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Googleshng - January 25 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

Yippee! After three long arduous years my game is finally comming together! Hmm... I never mentioned that here did I? Well, for those of you who care, it's basically a tactical RPG... rather than go into detail, I'll just say the map screen is kinda like Dragon Force and combat is like a hybrid of FFT and Battletech. Anyway, over the last couple of days we polished off the fiendish math engine, worked the last few major bugs out of the graphics engine, and came up with a way of making the requisite 7 trillion (I'm not kidding) poses for the anime style characters without relying on polygons or drawing each individual sprite. Looks weird, like flat shaded ray tracing if there could be such a thing.

Now that that's out of my system I feel I should mention that by "comming together" I mean I'm finally confident I can probably get the Mac version finished by the end of the year. Games take a LONG time to make when you've got a small staff. Anyway, on with the letters.

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How do you pronounce...?
Heh, me again. Looks like I have to complete the mess I started. For XA players and other PSX utilities (like movie viewers) try

(No, I'm not sponsored by that site in any way.)

Get the thing called XAPlay, and have fun. You will be able to play musics from quite a few games (Castlevania etc.) But above all, you can listen to the mystery musics of Suikoden 2. Reminder: the file was called \CDROM\BGM.XA .

Oh mysterious one, have you the answer? What are all those unplayed musics in Suikoden 2?

Oh right, I meant to post some of those file ripping utilities people send me URLs to yesterday but I fell asleep. As for hidden sound files, heck, every game has those. Every CD based game at any rate. Usually it's because they're desired at some early designed phase, scrapped later, but since they're already there and not hurting anything, they don't take them out. Translated hidden songs are another matter... they're just weird. 8)

Hail Oh Mighty Googlyone,

I have a question regarding my laziness. I just can't bring myself to actually GET UP and go to stores to get games anymore. It's just too much hassle. But I don't wanna end up giving out my credit card number only to find that someone's having a little shopping spree on my buck. So I was wondering if you could tell me what a good place to order from over the internet is? Y'know, the kind that won't take my money and run.


See that big button there on index? The one that says We Shop At GAMESTOP on it? You might want to try that. 8) While I have never personally bought anything online ever, I'm told it's reputable from reliable sources. Then there's the whole affiliation deal too.

To rebuy, or not to rebuy?
I have the original Chrono Trigger for the Snes, and it is still my favorite game. My question is if I should wait and see if Square will realese it's PSX version, shell out 100$ CND for the import version, or is it not worth getting at all. Mind you I just about know the whole game of by heart, own the players guide and money is not a problem.

I now you can show me the way...


Money is not a problem? I beg to differ! I'm about ready to do the math on how much blood I have to sell to afford Lunar 2 when it finally arrives here. Anyway, as I understand it, what you're basically asking is whether you should pay the full price of a game for a bunch of anime clips. Well, actually if money isn't an object for you that seems like a fairly good deal. As for importing vs. waiting to see, I'd wait. If for no other reason than the fact that sometimes the quality of agame increases marginally when translated (for example FF7's weapons).

The Eternal Question
Hey Google,

Although all the time I send one question, it's never posted. So I'll try again, and again, and again, untill it's posted. I will not stop! So, on to the question. Why isn't the Wizardry series posted on RPGamer?


Funny, first time I recall seeing you ask this. Anyway, RPGamer's staff isn't that big. I think right now there's about 15 of us or so. Anyway, as is we all have to much to do as far as adding coverage for new and upcomming games at all times that nobody on staff really has time to, say, go to yard sales, pick up the whole Wizardry series, play them all through, write walkthroughs, hook the NES to a computer and take some screens, scan the box art (if that's even possible to find) and call the company who made it begging for any original character sketches lying around. These days the companies do a lot of that for us. Anyway, I believe that if you actually have done all this, you can click the feedback link up there and send them to the appropriate people, then we would cover them! 8) Alternatively, you could apply for that new media job, but only if you can find the hidden form!

This looks flamey..
Look dude,or girl,ah GEEZ,say your gender already!

I read the column everyday,and I'm always happy to see it on Friday.It's not because Brad's cooler,it's because his column has more stuff in it.You always do really short columns,without quickies,and you always ramble about you being in a hurry or some other crap.I don't nkow nada about your life,but you could at least try to put up something decent.And above all,you don't work,and you don't go to school!COme on!Brad does both AND he has a girl to satisfy.Since you agreed to do the job,do it well you know.

PS-Gice us a photo of yourself man!You can't be THAT ugly...;->

You might want to look always up in a dictionary. Aside from this month, I always have Quickies. As for my columns, I never bothered to compare the length, but I'm pretty sure they're roughly the same as Brad's, and I print enough letters to get all the major issues covered so they aren't lacking. If you really want longer columns (and nobody else seems to be demanding that) I could easily print some garbage letters every day or prattle on and on like an egomaniac, but I'm pretty sure most people like things kept short and to the point. As for missing Quickies a lot this month, I'm on vacation. I am visiting relatives this month who all share this computer, have schoolwork to do, program, and pay by the minute on local phone calls. Therefore, I think you can see why I don't always have time for Quickies.

