out, since you're the new music guru.


Well, this letter came in just after I uploaded Thursday's column, but I'll answer it anyway. The OST is of course the songs as they're found in the game, well, slightly better quality I believe. The arranged CD, if it's what I'm thinking of (Creid) has alternative versions of various songs. A rock remix of the Dazil music, an upbeat panpipe version of the Yggdrasil music etc. I believe it also has the Japanese versions of the two lyrical songs. That's the one I'd recommend probably since it has stuff you haven't heard. As for SM, that, in a nutshell means low quality bootlegged CD. Why you come across them so often is beyond me. I hope that helped.

It's Cactuar! Thanks to AGiES for those.

Big Al
Possible FF5 spoiler

Dear Gogo...Ggoo...Goog...

Another possible explanation for Alexander is from FFV. King Tycoon's full name is Alexander Highland Tycoon. King T is also fascinated with machines. Put 'em together and another theory is born.



After I put up yesterday's column, someone else immediately came and told me that. So let's see, there's a machine happy king in a late mideval setting who helps you out after he dies in the FF game that immediately preceeds Alexander's introduction. I think we have a winner! Although that means Alexander is an internal reference. Well, Square HAS done it other times (Choco Mog).

Vagrant Story
Hey, Googleshng
**Possible Spoiler??**
Is it me, or does everyone else have a hard time believing Vagrant Story is only a 5 hour RPG.. I mean. I'm about 2 hours into it at the moment, and can't seem to comprehend how it could be so darn SHORT? What's the point in gaining abilities and such. Kinda almost pointless. I love the game though, great graphics as well. It's almost like it's got some interesting points to it. With the flash movements and all. Give me your two cents on it if you don't mind! ^_^*

Dark Anime Ninja of Gaming

Well, the time estimate I've heard was more like 9 hours if that's any consolation. I would be rather curious to find out how long it winds up taking you. I'm assuming it at least has good replay value, right?

Greetings Googleshng ,

this letter is a tad lon, I hope you put it to good use (printing it out and using it as kindling does count, i suppose)

First, the Grandia questions and comments (I am not sure if you have played it yet, but thats nto gonna stop me from asking ^_^):

1.What level where you on when you met gadwin?
I ask this becuase when i got him, the highest charecter i ahd was level 17. it just seemed odd that all of a sudden this guy was in my party and twice my level, wiht three tiems my hit points. Even more odd was that we both did about the same amount of damage (well, justin and gadwin. feena and where behind by lots) Is this a normal occurence, or is my wander-around-aimlessly-hacking-everyhting-in-my-way-until-i-randomly-stuble-upon-the- next-plot-point-or-get-so-utterly-lost-that-even-a-walkthrough-doesn't-help style of play doing somethign good for a change? (I'm not kiding about the randomly stumbling about bit took me almost 4 hours to bumble my way out of the misty forest after the luc village event. talk about a "and they let me into college????" moment)

2. Did you find Grandia to be a tad easy?
I ask this cause, despite the fact that i am at a relativley low level (compared to, say tfinal fantasy where level 17 is rather pitiful) and i am not having any problems. i havent even died yet, which is very odd. In an y other game, i would have been beaten visciously by at least one boss by now, but in grandia i seem to be, well, laying the smack down. viciously no less. oh well. its still a great game.

3. Not a question, but it gets its own number anyway. paws mentioned RPG posters yesterday. try ebay. tons of stuff. or, if you liked lunar, try to score a copy of the official strategy guide, put out by workign designs. it has an offer for a free poster (well, 2.95 after shipping and handling, buts that close enough to free in my book)and what a poster it is. Big, wth a sweet design, on both sides! Or, if you are more the do-it-yourself type with no regard whatsoever for copyright law:

##include plug.shameless

kinko's offers oversize color printing. they can do up to 36 in wide by 500 feet long, i believe. give them an image on a disc, they can print it out. they may ask you a few questions about copyright, but if you sign the form saying "i hereby authorize the owner of this copyright to sue kinko's and not me" they will probably hook you up. downside is its pricey. 12.00 a square foot. the average poster is probably around 3 feet square, which will be about 36 bucks, plus tax. o.O Howver, try could try on the night shift. chances are, if they person knows how to use the computer, they will be so tired and/or desperate for conversation that they will print out the poster for you! Especially if you're an RPGirl (hey, it gets lonley on the night shift so...very...lonley......*sniff*) they may even give you a reduced price. unless they are printing a poster out for themselves (i knew there was a reason i took this job. . . note to kinkos magagement, in case they happen to be reading this: The previuos statment was a, lets face it rather pitiful, attempt to be humourous. It is in no way, shape, or form indicative of any intent to defraud the kinkos corporation, nor of an admission of actual...... err......defraudment)

On an unrelated note, it is great to see you are programming for the mac. After all, it is tied for first place among best computer OSes (Lets hear it for Yellow Dog Linux!!!! Anyone??!!! *sound of crickets chriping*). A true sign of your no doubt vast intellegence. You need any beta testers? ^_^

Thats about it. geez, that was long. oh well, back to studying.

