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Googleshng - February 9 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

I have less letters today than I have ever had. Hopefully I won't run out before the end, but I can't make any promises.

Anyway, tomorrow Cheshire Catalyst is guest hosting. You know, he's been making those pictures at the bottom of the column. Anyway, he's played most stuff, so ask whatever.

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How do you pronounce...?
In the PSX:
+86 seconds
In the Genesis:
Phantasy Star 2
Meant to change that...
In the Gameboy:
My cousin's copy of Pokemon
He WILL pay.
In the SNES:
AC today?
In the SMS:
Phantasy Star
In the NES:
River City Ransom
Javelin Man
In the Saturn:
No games yet
In the N64:
Hookshot. 8)
In the Dreamcast:
Soul Calibur
Need another game...
Lunar 2
Hey Goog:
What is the word on an American release on Lunar 2: Eternal Blue. I know it is being remade the PSX, and I LOVED the first one. Also, what is your impression of Wild Arms 2? I really liked the first one, but I don't know much about the second one.

The Archmage

Well, the last I heard, Lunar 2 was still slated for an April release. Actually, I seem to recall the release dates section has finally been brought up to date, so you can check for yourself. As for Wild ARMs 2, well, I still don't have the first one (I hate the postal service) so I obviously don't know much either. What I do know is that it appearently has really great music.

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong. True the FF5 translation came from the scraped PC conversion but guess whos translation they were gonna use for that version. Well Ted Woolsey of course. So you are mistaken Google. Hate to gloat but hey. Print the rest of this letter if you feel like it.

I have played the very beggining of the PSX FF5 and I have also played through nearly the whole rom version. The translation for FF5 PSX was done by Ted Woolsey (think that's how you spell his name), the same person who did the translations for Chrono Trigger, FF4, FF6, and numerous other SNES sqaure titles. I have yet to see someone complain about these translations.
The reason people don't like Ted Woolsey's translation of FF5 is because they are used to another and people always tend to enjoy the original more. Yes, Faris's tone of speech bugged me but the rest of the characters seemed much more developed. Woolsey translated the FF5 when they were considering bringing the game over to the states, but that oviously didn't happan. Sqaure had the rights to this translation somehow and used it to save time and money. People first started to complain about a final fantasy's translation when FF7 came out. Woolsey did not do FF7. A direct translation is often dull(could this be because it was written mediocore or poor to begin with), but people seem to enjoy it when people add a little flare to it, like Woolsey has done. Sorry this got so long. Just had to point out that Sqaure did not hire a crappy translator for FF5.

Since I'm so low on letters today, I think I'll take this oppertunity to prove that I actually know what I'm doing. Way back when, Square was toying with the idea of releasing FF5 in the US on the SNES under the title FF Extreme (since they'd already released FF6 as 3 and the numbers were confusing enough). THAT translation was done by Ted Woolsey. They scrapped that idea though unfortunately and the translation was stuck in a closet. Then years later, after Ted left Square, came the idea for FF5 PC. Since Ted no longer worked for Square, they could not legally use that translation, so they commissioned another from some hack. FF5 PC was also scrapped, but that's the translation they wound up using for Anthology. I WISH they could have used Woolsey's, he's a very good translator. As for dirrect translations, they aren't dull at all! Dirrect word for word translations make almost no sense and are full of phrases like "number one best". That's why you never tend to see them. Oh, and as for why I don't like FF5's translation, not only are there embelishments like Faris' speach pattern, and disusting arbitrary name changes like "Dragon" and "Hydra", in Japan those two actually have names, the translator made some unbelievably stupid name translations. Should this robotic monster called Moteru Turapu be translated as Motor Trap or Mottle Trap? Great call there. Then there is of course the whole thing about Faris/Saris being translated as Faris/Salsa. I think it's safe to call that a bad translation.

I have noticed that most sites and stores only promote the most popular games. And I have played most of them already. What I want to know is:
1.) Have you played Persona? I heard it was a good game and I'm wondering if I should invest in it.
2) Have you played Kartia? I heard it is a good game...What do you think?
3.) Are you looking forward to FF9 and Galerians?

Thanks..please print this letter!!!!

Persona is one of the extremely small number of RPGs that I started playing and stopped. I can only think of 3 in fact. Unless you enjoy spending 100 hours in ugly first person mazes full of pointless empty dead ends (which you don't explore since you start with a map) with no sound except for echoing footsteps and this disturbing echoing laughter. There's also the combat which revolves around attacking, listening to your drab gray characters shout "Persona" in irritating voices, or talking to the monsters with a system that's fairly entertaining... for about 5 minutes, in order to get the equivolent of materia, of which you can carry precious few, causing you to waste hours building up spells which you must later throw away.
Kartia on the other hand is an excellent game with extremely interesting game mechanics. Simply put, it has an innovative system for creating your own weapons, armor, spells, and monsters all with the same resources. Plus it has an extremely good plot even when you consider all the other evil religious conspiracy tactical RPG plots.
Oh, and as for FF9, I'm going to buy it the day it comes out of course, but I haven't heard anything in particular that has me drooling over it yet.

Chrono Trigger names
I'd like to point out that while Ozzy and his henchmen were named after rock stars in the US, but in Japan they were named after FOODS as a tribute to the character designer- the same guy that did Dragon Ball... (Gohan=Rice etc. for those that didn't know that.)


That's another of those fun facts I keep forgetting to mention when it's relevent. 8)

I was reading the poll at the rpgamer website, and noticed something interesting... that of all the magic systems had almost equal voting, except for the Draw system. My point in writing this, is to point out the strengths, and weaknesses of the results of this Poll.

