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Valentine's Day Deaths
Googleshng - February 14 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

Let's see, over this weekend, Charles Schultz, Jim Varney, some other famous person, and my great grand uncle all died... and my great grand aunt almost died. I'm not upset mind you, I didn't really know the dead relative in question, and the rest have all stopped doing their respective things, so there's no unresolved issues floating around. Although now the gender ratio in my family is 3 male to 13 female, 14 soon, my aunt's pregnant with a girl... that also means my 20 year old cousin is the oldest living male in the family... that's rather disturbing too. Oh, and there was a fire around here last night at like 2:30 AM... Let's see... oh yeah, I put a new rant up, I need money, and uh... oh yeah! This week's guest host isn't an RPGamer staffer, or even someone who's submitted anything to the column! He just caught me off guard. Oh, he also does the music for the game I'm working on. What the heck, I'm already being too honest, the guest host spot is a bribe to get him back to work. 8) Don't worry, he knows plenty and I'll hook you up with some background music for the occasion.

Oh, and quit picking on Brad. He had a good reason for missing an update this weekend... or a good cover story, either way. 8)

Sugoi Mizugi?

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I still need Anri's dress...

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Wild ARMs is almost here.
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Shining Force
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My cousin's copy of Pokemon
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AC ever? 8(
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Phantasy Star
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River City Ransom
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Super Smash Bros.
Max AI 3 on 1 fight's are tough.
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Soul Calibur
This victory strengthens the soul of... Gumby!
Tidbits first. I'm very very excited about SaGa Frontier 2. It's the first game I've ever pre-ordered. Of course, I'm also one of those weirdos who loved the first game.

Next of all, why do people spell Wiegraf's name as "Weigraf"? (You know, he's that guy from FFT?) I mean, really.. It's not that hard. And "Wiegraf" sound so much cooler than "Weigraf" (well, going by a Germanic pronounciation) Of course, I suppose that's all irrelevant, since it's a mistranslation of "Wiglaf", who was one of those cool dudes from the epic Beowulf...

Also on the subject of names, I'd just like to note that "Kain" (from Final Fantasy 2) means "spear." Also, "Cain" (which many people froth at the mouth about, insisting it's the correct translation -- I don't see why it matters, personally) means "traitor." Both of which are quite fitting, I suppose.

On to the correction... *Warning - Suikoden 2 spoiler - you've been warned* Uh, I don't know what Brad was smoking when he talked about keeping Nanami alive. She dies. No matter what. However, if you get all 108 stars early enough in the game that you can use "Forgiver Sign", and when Nanami is shot, you select the option that says "Nanami!!" in about half a second, Huan will call Shu into the medical room in the scene where everybody is worried about Nanami. For all intents and purposes, she's still kicked the bucket, but it lets you access the best ending (where she does show up again in). That's all.

-- P. J. "Speed" Reed

When I started reading this, I was planning to reply with that Wiegraf thing myself. Instead, I will just point out the Xenogears joke you can make. "But... WHY Grahf?" Oh, and on that Suikoden 2 thing, the important thing is that you do it FAST.

You punk kids and your popular music!
Why aren't there any Dungeons & Dragons RPGs for playstation or N64 or anything? I remember Pool of Radiance on Nintendo and Warriors of the Eternal Sun on Genesis and those games were freakin' cool. I know they have some on PC, but I want console action, yo.

Tom Bombadil

Well, it's a question of style. Console RPGs are generally story driven with highly unique characters, and low random factors in combat. Meanwhile PC RPGs have traditionally been more rooted to D&D with less story telling, character classes, highly random combat, and people are happy. Unlike the movie industry, TSR, er, WotC, er, Hasbro is it now? Anyway, D&D knows that it doesn't get along with consoles too well.

Squaresoft (Well duh)
FFT Ending... Spoilers?

Hey googster

I have a few Questions. Firstly, Do you know if Final Fantasy XI will cost money to play, besides the retail price of buying the game (monthly fee for playing online). I know Ultima Online and Asherons Call etc. charge money per month to play it besides the game price itself. I personally don't think they should or will, they would loose so much sales for many reasons. 1. People aren't use to paying monthly if they own a playstation and that will make them not want to buy any other square product because of the extra fee they must pay. And i don't think its squaresofts style to do that. but anyways:)

My other question is Is there some reason why squaresoft won't make any more products for N64. They have never released a Squaresoft title for a nintendo platform in over 5 or 6 years. Why is that?

Last Question, what happens to Rammza? I mean i don't understand how he could have surived after he beat St. Ajora. How could they have buried Rammza after he shows himself just after his own funeral.. Where dos he go after that? I am confused help me:)
Thanks for posting this ( Well thats if you do:)

P.S. I have been trying to get these answered from RPGAMER for a long time..about 1 year now..i need to know!!

It's extremely hard for me to answer your second question without ticking off nearly all my readers or a friend of mine, so let's just say Square REALLY got sick of cartridges. Although, while they were technically published by Sunsoft in the US, all of Square's Gameboy games were released just a year or two ago, if that.
Nobody can tell you whether FF11 will have monthly fees, the game was JUST announced. It's for a system we don't have yet and a while down the line. Just hold your horses. 8)
As for the ending of FFT, honestly they leave that a tad vague. Arguably you somehow get out of that mess safely, or maybe you honestly all die in a parallel dimension leaving no corpses and Olan just sees your ghosts. Either way, it's a given that that's just a memorial service, not a funeral. You know, when you think about it, the death toll in that game is HUGE!

