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Googleshng - February 15 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

This is what they call a lull. Lately I've been getting only a third of my usual loads of letters. This could be for a number of reasons. Maybe you all suddenly got sick of me... although the page stats don't back that one up. Maybe I've actually answered all your questions... again, I doubt it. Then maybe you're all busy... but midterms are over. It's probably just that no games have come out in a while and so there's nothing to talk about. Fortunately, SaGa Frontier 2 comes out tomorrow (along with Alpha Centauri... allegedly). Unfortunately, I can't afford it... although I DID finally get Wild ARMs so I can talk about that now! That's SOMETHING, right?


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Wild ARMs
It's like Lufia 2!
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Shining Force
Bad AI! Hehehe
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My cousin's copy of Pokemon
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AC tomorrow?
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Phantasy Star
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River City Ransom
Better give it back...
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Super Smash Bros.
Jiggly Puuuuufffffff....!
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Soul Calibur
This victory strengthens the soul of... Mothra!
School Spirit

Today at school we had this big pep rally. That means that everyone gets together in the gym and yells and gets something strange called "school spirit" (I was reading). All the classes (freshmen, sophmore, etc.) had their own "class color" that they had to wear, and the lucky juniors got to wear yellow. Haha. I don't know what happened, but about half of them found some yellow ponchos to wear. The funny part is that those ponchos made them look exactly like Cid VI. So there were about thirty people looking like Cid VI jumping around and yelling. It was hilarious, but of course I was the only one in the school who understood why I was cracking up for 5 minutes. I hate my school. Can I go to yours?

SLADE "Yippie! A crash landing! Wheeee!"

Heh, when I was in high school and there was a pep rally, I just hit in my special fortified bunker with my couch, a fridge, a microwave, a good book, and a friend of mine... I could still hear the screams though. Oh, and I'm not kidding, in fact I got the couch when I graduated. Anyway, you're welcome to it if you don't mind moving, although they demolished my bunker when building an addition to the school and all the RPG players I know graduate this year. 8)

I'll be watching you
Dear Google,

I just got curious and decided to ask you if you have ever played any game or seen any anime for the sole purpose of looking at a specific character. In Escaflowne, I skipped any episode that didn't have Dilandau, in FF8, I waited for Fuujin's appearance, and so on and so forth. I don't know why I look out for them so often; maybe because they add a certain flavour to events and such.

So do you do this often?

Not really, I mean, sure I always like it when you get Impact in Goemon, and sure I didn't like the Zelgadis free tapes 4 and 5 of Slayers (but that's because they were dubbed), but I never really obsess much over one particular character... fine, MAYBE Anri in my first time through Shining Force, but just because she was so overpowered that I could beat fights using just her (and I did). On the other hand, my cousin (yes, the one with my gameboy) just can't stand Vierge. Whenever he has to use Vierge, he stops playing the game forever. He's still in that fight in the Tower of Babel.

Found one!
Hello, I have a question about FF8, and I have searched everywhere for an awnser, but there doesn't seem to be one. The spell Meltdown, when cast, will turn the target purpleish. What does this do? Is it helpful, if not why it it there? I hope you know the awnser, because God nows that no one else does. -Johnny Danger

Woohoo, a serious question! Meltdown reduces the target's Vit (or physical defense if you will) to 0. It also looks pretty cool. You know though, on the status screen is this little option called Tutorial. Not only does it let you take tests, but it has full explainations of every spell and GF ability in the game. Oh, and plot notes too! Go look there before you ask me next time. 8)

Why me?
Hi, oh mighty Google.

This question will prove to be interesting.

If you were to date a character in any of the Final Fantasy games, who would it be? Give two people, one for if you were male, or one for if you were female. Plus, give reasons why. You don't HAVE to answer this question, the next one is the most important.

I have just put a Dreamcast on layaway, I was wondering if Evolution was a decent RPG to buy. Yes, I can get over the melonheaded anime style characters.

Thanks for posting my message,

Weapon-X "Son of a Submariner!!"

