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Googleshng - February 16 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

I complained about a lull, and it got better. Wow. Maybe I should complain about my financial troubles more often. Anyway, here I am, getting ready to start the column at... 1 AM. Hmm... looks like this one will have to go up in the morning again, I hate that. Just as well, my light burned out and it's a bit hard to see. Anyway, tomorrow's guest host will be Chronodin, the person doing the music for the game I'm doing. So, if you have any questions about music composition, you can throw those at him, or just standard questions since he's played the standard games. Oh, and for everyone who sent in methods to eliminate TT rules, I know they exist, but they aren't the kind of thing you can do easily, or tricks in any real way. Rule death is, basically, a random occurance. Now then, on the the column.

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How do you pronounce...?
In the PSX:
Wild ARMs
Naming spells rules.
In the Genesis:
Shining Force
I should play it...
In the Gameboy:
My cousin's copy of Pokemon
In the SNES:
AC today?
In the SMS:
Phantasy Star
In the NES:
River City Ransom
Won it
In the Saturn:
No games yet
In the N64:
Super Smash Bros.
Samus rules
In the Dreamcast:
Soul Calibur
This victory strengthens the soul of... Bob Saget!
Online Turn Based Strategy
Congrats on finally getting Wild ARMs. This games ranks very near the top of my all-time favorite RPGs. I can't really explain why, but its Oh, and the soundtrack is REALLY cool.

OK, a question. I asked the (evil) Brad and he just ridiculed me, so I'll ask you. Do you know of any turn-based combat games (such as FFT, Vandal Hearts, or Tactics Ogre) that are multiplayer, perhaps even online multiplayer? StarCraft just doesn't cut it for me, but I really liked FFT (in fact I still play it, even though I'm at 100-something hours and still haven't finished).

enjoy your late-night column writing...


There aren't any PC online Tactical RPGs in existance... at least until I finish this one. 8) Anyway, as for the multiplayer aspect, Kartia has a 2 player mode which can be fairly interesting, although it is a tad unbalanced. Also, while there are no TRPGs (yet), there are many very good online turn based strategy games out there. Off the top of my head there's Chaos Overlords (great music), Alpha Centauri (long turns there though), a whole slew of interstellar empire games who's names ellude me at the momment. Well, I recall Spaceward Ho! but that's Mac only, as are a few others I can't remember. Oh, and of course if you can stand real time, there's Dungeon Keeper 2... although I shouldn't really count that, and hey, don't knock Blizzard, they do make some good stuff.

More game hunting
Hey Goog,

I noticed a lot of people have been looking for older games lately that you can find only online. Well I have found one site that sells some of the older hits. It's UGO Direct . I bought Breath of Fire II and Xenogears from here so I think that's pretty cool.

Peace Out,

Leon Geeste

Yeah, great, I'm kinda getting sick of this topic by now, let's move on. 8)

Legend of Mana
Hello goog !

Since I'm in a hurry, I'll spare you any funny comments and go straight for the questions:

1. Is Legend of Mana going to be translated or what ? I've heard both things.

2. If so, when is it coming to the states ?

3. Europe is the developing country of the gaming world. That's a fact. Just look at Grandia, it's a miracle it's even coming out in Europe, and it's going to be out a year or so after the american release. We all despise you for that ! So, maybe your canadian, but it's still on the same continent.

- Tha ever so weary (Swedish) assistant

Yes, Legend of Mana is being translated, and it will be out in June according to my sources. You know, you basically have 3 numbers for 1 question there. The whole Europe slow translation thing is a sad situation though, I grant you that.

Many questions
hola senor google

i have a few questions that have been nagging me for a while:

1. why aren't more games made in two languages (like super metroid) where you just choose a language at the beginning?

2. why do i hear all these people saying "the SaGa series sucks" when all they've played are SaGa frontier and final fantasy legends 1-3? the Romancing SaGa games are all (in my opinion) better than all the snes final fantasy games.

3. what's the point of system loyalty? am i the only one who likes pc, console, and text rpg's equally?

4. which do you like better? chili cheese or regular fritos?

-the frito bandito

Well, having multiple languages on one cart/CD is really only a working concept when there's not much text in the game, or if it's really important for the company to release it in a couple countries at once. Either way, it's a rare occurance. As for people bashing SaGa as a series, I've never heard that. Personally, I've only played the first 3, and I assume the SNES ones are totally different as are the PSX ones. As for your third question, that isn't really system loyalty, but anyway, quite frankly, PC, console, and Paper RPGs are three different genres. In a console RPG, you're really buying a book with playable fight scenes when you get right too it. With a PC RPG, you're basically buying a big huge world to wander around exploring. With a paper RPG, basically you have a bunch of friends sitting around the room telling jokes/solving logic puzzles/rolling dice depending on the GM. They appeal to different people. I personally love console games and paper are fun too, but PC style RPGs don't really appeal to me. As for fritos, I really don't like'em.

