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Googleshng - February 16 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

Chronodin took off without writing an intro or closing, but he answered everything I sent in record time. I was tempted to imbed a midi in this column of his so you could hear his work, but he put a link to one in a response, and, let's face it, imbedded midis are evil incarnate.

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Goog, I wrote in yesterday, pleaing for Final Fantasy Tactics Sequel... and I had a good idea of a way to user your site! Come on I read your column everyday, see what your other readers think and print my original letter. Incase you deleted:

Whatsup Goog,
I've been reading your column for a long time now, and have never written in. But I see your plea and would be happy to help. First off, what do you think of Wild ARMs so far? It is one of my favorite all time RPG's, but the top honors go to Final Fantasy Tactics. Speaking of which, I want to USE your site. I see at least a couple FFT emails in your column almost everyday, and the game is about 2 years old. I don't think it's just me that has a fascination with it. WHat I'm saying is: LETS START A PETITION ON RPGAMER FOR FINAL FANTASY TACTICS 2!! The story was mesmerizing to say the least, and I've never played through an RPG 4 times and still loved it....please, let's just see if you get some kind of response from this letter. What do you think? Goog could be responsible for the coming of the sequel of the best RPG of all time!
Thanks bud

Well... good news and bad news, I guess. Good news being there will be another FFT-ish game. Bad news that it won't be by Square. I guess the team that made it is kinda like a bunch of nomads, seeing as how they made Tactics Ogre, then went to Squaresoft and made Final Fantasy Tactics, and have since left. However, they are in the process of making another Tactics-like game... but it won't be by Square. So don't worry, your Tactics craving will be filled eventually. As for an actual sequal to FFT, there might be one, but it'll probably be quite different from the FFT you're used to. But in any case, Mr. Up-to-date, a Tactics "sequal" (not really a sequal) is on the way... geez, get with the program. :^)

Sequel. Spell check boy! Anyway, the game in question would be Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth. I'm excited about it. As for the Square end of FFT, that's the source of Vagrant Story, also known as the shortest RPG ever. 8)

More game hunting
Greetings, Chronodin!
Gotsome questions for ya.
1. How did you get into composing? I'm starting some composing lessons because I'm into the electronic/techno stuff, and I thought that a better understanding of music would help out my music. Oh, if anyone or you cares, (plug) my music I made with the program Acid Music is at

Chronodin: Well, I've been involved in music all my life. Played French horn in the band for about 5 years now (2nd chair All-state band, baby!), and about a year ago got a program called Cakewalk Professional (I actually BOUGHT it, for all you warez-freaks out there... you know who you are). It's a very good MIDI making program, and I just started writing stuff. And over time you just get better at it. By the way, since you're plugging your site, I'll go ahead and plug a song I've written so you all can check it out. Any feedback would be nice. You can get it at chronodin/impossible.mid, and it's called "Rising Up, to Conquer the Impossible".

2. What kind of equipment do you use, and how do you go about making your music with it?

Chronodin: Hmm..... I guess I partially answered this question already. I use Cakewalk Pro, and I just enter the notes in on the staff. But you can also hook your synthesizer (if you have one, of course) up to your computer and record stuff that way.

3. Any advice for a newbie composer?

Chronodin: Fooling around on a piano or keyboard to try to come up with melodies and chords helps. Other than that, just keep at it... you'll get better with practice, trust me.

4. Is there some place where we can sample your music?

Chronodin: See answer to question #1 :^) Maybe if I get some positive feedback on it I'll have Goog plug another song later on.

5. (Had to stick this in 'cause it's RPG/game related.) What's your favorite videogame music? Personally, I love the ff8 arranged soundtrack even though I didn't enjoy the music in the game too much. Ok, well that was fun. When's that game coming out, Goog? See y'all's later!


Chronodin: I thought FF8 had wonderful music. Of course, like anyone will tell you, FF6 had OUTSTANDING music, and I think so did FF4. A couple other favorites (Ok, so I don't have just one) are Xenogears, Final Fantasy Tactics and, amazingly a non-Square game, the Castlevania games have always had very catchy songs (except for Castlevania for 64, the first one... I don't seem to recall much music at all from that). But anyway, my favs I guess would be Xenogears and FF8. Oh, and I LIKED FF7's music by the way. :^)

Rather than being overly optimistic like some of my favorite companies do, let's just say it will be out when it's finished. Fine, I'll be optimistic. The Mac version is very nearly complete, maybe only a month or two depending on whether me and the other programmer actually get any time to work on it. Ports will come later.

