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Googleshng - February 2 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

A few people whined at me for missing yesterday's column yesterday. That's pretty darn rude! It's not like I was just sitting around instead of doing the column, I spend the better part of yesterday packing so I couldn't really do a late night update and got on a plane at 9 this morning, planning to put it up when I got here. Unfortunately the plane I was on quite frankly BROKE, so I got to spend the majority of the day in the Baltimore airport. I didn't get home until 7 PM, which is about an hour before I get going on the next day's column so it was too late to get that one up. I think that's enough of an excuse isn't it?

On the brighter side of things, I once more have unlimited internet access, and a spacebar, so I will no longer be making brief cranky columns. That and like 5 seconds after I put up Monday's column I finally got tape 5 of Escaflowne. Yay!

Still, I am dead dead tired tonight, so if I start to nod off you know why.

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I just got home, OK?
hey Google,

hows life?... i am unfortunate of living up north where we get hardly any rpgs... but the ones i got i am not complaining.. FFVIII.... FFT....etc.... anyway... i was wondering.... why they never released DQ 5&6 in America? did the frist ones not make great sales? cause i sure as hell would buy them.. along with lots of my friends..... i mean Dragon warrior 4 ranks up there with one of my favorite rpgs, despite the simplicity..... oh and another thing.... what is your favorite rpg on the NES?... really curious.... well thanks for your time.......

|< /-\ | |\|..........

"Theres no time to parade around sulking, i would rather laugh than cry..."
-Greg G.

Hmm... there aren't many good NES RPGs... DW3? If I'm allowed to include Action/RPGs though, Crystalis all the way! As for why we never got D65 or 6 is that, well, that was during the time when Enix was turning it's nose up at the US. We also didn't get Terranigma, Star Ocean 1, 7th Saga 2 if that ever came out, and probably a whole bunch of other stuff. Now Enix is finally bringing stuff over again though, so if they ever rerelease those, we might get them then. Personally though, I don't care. I don't really like Enix games.

RPG Making
Hi I heard that you are making a Rpg is this true?
If it is can you tell me a little bit about it? Me and a friend are making an rpg to could you give us a little advice on how to make one. Also could you tell me your icq number if you have one and BTW I dont care what your gender is. If you want to know something about our rpg just ask.

Steven Barr

I have an ICQ number, but I never use ICQ so I don't have it handy. 8) Anyway, I don't really want to talk about the game I'm making in the column here (until it's done and I need to start plugging it) but I might put some stuff up on my page of rantings soon. As for making an RPG, here's some simple tips: First, do ALL the design work and plot writing before you even mention it to someone. Then find a programmer, music/sound guy, and graphics guy who are actually compitent and don't mind being bossed around. If one of those other jobs is your specialty, well, find someone who has a completely designed game and generally has their act together. If you try to put a team together and THEN do the design work, you're going to debate forever. At least that's my experience.

FF8 Ending Spoilers

Oh great and exalted Google...

I was wondering if you (or anyone else) was rather annoyed with the break of tradition in FF8's ending. I believe in all of the FFs in america since FF4, the ending always ended with "The Prelude" while you were flying through a starfield. ("The prelude" is the title given on the FF3/6's melody is a harp going up and down scales...I am rather attached to it :( ). Without the starfield and the Prelude it just didn't seem like the end.

(Scary side note...feel free to cut it google. My girlfriend and I just started Lunar SSSC after playing through Xenogears. She keeps calling Ramus Ramsus. )


Yes, I was rather shocked at the lack of the star field. For that matter I was surprised at the happy and unconfusing ending! Still, stars or not, it's a darn good ending.

Hi, I kinda have a request. Could you PLEASE stop printing stuff with spoilers!?!?!? Saying "SPOILER ALERT!!!!!" just makes you wanna look more, and it's really hard to scroll past something without reading a couple words. And then once you read a couple words, it sticks in the back of your mind, because you're wondering what the heck they were there for, so you have to go look so you'll stop thinking about it! GRRR! Okay, I know my sentence structure sucks, but at least I got the point across.... I think... I did, didn't I? Right? Hey! What are you doing!? No! Not the Recycle Bin!!! Please!
NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! *dies* *kshhheeeeooowuhhh*

I am the terror that flaps in the night,
EepWing Dong

Hey pal, you forget I use a Mac. The term is trash, not Recycling Bin. Anyway, my theory is that some deep dark part of your mind WANTS to read spoilers. You need to work on some self-control. 8)

Let's get them out there
On that whole issue of people complaining about games, well, I thought FF7 was marginally OK (FF4 is my favorite, FF6 was only ok in my opinion too.) So I still have yet to own FF8. I got Grandia instead, and had a blast with it. So that just goes to show that people who complain about crappy FFs don't jsut go and buy them again.

