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Googleshng - February 7 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

Weird Al rules. As I believe I said, I want to see him in concert on thursday night. Actually, I felt really really bad for his band after it was over. They were just standing around in the lobby, leaving through the front door, not one person said anything to any of them! No, not me either, I don't strike up conversations with people I don't know.

Anyway, while I was gone, Paws was covering for Brad and she seems to have done a pretty good job. Nice to know that, although she seems to have left me a few little gremlins to deal with today.

Another thing before I get going, guest hosting this month is once again booked. This week it will either be the person who does the music for the game I'm working on, or if he doesn't get to work have time, I suppose I'll bump up Cheshire Catalyst.

Speaking of my game, after my last column last week, do to a combination of bordom and charity, I through together a site for people who want to make games to get together. Considering how many people stumbled on it before just now (700 hits), I'll probably have a ton of work to do on that. Keep in mind I'm not done with the thing yet. Also, I FINALLY got around to updating the fan Google's page, and I've gone back to updating my page of rantings. Now let's see if I have enough Monday mail for a column...

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Soul Calibur
I think...
For the sake of preventing the spread of misinformation, I implore you, as a fellow otaku, to make public what I'm about to say. Paws made a few comments about anime and Sailor Moon in particular in her Sunday column which aren't correct. She said things that made anime seem like it's all about sex and violence and not appropriate for children. This is both untrue and unfair to say. A lot of people have a negative enough view of anime and we don't need it made worse. I thought she was joking at first, but I don't think this is the case. I've got all of the post-dub Japanese episodes of Sailor Moon (as well as a good number of pre-dubs too) and I've never seen any indication of Usagi/Serena and Mamoru/Darien sleeping together. It's possible I missed something (there ARE still a few episodes I haven't watched yet, so if I'm wrong I apologize), but I always saw their relationship as a very innocent one. Even kissing was a big deal between them. One episode of SMSuperS comes to mind when Mamoru's college pals thought he was kidding when he said Usagi was his girlfriend. And I know that Usagi never became pregnant in the series. I've got no idea where Paws got this idea. She does have a daughter, but that's far in the future after Usagi and Mamoru have been married. There's also no ONE sailor senshi who is a guy that turns into a girl. There are three of them (the Sailor Starlights) and they're not technically considered in the same group as Sailor Moon and company. It is true that two of the senshi are lesbians, but the show is rather discreet about it and you never see any real blatant lesbian interaction between them.
There really isn't that much objectionable content in Sailor Moon or in a lot of anime series, but most people aren't convinced of that because they've got people like Paws telling them there is. I know I'm probably making a big deal out of nothing, but I really like anime and I hate to see it get a bad rap. I know this probably won't get posted, but I just had to say something.
And one last thing which I think REALLY needs to be said: I'm getting really sick and tired of seeing "you're" being used as the possessive form of "your" in this column! Paws constantly made this mistake and that is very unprofessional. I'm not trying to insult her here, it's just that I don't think there should be such big grammatical errors on a big website like RPGamer.

That's a tad flamey you know. Anyway, yeah, Paws did paint something of a nasty picture of anime, accidentally I assume of course. It is true by the way that a LOT of stuff on Sailor Moon doesn't get past the US children's TV censors. For example, the fact that 2 of the evil generals from the first season were guy (they just gave one of them a female voice actor in the US, he looked girly enough for it to work), when they translate the next season, they're saying that the two lesbian Sailor Scouts are sisters, they maimed the last episode of the first season (in Japan everyone dies and later gets reincarnated), and there's various episodes they skipped for containing blood, sappiness, or being just plain messed up (like the Loch Ness Monster episode).

Why did I know that? Oh right, my obsessed friend. Anyway, the point of my saying that isn't that all anime is sick, rather that Sailor Moon, while kid friendly, happens to have a lot of homo/bisexualism which freaks out US censors. Also US censors are REALLY uptight. Think about how many times you've seen a deadly weapon connect on a US cartoon. Plenty, as long as it's the hilt, or the stock or what have you... or a robot being hit. They weren't even allowed to have the Necronomicon on The Real Ghostbusters!

Anyway, now that I've had my little tanjent, there's plenty of nice happy wholesome anime out there. Saying all anime is sexist/sick is like saying all American movies are like say, The Terminator. It's not the majority, it's not really good, but it's what you hear a lot about. Look at Escaflowne, anything by Haiou Miyazaki, Slayers...