Well, I personally don't think Evolution looks all that great, but that's just a matter of personal taste. If shiny happy randomly generated dungeons are what you want, have a blast with it. As for your other question, well, I wouldn't want to go on a date with any of them, and the feelings probably mutual, but since you insist, if I were female, Edgar. He's a king and he has no shame, I could probably get a chochobo, a cape, and a big wad of cash out of him for nothing! If I were male, that one's tougher, there's not many girls, I guess Quistis though, since she takes HER dates to Jurrasic Park. 8)

That's not an RPG!

I wasn't sure whether to ask you or Brad about this, since I know Brad's played Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver for PSX, but I'm impatient so I'll ask you. I saw the game for Dreamcast the other day - and how much better do you think that would be over the PSX version? I played the first (Blood Omen) for PSX and it was alright, but I really don't have a clue about Soul Reaver for PSX -or- Dreamcast. Would it be a good buy? Yes/no? (so far all I have for DC is Evolution and Soul Calibur..and EV stank really bad.) Anyway, that's all, buhbye!

Derek Thompson

I haven't played anything you've mentioned except Soul Calibur, but I seem to recall the original Blood Omen was like Gauntlet and the new one is more like a Tomb Raider clone. What I do know is that I like the DC controller more than the PSX controller (although the button naming is an excercise in cruelty and the wire comming out of the bottom is just kinda odd). That's really all I can say on the matter. 8)

Ah, here we go.
Yo Goog,
Whoops, my bad! :( I really must have spaced out..... Anyway, here is the link, in helpful HTML form. FF Online doesn't have Brave Fencer Musashi, but Squaresoft's online store does. I can't tell you how long either might be on processing shipping though. Now I hope that I have redeemed myself, and that may I be more helpful in the future.

-Kamikaze (Even the divine wind can make a mistake.......)

Someone else told me BFM can be found at Amazon for $27 if anyone actually cares. I've actually been told been told that the service at Square's online store is, shall we say, less than dependable. Like, someone I know that ordered a teeshirt, a sound track, and a game wound up with 2 soundtracks, 3 teeshirts, and a watch, or something to that effect. On the other hand, someone else I know didn't have any problems at all. FF Online is a new one on me, and I know people who buy more stuff on Amazon than anywhere else and never have a problem. Take your pick.


Charles Schultz, Jim Varney and some other famous person? How could you forget about Ernest the Redneck Savior, you should be ashamed.

Uh, Jim Varney IS Ernest. YOU should be ashamed. 8)

Mewtwo & Frieza: separated at birth?


It shure looks that way.

I hear ya have a cousin who you would like... out of the way. I believe we can come to an arrangement. Meet me at the deli on 5th and Main, and we'll talk.

- Lenny "Silencer" Malzini

I'd rather just get the money for a new gameboy than kill him, if you can pull THAT off, then we'll talk.

Ever wonder....just what exactly IS a Titan?


Like, you totally need to learn your greek mythology! Ick. Enough of that. Titans are the big huge guys who came before the gods in greek mythology. Also, why did people get upset that they replaced Ramuh with Quetzy, but nobody cares that they replaced Titan with the Cow Boys?

I know where the new quote is from. It's from Shining Force in the town of Manarina with the guy who turns people into chickens saying it. Now where's my tilde?

El Cuervo

Believe it or not, 3 people got that, but only you both named the town and actually want the tilde so here you go: ~ By the way, am I the only person who wishes you could stay a hen the whole game? You could peck people's eyes out and you'd probably not have your movement affected by terrain.

I have an AC, and you'll never get it! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

-Violent Toliet Thing


I only said mugu mugu 10 times! That means that you only have about 800 HP! WEAKLING HAHAHA!!!!
-Mugu God

No, I just wasn't hurt very much.

The Last Laugh:

Once more my box is filled with FFT strategies and a mysterious lack of questions.

On the bright side, I've been tracking down my missing Christmas presents and The Movie is on it's way! Plus I can finally play Wild ARMs, which I like a lot more than I thought I would. Am I the only one who notices that the backstory is like Eva? Anyway, now the only things I need are a Macintosh program that can play files off PSX CDs, and a high paying job I can do from home. Do any of you know where I can get either of those?

Googleshng "Happy"
I would have picked this up LONG ago if I knew it had a hookshot!

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