Learn Magic By Level: I gotta say, this one's the most fun, because you're always anxious to know what you're gonna learn next... unless of course you use a guide, in which case you already know everything, but that's cheating (BAD).

Job Class: Since there's only two final fantasies which use this one, I can't say -to- much on it, seeing as I'm still playing FF5, and I've never played FFT (yeah, I'm falling behind), but it really allows for a lot of customization in your character, like having a summoner/white mage in ff5, it's nice, but it has serious weaknesses, such as major hp/mana fluctuations, weapon changes, etc

Espers: Allowed -extreme- customization of your character... every person could learn every spell in the whole game practically, which was good and bad at the same time. Good that you would have that much power, bad that you lost some of your strategic magic spread, look at the FFIV compared to FFVI... in 4, you had to work with what you had, one white mage, one dragoon, one ninja, one summoner, and one paladin... however, going to face Kefka, you had character strengths, but at the same time, you had all the magic that you bothered being bored and had everyone learn... anyways

Materia: Everyone who didn't go around bashing FFVII actually saw the kickass-ness of the Materia system, another system that allowed extreme customization of your characters. For example, my final attack party, cloud/red/cid had cloud being a powerhouse with omnislash, and kinights of the round, red being a physical attacker/group haste/quad bahamut zero, and cid doing wall/healing when he wasn't doing the happy happy highwind limit break (my favorite limit break was either Great Gospel, Stardust Ray, or Omnislash, but that's beside the point *grin*)

and finally...

Draw: It was fun, until it pissed you off cause you had to go back and replenish spells until you could refine them on your own, especially painful to keep in large quantities without going FAR out of your way was Ultima, Full-life, Holy, Aura, and Meteor. Draw was nice because if you didn't go draw 100 of everyhting, it made you think about how to use your magic vs. your physical power.

Thanks for the time to read this -really- long email... hehe but anyways, to my question after stating all my crap *grin* Google, what's your favorite Final Fantasy Magic System?

--Prisma, The InSaNe Halfelven DRUNK sorcerer

P.S. By the way, I don't care if you're male or female, just keep the Q&A pages coming on a regular schedule :-)

That's a long one. Anyway, I basically like any system of magic as long as it's innovative and not hideously unbalanced. In other words, I don't really have a favorite as far as the FFs go. I have a least favorite though, FF4. The only one to use the standard generic spells by level system. Still a good game though.

Well, I was reading the other day and just thought I'd put my two cents in as well. No, Nick Boice, you are not the only one who just plays the game and doesn't complain about every little detail. I do the same thing, and it has helped me enjoy many games that other people couldn't stand. I think it's because they focus on the bad thing and so don't see the good. I could be wrong.

Oh, Cloud078, go get the Suikoden games. You can still find them at Wal-Mart new for like twenty bucks.

Oh, and this is for every person who prefers Paws to Brad: Get over it. Yes, Paws is female. And she knows how to pronounce "pokémon" correctly. But Brad (Steve?) can do math and isn't afraid to show it. And he's funny. You just can't beat that combination.
Googleshng: So what am I? Chopped liver? 8)
Now for the questions:

1. How were you able to go so long between tapes 4 and 5 of Escaflowne??? I almost went postal just waiting the 2 minutes it took to get the one out of the VCR and the other into it and to the right spot.
Googleshng: No kidding! That was such a huge cliffhanger, being broke really sucks.
2. Which Eva character were you talking about who speaks the Osaka dialect? Just wondering.
Googleshng: I can't recall his name, you know, the loser who gets Eva 03 for like 5 minutes.
3. Do you like Record of Lodoss War?
Googleshng: I haven't really seen much so I can't say.
And now, for an RPG question....

4. How do you feel about the Suikoden games? I'm pretty sure you've said before, but I can't remember and don't feel like checking. ^_^

Thanks for your time,


I didn't really like the the original for various reasons, but I here the second is really good. Again, I hate being broke.


some guy was chasing me around asking me if i wanted to "switch party members", so i shot 'im. did i inadvertantly just doom the planet?

- Hall of Fame Announcer, Harry Carey.


I had to read your column with MS Word today, because my browser won't let me read sites without ratings anymore. How's that for reader loyalty?

Eww... censorship, what a hideous concept.

Has the RPG industry stopped? There hasn't been anything new on the News section on RPGamer for a week!
Tell those lazy News workers to wake up!!!!
-- Basico

Well, the thing is there really hasn't been any news lately. Everyone's afraid of being overlooked what with Square's recent media bombshells.

Is the person in Slayers who speaks perfect Japanese perchance Rezo?

G. Russell
"Crazy funsters! All of you!"

I was refering to Silphiel actually... or however you spell it.

I'll rip of your head and feed it to hell's fishes!
I said i'm going to bed after i do the dishes.

Uh, yeah.

Google, I have to say, that has to be the coolest quote for that pic of Kyle, ever. I'm a big fan of The Rocky Horror Picture show, and that scene has always reminded me of it. That's it.

-Little "You learn something new every day, if you're not careful." Nemo

Don't tell me, tell Cheshire Catalyst, hey look, he'll be here tomorrow.

As long as Cheeseboy brought up the Ozzie/Flea/Slash thing, I thought I'd send this in.
BTW, I really liked the "Last Laugh" pic. A RHPS fan are ya?
-Michael Nathan Iscariot

Well, that settles that doesn't it. 8)

The Last Laugh:

Well, tomorrow Cheshire Catalyst is guest hosting, creator of things like this:

Hmm... hey, that's Thor's schtick! Anyway, ask questions for him RIGHT NOW because I got this one up late and there's not much of a window.

Googleshng "Malnourished"
I'm a-huntin' for Alpha Centauri

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