Oh look, a Lun-AR eclipse.
I still don't understand why it's pronouced Lun-AR. I mean in real life like when we say Lunar Eclipse, we say it "Lun-er", so why on earth does it have to be called Lun-AR in the game? When I tell people about LSSSC or any of the old Sega CD Lunar's, I pronouce it Lun-er, because I mean if someone didn't know it's real pronounciation and you started calling it "Lun-AR" they'd think your dumbass who didn't know what the word 'Lunar' means. Just wondering why they made it called "Lun-AR". Maybe a translation thing from Japanese to English? Lun-AR's #1 fan :)

Yes, the only place I've ever heard say it Lun-AR is the Making of CD. As for why that was, I'd blame it on the translator also. It does seem a bit messed up. 8)

Dear Ambigous Gender Humanoid with a Slime Googleshng,

Could you please tell me why there is a picture of my high school in your column (Feb. 23, CLaire's letter with the pictures of Shiva and Tonberry). You realize the fear and horror you put me through by posting a picture of the place I just left last June on my favorite website????? And to make it worse, I recognise the guy dressed as Tonberry. *shudder* Evil High School memories.

Anyway, for something concerning rpgs. I have noticed that the ROM (not that I play them or anything) translations of Square games are better than the official ones. Do you not think it is a sad state when bored people working for free do something better than the best game makers in the world? I love most of Square's games, though I have my gripes with them.

My biggest complaint would have to be on FFVIII (and I have reasons, I am not a Bandwagoner). FFVIII has is good points. A new take on combat and magic. Fantastic Graphics. Incredible animation. Squal and Rinoa are very well developed. But then there is the bad. Repetitious combat. Too easy. Aside from Squall and Rinoa the other characters are not extensively developed. The music is somewhat annoying to my ears (except for Laguna's battle theme. Ever notice that those fungis creatures look like gophers with umbrellas dancing to the techno beat?).

Oh yeah, and am I the only person who remembers that Square made Rad Racer for the original Nintendo?

El Andvari

PS: How would you like it to find your high school on and RPG site?? Huh, Huh you freaky gender switching thingy with a slime!!!!!!!!!!!!

If it makes you feel any better, I recognized a name on the fan art page as the son of my old english teacher. Now then, there's a very simple reason why ROM translations by college students are better than the official translation. The translations of FF5 and SD3 by college students were labors of love taking extremely long ammounts of time. Of course they're good. Then when Square translated FF5, well, they were in a hurry. They hired a translator who, quite frankly, sucked. The game was translated in a few months, and, well, it's good enough that you can understand it. SD3 hasn't been translated officially, so there aren't any other examples to my knowledge. The bottom line of course is that Square should look to these college students to do their translations! 8)

What a jerk
Well, okay, here it is. A serious letter from me. I've been meaning to move out of Quickies a little... Anyway, a while ago me and someone in a chatroom (who's now going to start arguing with me again, probably) said that I didn't like FF8, specifically, that I didn't like Squall, because I lack the life experience to connect to him (I'm 16). My theory was always that I didn't like Squall because he's a jerk. And where is it written that a teenager must be immature, anyway? I think plenty of deep things (right... I just prefer to be annoyingly cheerful because it's fun). I like to think of myself as thoughtful and empathetic, and well, who's to say I'm not? Besides which, I've never really disliked a video game character before, and I've been playing RPGs since I was too young to know how old I was (fortunately, back then RPGs were generally Dragon Warrior, which didn't take much intelligence to understand). Now you know I'm not here to tell you about how great and mature I am, it makes me sound stupid, but I can't really think of any other way to say this. My question is, well, what's your opinion?
"Squall's more like a real person, so I can hate him more like I hate a real person!"

I wouldn't say teenagers are always portrayed as immature. Heck, not even restricted to FF8! Quistis seems pretty mature. A friend of mine also considered Squall to be a jerk. On the other hand, me and another friend found having a main character lacking in social skills and a desire to just finish things up to be a refreshing change of pace from the typical Care Bear/Beldandy mindset of most protagonists. I guess you just can't please everyone at once.

