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Googleshng - January 27 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

I'm tired and a tad bummed out tonight since it turns out Larry Niven was doing a book signing right near here but I found out to late to go. Therefore, I'll just hand the intro over to Xenochick.

Xenochick: Well, Xenochick here. It's great to be here right now, and it's pretty fun to read these messages actually. I'm getting a kick out of this first one, here! About myself? My dream in life is to become a writer, more famous then Steven King, in science fiction, and I play 3 instruments. My absolute favorite game is Xenogears, but I guess you could tell that from my jokes and letters I've already sent in. Okay, on with the mail!

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Locke in 3D!
I remember a long time ago(somewhere around the time before FF7 was released or about the same time).  That either Square or Sony(I forget which) made a small clip showing how Celes, Locke and Shadow from FF3 would look rendered in 3D in a battle sequence.  I can't find this clip anywhere, you know where I can find it?

The picture you're talking about is in the FFA instruction manual. But if you don't own the game and don't want to spend 50 or so bucks to buy it for just a picture (which no one can blame you for:) ), you can probably find it off a web sight. Go to Hotbot and browse for FF6. I'm sure something'll come up.

I believe you're thinking of something else. The weird little battle clip you refer to is right there on my hard drive, but that does me no good here. I'm pretty sure it's on RPGamer somewhere. Try FF6 propaganda or that weird little random FF related stuff section.

They do sell well
Dear Goog (professional and original!),
I'm writing in response to those anti"save-the-world" rants. I want to keep this short so I'll summerize. Why should square (or any other company's) game designers care about some shmuck gamers in America. They'd ignore a direct e-mail form any one of us if their servers actually sent one through to somebody "in charge". Complaining is one thing, but expecting a change because we said so isn't going to cut it. Every time a new FF comes out it outsells the last one. To any logical thinking mind, this means the formula is working!!!!!!!
Why do we go buy every Final Fantasy the minute it hits the shelves(or we have enough money?) Because Final Fantasy games are good quality games. They entertain us and seldom disappoint us.
Sure, they're all about saving the world, but we still buy them telling the corporations WE WANT MORE! You want to be heard? Stop purchasing those games that you know will disappoint you. Stop purchasing FF games.... I dare you.

Cereal Experiments Alex DG
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I agree. People complain about how FF7 and FF8 suck, how they were the worst games to ever exist, but what games have sold the most copies this last century?

True, established companies are doing just fine using the same plot structure all the time, and there's nothing wrong with that. Although, on the off chance (actually I know there's several) that a starving artist type development team just getting their sea legs is reading this, they might be open to trying a downscaled plot rather than defeat the evil guy trying to take over the world. I mean, even if you love Rocky Road you still get the occasional craving for vanilla right? Variety is always good.

Oh, and another thing. I'm pretty darn sure Pokémon holds the title as RPG with the most sales, and you don't save the world in that do you. 8)

Chrono Cross spoilers! Run!
Chrono Cross spoilers!

... clearly you might want to disregard this message if you want to remain 'in the dark' about the naming scheme of Chrono Cross, but if not...

"Anyhow, for starters, Chrono IS in the game. As as a few other characters from the original. He even talks. I think. It was something in Japanese, but I took it for talking. And as for Chrono Cross, it's both an item, and a spell in the game, both of which seem to heavily include dimension swapping, or 'crossing'. I think I read somewhere this will be a new series from Squaresoft, with CC being the first in many to come. I think that could be very nice, as long as they know to avoid such pratfalls as before, such as 'lets reinvent a new world, with new characters, and no connection to the previous one'.

Le sigh...


I'm isolating myself... I refuse to read this!

I don't blame you. I just kinda skimmed it. First off, let me publicly thank you for warning me because I aspire to know NOTHING about CC aside from the character designer until the momment I start playing it. Anyway, there you have it. The reason Chrono Cross is named what it is. Hey, cool, I was right!

Fly me to the Mystic Moon
Xenogears... just win it people!

Hey Googs & Xenochick

I've got a few questions for the resident Xeno-goddess. First question, what is up with the episode V thing? Second what does the computer screen say during the intro, e.g., the red print the keeps scanning over an over once Deus takes over the ship? Third, what is the latest info on the planned sequel?