Chris "Forget RPGirls, I want to find a LinuxChick!" Martin

I'm glad you admit it's long. Oh well, it's Monday, I have room. Anyway, I think I was somewhere around level 15-17 when I got Gadwin, so that's fairly normal. You just don't go up levels that fast. I was only on like, level 37 at the end. As for Grandia being easy, well, I guess it's a question of playing styles. I've heard people talk about being hideously stuck in the game, but I personally won without taking a hit. I'd say without taking any damage but I took SOME from traps and stuff. (How else could I get my water up?) Anyway, I think it can generally be said that decent difficulty is present in any game where you die at least once. It's also somewhat disturbing when the head guy doesn't even get a chance to damage you... that's just not right. Still, Grandia's a good game. 8)

Tactical RPGs
I've had Final Fantasy Tactics since the day it came out, and haven't stopped loving it since. I'm looking for another tactical RPG however. The only other ones I know of are Kartia and the Vandal Hearts series. What tactical RPG would you recommend?

For starters, check out Kartia and Vandal Hearts. 8) Seriously actually, they're both great games. Then there's also Vandal Hearts 2, which is a fairly decent game, just don't go in expecting more of the same, because you aren't going to get it. Also there's the original TRPG, Shining Force for the Genesis. Sure there's no height modifiers and the AI isn't too good, but it has some interesting features. There's terrain effects (I still find firing an arrow from a forest, OVER A MOUNTAIN RANGE, to hit someone on flat ground, for some reason when you fight out in the wilderness you're city destroying size). There's some REALLY interesting characters, off the top of my head a werewolf, a hampster (he's worthless) an armadillo in steam-power-armor, a flying jellyfish mage, and of course about a dozen centaurs. Plus the plot's good. The most notable thing though (since people gripe about the limits in FFT) is that by the end of the game, you have a party of about 60 very individual characters, of which you use twelve at a time. Oh, and there's sequels to Shining Force, but they don't have quite such a menagerie of freaks.

Speaking of Shining Force...
Hey there guru of knowledge...

Are there ANY Game Genie codes for Shining Force 1? I know, I know...Cheating is wrong but...Come on!! Please? I'll give you some pie! Will that help? Pretty pretty please with olives and onions on top?


Is there any game that DOESN'T have game genie codes? I thought that thing worked just by putting weird values in the memory registers or something. Anyway, I don't know any off hand, but I DO recall that there's a complex controller code that let's you control the enemy (leads to some seriously handicapped 2 player fun). There's also some weird trick that let's you rename all the characters, but that might have been in 2, it's been a while. I'm pretty sure you can find these in RPGamer's walkthroughs/FAQs.


Yup, Paws pronounced Irvine correctly. I oughta know.

- Student from University of California at Irvine
("Zot Zot Zot!")


riddle me this, riddle me that. google, my girl, will chrono cross be phat?

- hall of fame announcer, harry carey.

I hate some slang. Anyway, all the import reviews are giving it perfect scores, it's made by one of my two favorite development teams, and it has one of my favorite character designers. So... yes?

Your a chick admit it.

You're grammar is bad. 8)

In response to the question on the pronunciation of "Edea" that Paws recieved, the correct pronunciation is "Ee-day-uh". This makes sense if you use the original spelling (Idea) and Japanese pronunciation rules.


That it does. I'm still just going to call her Ed or Witchypoo though.

I recently bought Escaflowne, watched all 8 tapes, drooled, and now I have to buy a new remote... (I need to waterproof the next one), and I was just curious what other types of anime you'd recomment (Wait until you get to the 7th and 8th tapes, hooo boy, there are some interesting happenings there)


Well, I can't think of anything cool in the same way as Escaflowne, but Slayers is a darn funny show (subbed! Subbed! Always subbed!)

Please! Please! tell me how you get the stupid STEEL PIPES on FF8....................I'll give ya some monkey food!!!

Mug them off Wendigos in the forest by Galbadia Garden.

The Fei Fong Wong look-alike kid at school got sent to detention by a subsitute teacher, and he went berserk! They had to get get our principal, who's a Citan look-alike, to get him under control.
-Rinoa the Resistance Fighter

I see... get out of that school before it explodes.

The Last Laugh:

Today I have two pictures for you. The first is by someone who didn't sign the letter it was attached to, and the second is of course by Chesire Catalyst.

Anyway, I'm on my way out the door now, don't worry I won't miss tomorrow's column. One thing puzzles me however. Normally on a Monday, based on weird things said over the weekend I get a few crazy letters arguing for my having one gender, and a few equally crazy with a counterpoint. Today though I got 3 saying female and none saying male. I might have to go back through the weekend mail to see why that is... unless it's just that Edgar question. For the record though nobody I've asked that to could name a girl off the top of their head. Anyway, hopefully I'll have SaGa Frontier 2 this week, bet you didn't see that statement comming. Ooh, time to go.

Googleshng "Leaving the house for once"
A day of Escaflowne and Sega games awaits!

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