Anyhow, this is not the focus of my letter. Mine is much greater.

Remember all those people asking for programs to play PSX files on your computer? Remember the program that only plays music files? Hahahaha! I have one that plays Music AND Movie files! So there! It's called PlaySTR (str's are the PSX movie files, though FF7 has .mov files that can only be played by this it seems.)

{Goog, the problem is, I can't remember where I got the file. It's a 243 K zip file, which is quite large for an e-mail, so I don't know how to send it. It's possible I could upload it somewhere, but it would be easier to just send it to you. I figure asking is better than sending you an e-mail with a giant attachment. Plz k thx.}

Aren't I amazing? Can I guest host? Pleeeaaase! I like to write and have a lot of free time! C'mon, at least think about it!


That's nothing. I don't get annoyed until I start getting 5 meg files. Send it on over and I'll post it for the good people. Oh, and if anyone has a Mac program that can play this stuff, lemme know please!

Too many FFs
I am overfilled with joy when hearing about Final Fantasy IX here. Four characters in a party, midevil style setting..ah yes, sounds like another GAMEPLAY-STORY RPG rather than movie, eye-candy filled carbon copy of FF8. (Make no mistake..i still enjoyed FF8)Yes, Final Fantasy X looks great too..although it's too early to tell. But let me tell you, if FFXI is online only, not only will I not buy it, I will preach against it. And all my friends who are dedicated Square fans will not buy an online only RPG. Square is making a bad move. I mean, sure, they can make an online only RPG..but FINAL FANTAST 11 SHOULD NOT BE AN ONLINE ONLY RPG! As we know, any online RPG rips the game off plot. There can be virtually no plot- no main characters, no real "enemy", no plot twists, no surprises..there is no plot. It's all battling.

The whole FF9-11 thing is just right out of the blue here. I'm still a tad shocked. FF9 looks like it should be pretty cool, I know next to nothing on 10, and, well, I personally don't like online RPGs. Still, everything is too sketchy to start seriously whining about or praising any of them. Let's just wait on this sort of thing, eh?


Ignore my quickie again and you shall pay



Brad refered to you as "she" in the little thing that says "ask Google" up in the upper right hand corner. He says, "she's dying to..." i don't remember the rest, but he has let us all know!


When will you people learn, Brad doesn't know anything about anything.
This has been neither a confirmation nor a denial, just a cheap shot. 8)

Googleshng, (ha! Your whole name!)
Is the Wonderswan gray and white?

Probably. I mean, I can't see something black with swan in it's name.

there aren't enough toilets in RPGs.

- hall of fame announcer, harry carey.

True for most games. Resident Evil has plenty though. now Lorelie is excepting hentai as fanart? That little red "warning" isn't very bright, either... to a little kid that'd be like saying "don't push this button". O.o

Vagrant Cow

Indeed. I though Lore was almost as prudish as me! On the other hand I also hear she censored it. No I HAVEN'T seen it!

A week? But I've already got the explosives rigged and everything...

Fine, I'm home, do whatever.

I recognize the quote! I recognize the quote! Jogurt, from Shining Force! Hell yeah! I thought I was crazy for naming myself Jogurt on a couple of MUDs...

-Jogurt the geekwad

You win! Here's your tilde! ~ Oh, and looky! There's a links page now!

The Last Laugh:

I'm sorry this is up late, as you may have guessed from the intro, I fell asleep after writing the intro. Anyway, tomorrow Silkenray is guesthosting, she's the one who made my cool sig. She knows about the Final Fantasy series, up to but not including 8. Only American, and only up to a certain point in 5, Saga Frontier, but only a little Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy Tactics, Xenogears, the Zelda series, and Tales of Destiny (a bit sketchily). Plus her brother's ALSO guest hosting, so ask whatever really.

Oh, and she's not a night person appearently, so get those questions in ASAP! Oh right, CC's pic:

Also, Paws will be filling in for Brad this weekend. That should get a few people paying attention, eh?

Googleshng "Gomen"
Supa Lightening KICK!

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