Lunar Availability
Okay, according to what I read here AND at The GIA, Lunar: Silver Star Story had stopped being made on December 31. However, I bought the game on Tuesday of last week from, and got it yesterday. Is it just me, or is there something wrong with this?

Well, that's completely possible. Just because they stop manufacturing the game doesn't mean it mysteriously vanishes from every store in the world... just the ones with a lot of RPG players. Heck, I bought a brand new copy of Phantasy Star a good 5 years or so after they stopped making it. It only cost my $20 too!

Console Wars
Hail, almighty genderless Gnishelgoog. How does it feel to be a hermaphrodite?
I recently joined the ranks of those who want to be a part of the console race but can't wait for Dolphin and see through the PSX2 (translation: bought a Dreamcast) and I was wondering, besides Grandia II and Eternal Arcadia, what upcoming Dreamcast RPGs would you deem worthy of my hard-earned dinero? Any other genere reccomendations welcome, too.
Also, speaking of Dolphin; everyone and his mom seems to have a different theory about what's really going on. Have Nintendo masterd the art of secrecy, or is there no information out because there's no information? What do you think? Will Nintendo blow us away at Christmas, or leave us cold 'till the year where we can all finally agree on what century we're in?

- BrainWalkr "I shun the fruminous bandersnatch" @wouldntyouliketo.know

Good games for the DC eh? Well, in addition to Grandia 2 and Eternal Arcadia, there's also Phantasy Star Online (No monthly fees, no hordes of morons, just a traditional RPG where you can have a few friends playing with you, sounds great). Then of course there's Shen Mue, but if you haven't heard of that, you must be in a DEEP cave, and I haven't really heard enough about it to make a recommendation concerning it. Then there's a couple RPGs out all ready, Evolution and EGG, but I've heard they aren't all that great. Still, for a new system, it has a lot going for it.
As for the Dolphin, a lot of people have asked me about that. While it might look on the outside that Nintendo is desperately trying to rush it out this year with no software or anything, I personally doubt it. Nintendo has always been very secretive and known for taking as long as it takes to finish something up. Don't you remember the two year wait for Zelda 64? The long silence waiting for the N64? The short period of time when Sega dominated the video game market before the SNES appeared? Fine, they didn't dominate, but you get the point. I'm sure Nintendo has enough up it's sleeve for a compitant system launch when the time comes.

Here they are!
Yo Goog,
I never like to see fellow RPGamers down, so when I saw that nobody could find a new copy of Final Fantasy Tactics, I felt I had to do something. After searching for a while, I found a website that actually sells new copies of the game. For those who can't find Xenogears either, it is there too! The games are well-priced, but I didn't care to look at the S&H, simply because I got these games when they came out. Well, I hope this helps everyone out there.

And one more thing too. Since I've seen no one ask you this, I felt I should. Which RPG series do you like better, Final Fantasy, or Dragon Quest?


I'd appreciate this letter a whole lot more if you'd given the URL for that site, lemme guess, you planned to but you spaced out? 8) Anyway, send it on over... especially if they have Brave Fencer Musashi, long story. As for your question, I'm rather disturbed you felt the need to ask! Final Fantasy all the way! Also, you left out the third major RPG franchise, Phantasy Star!


So, Cid must mean "tech-oriented guy with airship", right?

Pretty much. 8)

Hey, google, what's up? Here's a real bizzitch.
In ff8, how do you ELIMIATE card game rules from a certian region. I'm trying the Card Queen's Quest now, and I want to get rid of random.
- Dieter

It's not the kind of thing you can just miraculously do, just buckle down and mod all your monsters! It's not like you can't get them back later if you want to. In fact, your card list can even give you hints as to how!

The Bananarchists are after you! We will expose you with our banana weaponary!


That line seems familiar...

will you be my valentine?
-the Grinch

Maybe I would have said yes before the heart upgrade, but definately not now softy!

I think you should change your name to Googleplex. That way you'd get to be a really big number (100000000000000000 etc...100 zeroes).

You're thinking of a googol (10^100). A googolplex is a one with a googol 0s (10^(10^100)). In any case, it's spelled Google, and I don't feel like changing it. 8)


I think I'm fully healed now. 8)

There's been some stuff going around about how to beat Weigraf. All you do is put Auto-potion on Ramza with all X-Potions. 'Nuff said.

Meaning no potions that aren't X-Potions. It does help a lot.

The Last Laugh:

There, I hate it when I can't finish these at night, but that's mondays for you.

Of all the deaths this weekend, that's the one he picks to do a picture of... fine by me! Anyway, hopefully you didn't waste ALL your money on cards and candy today. Oh, and for all the people who sent in Wiegraf strategies, they're rather interesting, but no one of strategy really stands out besides the yelling trick, although everyone seems to agree Chakra's vital. For the record, on my most recent time through I was level 9 so I didn't need a strategy. 8)

Googleshng "Hungry"
Fine, it was me who called him an infidel.

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