Ogre Battle Continuity
Hey Google. I wanted to answer a question in one of the columns Paws did about the OB episodes in the game. There isn't any Ogre Battle games before March of the Black Queen. It's like Star Wars, where they started at Episode 4 and then went back to do the first three. I think Quest did that on purpose, if they ever wanted to go back. Then Tactics Ogre isn't the episode right after March of the Black Queen if anyone has noticed, which most have. Ogre Battle 64 is in between the two. When people play OB64 they will see how. In Tactics Ogre the Lodis Empire is the Northern Kingdom mentioned in the Ogre Battle endings that are attacking Zenobia. Also, in the best ending in OB they mention stuff like Warren and Lans being MIA and stuff. In Tactics Ogre you see the reason. But then in the endings you also see that your Lord, Debonair, Aisha, Saradin, Gilbert, and I think Lyon leave Zenobia for the Northern Kingdom. The Lord, Debonair, Aisha, Saradin, and I think Lyon are playable characters in OB64. While in the endings Gilbert and Canopus are supposed to meet again in a city called Heim, which is a place in Tactics Ogre. This is all confusing unless you played the game but just wanted to clear stuff up. March of the Black Queen is first, while PErson of Lordly Caliber (OB64) is second, and Let's Cling Together (TO) is third in terms of story.

Uh, I can't think of anything else that needs saying on this subject.

Hi Google! It may be the fact that I come home from school at 1:45 and don't get to see your column until about that time, but you're always updated on time :). Anyway, I just wanted to note out something(s):

1. Am I the only person that thought Leon from Star Ocean: 2nd Story when I saw that pictures she put at the bottom of the column yesterday?
2. Saw on your rant page you might go to see Wierd Al. I'm going to! Are you going to Aneheim like me?

And I small cry for help:

HELP! I can't get through the Miluda battle in FF Tactics because I'm addicted to attacking my own team members! When I have one character go off on his/her own to destroy an enemy, I get bored with the rest of my team so they attack each other and sooner or later a chemist or archer turns into a crystal!

All right, that's all, thanks! :)

Heh, you're right about the Paws picture. Anyway, I know how fun it is to character build in FFT, so here's an idea. Make people healers or bards or dancers, or heck, give them Accumulate! Then you'll have ways to goof off that aren't fatal to your characters! Oh, and as for Weird Al, I saw him in New London CT actually.


<snip> Here's my question. How come there aren't any Greatest Hit RPG games other than FF7? Is it because other RPGs did poorly?

There's very few games on the greatest hits list, and I seem to recall more RPGs are showing up on it.

hey google

the other day paws asked about how to get the surfing pikachu in pokimon yellow. there were a few different answers, but in Poket Games, it says you have to beat the tournament mode in pokimon stadium without using any rented pokimon to get surfing pikachu.

just thought i'd mention that.


I see.

Most of the letters Paws printed were written by Canadians. Doesn't that make her uhh... racist or something?
-Sofa King Cool

No, like half the readers of this column are Canadian. They were just advertising it when Paws was here.

FFT Spoiler

Heh! Ovelia stabs Delita first. I don't think he would have killed her otherwise. To just say Delita was selfserving is an oversimplification in the extreme.

Either way, not exactly a happy marriage is it.

NOOOO!!!! Harrey Carrey is WRONG!! FF6 has TONS of toilets. In the imperial castle. go there... you'll see!!
The Toilets!!!!

It's more of a spacing issue than a number issue.

I was surfing around, and found this website.
It's Chu Chu Rocket, playable through shockwave.

I was looking for that, thanks.

Are you a man or a woman?

~Law of averages

By today's polls it seems about 50-50...

The Last Laugh:

Sorry it's up late, Mondays suck. Anyway, to everyone whose name is listed as LOST on the fan Googles page, that's the problem with sending me stuff when I'm not home! I'll correct it if you claim'em. Also I got a bit of stuff about the standard FF8 spoiler issue, but I think I've printed enough on the matter. Speaking of spoilers, there weren't any today. Wow. Serious Quickies, what a concept, but Paws seems to have gotten a whole lot more than I have. Oh well. Now let's see, do I update my other web pages or go play some River City Ransom? It's River City Ransom! Besides, a friend I haven't seen in a month is comming over. No offense, but I'm taking the day off... until tomorrow's column. 8)

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