Mod chips and music
Wild ARMs is one of my fav RPGs! It just kicks butt! ^_^ Another one is Terranigma, anyone who can emulate the SNES should try it... why, oh WHY was it only released in Japan and Europe... ~_~ anyway, for the questions:

1. Since the PS2 has a parallel port (I think) will it support a gameshark? would that still let you play import games? cuz I have several and don't wanna keep the old PSX around cluttering up space if I don't have to, but I won't give up my Rurouni Kenshin RPG, Bust-a-Move and Soukaigi games...
2. I read on some site that the PS2 may not support a few PSX games because those games were designed to specifically act with the PSX hardware, so they won't work on the PS2, and that sony will release a list of the games that won't work... is there truth to this or is it just a rumor?
3. Do you know if the composer for wild arms has done any other work? (Her name, I think, is Michiko Naruke) The OST rules (except some of the fight music. ~_~) it's got VOCAL TRACKS and there's that cool opening music...
4. How about the guy who did Secret of Mana and Soukaigi's music? (Soukaigi is hands down the best game OST I've EVER HEARD. God it's good.) Anyway, please help with at least one of my questions... sorry to have so many. I know it won't help get me printed. But they were, ya know, burning.


Those composers haven't done anything else to my knowledge except of course WA2 and the SoM arranged sound track. As for the PSX2 supporting PSX game sharks and mod chips, I seriously doubt it. Backwards compatable or not, it's different hardware. Don't worry though, I'm sure not long after the PSX2 ships someone will make mod chips and game sharks that will work on both PSX and PSX2 games... but maybe not those few old PSX games that don't run on the PSX2.

What's an RPG?
Oh great slimy thingie Google, I have two, count 'ew TWO, questions for you...

1. Do you prefer Analog or Pad for RPGs? Or do you switch (I just want to know as I am training somebody in the concept of ATB and they are having problems with overshooting thier desired menu selection)

2. Is there any surefire way/strategy to killing those damned Lurker thingies (with the deheading move) from Resident Evil? I just bought it (yes, I have not played it until two days ago...) and am being hopelessly slaughtered by them.

Oh great Google! I rub your gelatinous "head" for you blessing and luck.

P.S. : Whee. Shining Force 1 is perhaps the best game is existence for the Genesis (PS4 aside) and deserves a lot of playtime. This is my question though...I want to ask you a question oh great of power Googleshng:

What do you define as a RPG? I just recently finished playing the Quest for Glory series (QFG1-5) and was wondering about it having stats and multiple weapons or what?

Not seeing Record of Lodoss War is a sin or something...I'm sure.

the MILF-miester

That's 3 questions. The alalog stick, honestly, I have only ever put to good use ONCE. Walking around in FF8. If you use it, you move in the exact dirrection you want. Otherwise you have to deal with the fairly unintuitive FF7 style controls where, for example, holding up makes you move around the screen counter clockwise, until you hit a particular point where it switches to clockwise. Ick. Even then though, I turn it off for fights. 8) Oh, and in Resident Evil, they're called Hunters, blow them away before they see you or you're dead basically. Don't bother with the pistol either. Finally, as for how I define an RPG, it's the same way I define any genre. I take the game which, to me, most embodies that genre (usually the first example of it), and compare all other games to it to see if they're similar enough to be lumped together. It's a lot more effective than picking any one trait. So if I want to know whether to classify something as a console RPG, I compare it to the original Phantasy Star. Do you wander around various locations you can freely travel between? Towns full of shops and people to talk to? Money? EXP? Multiple characters on a party? Menu based combat? Is it extremely long? Is it top view? Is it full of caves to explore looking for special stuff? The more of those I say yes to, the more readily I call it an RPG. Oh, and for the record, my definitive Action/RPG is the original Zelda.


Is it true that you can play Phantasy Star Online while offline? That would be pants!


I believe so yes. The online feature isn't essential to the game, just let's you play with friends. I like it!

You have a Mac?!? DIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

-Bill Gates

I shall never bow down to you evil one!

Hey Google,

Zelgadis is freakish-looking, yet girls find him attractive. Does that mean there is hope for me, who resembles a young geek?


That depends. Are you also a vaguely evil human/golem/demon fighter/mage with a detached serious attitude? If not you're probably out of luck.

Hey, Google, y'ever wonder...just what IS Alexander, the summon? It can't be Alexander the Great. There's too much armor. Was there a Norse god called Alexander? A Greek one? Or was there just this guy at Squaresoft called Alexander and they wanted to give him his own summon 'cuz he was cool? Help me! (bad Persona reference. Good game.)

-Jeff "Different in this normal world"

I HAVE wondered that. I'm guessing it's some kind of Russian folk tale maybe? It's not Norse to my knowledge, and it's NOT Alexander the great. I'm honestly stumped. It's cool though!

If the government told me I could kill anyone in the slowest, most painful way possible and get away with it, I'd choose you.

Uh... may I ask why?

So, how's Wild ARMs? :) -RPG_Babe

It's great!

Sniff Sniff
No one remembers Tom Landry
But I remember that Homer Simpson bought his hat!


Oh, THAT Tom Landry, OK. 8)

The Last Laugh:

My kitten is crazy. He just jumped off a 2 story roof, hit the ground running, jumped up, kicked off a wall, and pounced on one of my other cats.

What I want to know is where he found this picture. Anyway, again I appologize for updating late. Anyway, I'm off to help get the release dates section up to date and all spiffy now.

Googleshng "Hard working"
AC is actually out, now where's that store that sells Mac software again?

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