On that note...
Googleshng and Chronodin, I'm begging you...

Please, if you have any mercy in your soul whatsoever, will you please post the link to the RPG I programmed? I really don't think it's that fair that you can plug yours whenever you want (your musician gets to guest host, for crying out loud!), but you can't post one simple link to my RPG. So what if it sucks? It's better than Persona Revelations! The RPG is at Please post the link this time, I spent about two months working on the damn game and I could really use the feedback.

-Ted O'Reilly from Eureka, CA

HEY! You gotta problem with Goog's "musician" guest hosting?? Besides, I prefer the term "composer"... any ol' schmuck can be a musician, but it takes talent to.... ok, enough of that. I guess since we're posting this DARN letter, your DARN game is being plugged, dammit. Now watch your DARN language, mister, or Google will wash your mouth out with soap. But you'd LIKE that, wouldn't you? WOULDN'T YOU?

I actually meant to post that yesterday, but I couldn't find it. Wait a sec, 2 months? Did you use Verge or is it just fairly simple... or can you transcend space and time? 8)

Many questions
Hey Chronodin (and the main host Googleshng "Goo-gul-shang")

Chronodin, I was wondering if you plan on pursuing music as a career, or is it just a hobby?

What instruments do you play, or do you just work with computer-generated music?

What sort of music do you like best?

What do you think is your best piece, and can I hear it now?

I'd ask what your favorite RPG is but I'm sure 100 other people are going to ask that so I won't. :)

- Thomas McManus

As a matter of fact, yes, I am leaving for college next year (Class of 2000! whoo!). In case anybody cares, I'm either going to Ohio University, West Virginia Wesleyan (Yes, I'm from West Virginia... go ahead. Make your redneck jokes and get them over with. I'll just have paw come after ya with the sawed-off), or Indiana University of Pennsylvania. When I go there, I'll be double-majoring in music (composition and performance) and computer science... and if that counts as a triple major, then I'm in for a buttload of work. I play French horn, as I mentioned earlier, and I also play piano. I love all kinds of music. If you looked in my CD collection, you'd see Kid Rock, Metallica, Beethoven, Blessid Union of Souls, Final Fantasy III/VI soundtrack... just about everything except country and rap... don't have any of those CDs. The MIDI I linked to earlier is one of my favorites, if you want to check that out. And you're the first person to ask about my favorite RPG, surprisingly. I would have to say either Xenogears, FF6, or FF4, reasons being I don't mind starting new games on them, while I find it tough to bring myself to want to go all the way through FF7 or 8 again. Who knows.

Fine! Just ignore me why don't you!

This isn't so much a question as it is a comment.
Since I have heard the question asked many times regarding just who the Esper/Materia/GF Alexander is supposed to be, I think I might have the answer. Judging by the Russian architecture seen on Alexander's back, he is probably a reference to Czar Alexander of Russia. Although my history is rusty, I recall that Czar Alexander has one of three monarchs who created the Holy Alliance in the early 19th century. This is probably why Alexander invariably attacks enemies with "Holy" when summoned.
Thank you for your time.

Very observant. I don't know for sure the roots of Alexander, but that would certainly make sense. And if you can remember THAT, your history is far from rusty... it's better than mine!

That's the best explaination I've heard yet, but it still doesn't explain why Al's a mech.

Happy Birthday
Dear Googleshng and Cronodin:

I have opinions regarding music. In my opinion, music is the most important aspect of a game. If a game has excellent music and a well-written plot, I would probably play it. Music seems to create the mood for the game. Take Chrono Trigger for example. Music is probably one of the main reasons it was such a hit everywhere. The character music, the equality between rock and classical, and many other things that made the music in the game much more memorable than in other games. It just seems to make you feel more like you're living the game when the music gets your eyelids to open.

Now correct me if I am wrong, but it seems that the most successful games have music that seem to derive from Celtic sounds. Examples are Star Ocean 2nd story, Xenogears, some of Castlevania's peices, Final Fantasy Tactics, and many more which I can't remember. Is this just a coincidence? I think not. Most people like the Old English/Celtic feel to music, because in my opinion, it seems more RPG-ish, if you know what I mean. The new games with slightly techno music don't get as rating on the music scale as the ones with the classical feel. Parasite Eve and Final Fantasy eight are pretty good examples of this. FF8's music mostly sucked (except for Eyes on Me and Fithos Lusec Wicos Vinosec) and Parasite Eve's music just kind of went over the top (the only score I liked was the operatic one done in real voice). So I guess the bottom line is that people like the old, operatic feel to music.