The red writing in the introduction of Xenogears says "You shall be as gods." The Episode V... is a bit confusing. My own interpretation of it is Square tried to compress an entire series into a single game. You know, how Fei and Ellys former lives connect up, along with how Deus was created. At least that's how I understood it. As for the sequal to Xenogears, I don't know if they're even making one. The last thing I heard about it was Square kept cutting it's budget for FFIX, but that could be just a rumor...

Yup. I basically agree. I interpret the Episode 5 bit as a way of leaving themselves prequel potential. There's no real way to have a Xenogears following the first, but you could easily cram in four before it. Although there's nothing but rumors at this point.

I am Alf and Omega
More Xenogears

To Genderless Dude and Xenochick,

I have a couple of Xenogears related questions.

What are the name of the Three Wisemen of Shevat?

What is Citan's real last name? It is mentioned in The Solaris capital. I know his real first name is Hyuga, but I can't remember his last. . .hence the question.

Is this the correct spelling for Solaris' capital?: 'Eterniak'

Thanks for the help. And keep on keeping us all in the dark about your gender Google.


Yippeee! More Xenogears questions! 1) Gasper, Melchior, and Balthazar. 2)Ricdeau.... wierd, huh? 3)I think it's Etrenank. Anything else? I live for telling/helping others of Xenogears, it's true!

Gaspar, not Gasper. Otherwise it's like Gasper the Friendly Coast. 8)

You punk kids with your 3D graphics...
Hi, (I not into big introduction like some of your fans are)

I would just like to make this one comment. I believe that people these day are being self-centered and unappreciative when it comes to RPGs coming here in the US. Back in the twentieth century (so long ago wasn't it) we took pride when Squaresoft brought FF4 (2 US) to the States, we cheered when we heard that Chrono Trigger and FF3 were going to be released here, we were excited about the fact that Wild Arms was coming also. But now all I here are people complaining on this column about how FF7 sucks, how FF8 is unoriginal, that Xenogears was too confusing, I mean the list goes on and on (and it just not about Squaresoft games, it others also). When I in my 3rd period class all I hear is "How can you buy that game EGG for Dreamcast it the sorriest (I know this not a word) RPG every," or "Why isn't Lunar 2 out they need to hurry up and release it), I mean you get my point. I just remind them that all these companies do not (I REPEAT DO NOT) have to release these games in the states. I mean what if the translation for Chrono Cross goes wrong and Square announces that it not going to release it here. I mean I hear people screaming from already. Or that Sega doesn't want to release Shen Mue here do to lack of demand (these are all hypothetical occasions of course). My point is that people should be thankful for all the wonderful RPGs that have come out here and stop complaining about this or that. I mean what kind of would would we be living in if FF7 (which I believe brought RPGs to the masses) wouldn't have come out over here? Think about it.


You've got a good point there. I remember back when everyone felt lucky to have ONE RPG a year. Now, we get dozens and public is upset. I personnaly loved Xenogears BECAUSE it was so confusing, different from the average "save the universe, get the girl" plot. I mean, it followed those lines, but it had different themes and subplots mixed in it that made it different and set it apart.

Well, back in the old days, it was a question of the developers choosing which games to translate based on what they thought we'd like, just because there were so few of us. Then FF7 caught the mainstream's attention, expanding and diversifying the US RPG market. So now it's cost efficient for them to send everything over, allowing us more choice, but we have to put up with people who never used to play RPGs and don't realize how precious each one is. In any case, we get more these days, and while people are jaded and whiney, there jaded whinings now have a better chance of reaching the developers and making changes. Besides, whining won't make translation stop. Translation is just a question of money, and it's still comming in.

History Lesson
I have a question about role playing in general, maybe one of you knows. Where did it all come from? What was the first video game role-playing game and the first pencil and paper rpg? I think probably Dungeons and Dragons for the second, but I have no clue what the first video game rpg was. And where did the influence come from? Epic poems? Tolkien? Mythology? Any thoughts on this?
Also, why doesn't rpgamer have any information on the pencil and paper rpgs? Do either of you play them, and if so, what are your favourites? I think MERP, Mage, and AD&D are all cool. Actually, I don't think I've ever played a bad rpg, it all depends on the story teller I suppose. Okay, I'll shut up now.