Now I will give you a useless list of games with good music in My opinion:

Chrono Trigger (character themes are awesome)
Final Fantasy 3 (6 in Japan)
Final Fantasy Tactics (great classical based music)
Final Fantasy Seven (except for the stupid Midgar song)
CASTLEVANIA: SYMPHONY OF THE NIGHT<== best music Secret of Mana (even though is old MIDI music, it's still good)
Alundra (okay music... but it really sets the mood)

That's all I can think of right now. Remember this is only my opinion, but I want to know if some people agree with me. Since Cronodin is the music expert, I thought I might as well write it.

-somebody you don't know

In a way, yes, I agree. Celtic music DOES seem to be the trend, along with techno. However, I find it odd that you liked FF7's music and NOT FF8's.... that seems to be opposite of what most people think. Personally, I like Square's techno songs. The boss themes from FF7 and 8 are two of my all-time favorites. :^) But Celtic music is great, too. Oh, and I'm glad you mentioned Castlevania: SotN. I, too, LOVED the music from that game.

That was excessively long. I should really stop printing stuff for people on their birthdays like that.


Why am I attracted to women with blue hair?

- Surge

Chrono: Why do fish swim? Why does everybody love those little roasted peanuts on airplanes? Does it really matter why Japanese animators like to draw hot blue-haired women? :^)
Google: Hybrid Vigor. They exhibit a trait you don't possess, therefore you subconciously realize that their genetic material would compliment your own. Genetics, psychology, take them. 8)

This is getting old. Just send me Xenochick's email address. I'll never mail you again. I'll save my annoying questions and comments for Brad.

Chrono: Sure, we'll send it to you. It's not free, though. Just send a self-addressed stamped envelope with $1,000 cash to: Chronodin, C/O Some postal worker, your local PO, Get-a-lifeville, California, 12345. Or call 1-800-GIV-CASH, and ask for Bubba.
Google: I'm like a priest or a psychologist, I'm obligated not to give that sort of thing out.

I've got an 89% grade in my Biology class! Yipee! :)

-Xeno(I have Xenochick written on my locker at school)chick

Chrono: Congratulations! I never did like biology. :^)
Google: That last person wants your e-mail address if you didn't notice.

What happened to the "Airship" in FF8? Ragnarok is supposed to be a sword.

Chrono: Doesn't HAVE to be. Ragnarok, correct me if I'm wrong, is the apocalypse in Norse mythology.
Google: You are correct sah. In FF6 it happens to be the name of an Esper/Sword but that's really just symbolic. Norse stuff tends to be misrepresented a lot, Ragnarok is supposed to be the big fight at the end.

Why does Jolteon look like a super-saiyan chihuahua?


Chrono: Well... I can't say I noticed that before. Now that you mentioned it, I don't think I'll ever look at Goku the same way again...
Google: A lot of stuff looks Super Saiyan. Goemon, Sonic, it's never a coincidence. 8)

i am the god of wit. will you be my goddess?

- hall of fame announcer, harry carey.

Chrono: <twitches head> I like hot dogs... do you like hot dogs? I love hot dogs... if you were a hot dog, would you eat yourself? Well, would ya?
Google: ...

Ozzie doesn't wash himself with a rag on a stick! He forces Slash to do it! Flea gets to hose Ozzie down after Slash applies soap. It's true, I tell ya.

I saw them.


Chrono: You know, for a split-second there, I could have sworn I cared. :^)
Google: Seek help.

The Last Laugh:

Ooh, it's so roomy down here since Chrono left. I'm really amazed at how quickly that went by. I'm even more amazed that for once I actually sent a guest host the exact number of questions nessessary.

Them thar bromide pics circulate around WAY too often... or was that a clip from the female baths that I never got to? Anyway, I spent the ENTIRE day working on the new release date setup. It should probably be up by the time you read this, unless you read these the second I put them up. Anyway, they're all spiffy now so check it out. I'm going now, enjoy Brad. I'll probably post a rant over the weekend, and these fan Googles, maybe even get some work done on that page I started working on a couple weeks ago.

Googleshng "My fingers hurt"
I've been working on RPGamer stuff since I woke up. Need rest.

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