Tom Bombadil

I'm not too sure about this, but I think the first video game RPG WAS the first Final Fantasy, and I also heard it was influenced by mythology. I don't know play pencil & paper RPGs, nor do I know which is the first RPG ever. Google?

Well, RPG really means three things. There's paper RPGs, PC RPGs, and console RPGs. They have a lot in common but they're basically three different kinds of games. RPGamer was really established just to cover console RPGs, but a few PC RPGs slipped on somehow. I believe first it was because there were a couple console style RPGs on PCs it was felt we should cover, then for various reasons, a few things slipped on that, honestly, we shouldn't be covering, but are. More to the point, well, how WOULD we cover paper RPGs? I mean, you can't take screen shots, write walkthroughs, there aren't really any character sketches... you know what I mean?

As for the history of the RPG, well, first there's Norse Mythology, then there's the Tolken books which take all the races and such from that (except hobbits), then there's D&D which took all it's stuff from Tolken (who basically invented fantasy), then there's the first PC RPGs by Richard Gariot (Ultima), leading up to the first two console RPGs in the mid to late 80s, Phantasy Star and Dragon Quest. DQ came out in Japan first I believe, but Phantasy Star got over here first, and I feel I should add is unbelievably more sophisticated, so it's really a tie between the two as first console. Final Fantasy came out quite a bit after those but it's the series synonimous with RPG these days. Plus since Square makes all kinds of Nordic references, it's kind of a full circle sort of thing. 8)


"Smithers, Furious George is going to need most of your skin."
"Smithers, massage my brain!"
"Smithers, if I started slobbering all over your leg, and sniffing at your crotch, how would you like it?"

Xenochick: I'd like it very much, Mr. Burns!
Google: Hmm...Furious George vs. Cuiriass George...

I was wondering, earlier I forgot what I was going to say, could you tell me please?

Xenochick: To claim me as your Goddess?

RPGamer is cool
the pages are addictive
coolness incarnate

--Prisma, the mad, drunken, halfelf sorcerer

Haikus are very fun
How do you make one of those?
I want to learn how

Go Bots are cool, just that they were a rip-off of transformers, however, Go-Bots were pretty cool.

Xenochick:Uhhh... Go Go-Bots!
Google: Gobots were still ripoffs or transformers... sharp ripoffs!

Dear Xenochick and flunky
News Flash: Lavos Is a Chicken! Colonel Sanders is a hero!
Bob "The thing that ate Los Angeles.... and asked for seconds"

Xenochick: I know he's a chicken, and he sure tastes good, huh? And who's this Colonel Sanders that's trying to steal my crowd?!
Google: I always hated the Colonel with his wee beady eyes!

i like the smurfs

Xenochick: Heeeey, you two? :)... You do mean to eat, right
Google: Too sugary for my taste.

Uh, well... ha ha... You see, um... well... oh, I said "well," didn't I? *AHEM* heh heh. I er,... um, ok? It's like... well *cough* excuse me. Mmmm... well, you... Oh, I CAN'T DO THIS!

-Sibhod... um, well... er... that's me, you see. Heh-heh... oh no... THINK, SIBHOD... THINK! No, I'm terribly sorry for disturbing you... please forgive me! I'll be uh, going... now...

Xenochick: Slow down... take a DEEP breath...

The Last Laugh:

Xenochick: Wow, this has been a lot of fun! I'm kind of sad it ended... I'm going to miss this. I'd like to thank a few people before I go:
*Squall Fong Wong, for introducing me to this sight early last year.
*Googleshng for giving me this oppurtunity.
*Steven Sanders for listening to my excited, hyper-active talk this morning about how I was doing this tonight.
*Jonathan Hodges for getting me into the internet
Last but not least..
*Amanda, Kim, Wendy, and Kadimay, for being really cool friends!
Okay, I'm getting like this because I might not get another chance to go out like this on a big website again, and I've been playing XG alot lately so I've been thinking about life and stuff like that, as it makes you. Thanks also to all those who made Xenochick popular on this sight (Wow, I write alot, don't I?) Goodbye!

I feel kinda guilty now for being sorta preachy today, getting the column up late, and sending Xenochick 2 columns worth of questions. To make it up to you, here's another Cheshire Catalyst pic.

Googleshng "Sorry as Shinji"
Lord_Xyyn_Dragon really really really wanted to be mentioned here for some reason.

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