OK, I was mean, here's some of the aforementioned filler. 8)
This is more of the type for fan fic. Anyhow, I think you'll like it. I call it 'Brad's Apocalypse':

I shuddered a moment as the ground shook beneath my feet. The continuous tremors caused me to reach out against the wall as I walked my way down the dark hallway, painted with the blackness of midnight. The house was shrinking... that was all I could think. The house was growing small and smaller.
Was I dreaming? No, this wasn't a dream. In a dream, I wouldn't be able to feel the roof closing in over me. Despite the tremors, I continued to run down the hallway. Just in time, before the house closed in over me, I escaped into my front yard to greet my terrified neighbors. We all gripped hands together in the strong earthquakes and looked at the sky above. What was causing this sudden disaster? All I could think was I was sleeping, then the house started to shake. On my way out, the walls closed in. What I didn't expect to come after that was to see a large floating country appear in the air. Who would be standing on top of it? None other then my arch-nemesis, the evil Magic Emperor Brad Lohr!
I cursed his name in anger as I watched him lock his deathray eyes on each house, shrinking it until there was nothing left. Then he hovered above my street. As the island ceased movement, the tremors stopped. But I couldn't waste time. He was destroying each house in my neighborhood! I said to myself, "Xenochick's time to shine!"
I ran to my garage and pulled out my flying motorbike. I started up the engine and launched myself from a ramp into the air. I could hear distressed mothers and frightened children calling out, "Save us, Xenochick! Save us from the evil works of Brad Lohr!"
I nodded to the families, then turned my gaze on the country, was Brad sat on the peak of a mountain, destroying everything he set his eyes on. I could see the pink laser shooting from his retinas, as his assistant gnome Googleshng sat beside him, clapping its hands together in glee at the crisis on the ground. Brad only stopped when I leaped off my flying motor bike and onto his platform.
"Damn you, Brad!" I shouted. "Why do you insist on hurting innocent people?"
"I can't stop this!" he laughed at me with his yellow, inhuman eyes. Googleshng laughed with him as it ate a small animal lying in its short, deformed hands. "This is the end of the world. The Apocalypse! All will be judged here."
"You may not be able to stop this, but I can!" I said as I pulled my gunblade from my back. Brad cackled as he lifted his golden monkey head staff. As he clutched the staff in his hands, the monkey's eyes began to glow a luminescent red. We both grunted and lunged at each other. Metal clashed metal. Sparks flew in front of my face.
"How about a little coup de grace?" Brad cackled. He spun his staff in the air as the monkey shot lighting across the platform. As I dodged the bolts, I could see Googleshng jumping up and down excitedly.
"You're forgetting one thing, Brad," I growled.
"What's that?" Brad asked, ready to fall down laughing once more. "I have Knights of the Round." I said as I spun my gunblade behind my back. Thousands of ghost-knights ran out and surrounded Brad, attacking him. When they were finished, he lay in a crippled mess on the platform. Crippled, but still alive. I looked upon his sorry figure and sighed. "Too bad you had to be such an ass."
I pulled my gunblade and decapitated him. I knew he wouldn't stay down forever. In a matter of moments, he would grow a new head as he always did. In the short amount of time I had, I looked upon Googleshng. Googleshng coward away from me next to Brad's empty throne.
"You're a waste of MP." I said. "You'll only be my eternal slave."
After casting stop on Googleshng, I went to the control panel beside Brad's throne and tapped in a command. I could hear Brad groaning. His head was growing back!
In a split second, I had the command typed and Googleshng in my backpack before Brad jumped back to his feet and lunged at me.
"I don't have time for losers like you." I said. "Have fun in Dimension O."
"No!" Brad screamed. I leaped from the island with Googleshng in my backpack as the island was ejected from this universe and thrown into the unforgiving, ravenous Dimension 0. As I climbed to my knees after hitting the ground, I was swarmed with fans.
"Xenochick! Xenochick! Xenochick!"
I heard thousands of people chanting my name. I could've rejoiced with them, but I had to start planning. I had a servant, and Brad was gone for now. But the day until his returned was only near.


See? I could stick in something like that every day, but it's really really long and off topic. 8)


why wont anyone print my letters all i want to know is if there was a character from an rpg named edwin

MR (pronounce this paws) UJINMO

Because you don't capitalize or use punctuation? 8) Yes, I know there's at least one.

My hot...
Is it the mitochodria inside me...?
My hot...
Director: Um...take him away.
-The Shameless Plug

You have problems.

When's Lunar 2 coming out?

I hear April. I don't know what YEAR, but April. 8)

if Paws is on staff, does this mean that her email address is ''? **Ahem**, uh, theoretically speaking?

Look at that Rhapsody story on index there.

Aren't you glad I just kept my mouth shut about the Xenogears mistakes?

I am.

How do I get the Lionheart?

- Squall Fong Wong

Take a sword, go to Africa, find a lion, cut it out. DISCLAIMER: You almost definately will be arrested and/or mauled.

I admit it! I do like Pokémon! Boo hoo hoo...why can't you accept hoo hoo...

Robert Gill

There there. It's good thatyou finally came out of the closet. Now go see the movie with your head held high! 8)

The Last Laugh:

Tanjit. AgainI had to finish in the morning. I'd better get back on track for when Xenochick guest hosts Thursday.

On another note, my plan to move that gender debate to #RPGamer seems to have worked... at least partially. I did get enough people, who I'd assume were of both genders, into that channel and talking to get a death threat from a regular, so I accomplished one of my goals. I'll have to try it again sometime with a topic that I have an opinion on too. 8)

Googleshng "Programming"
I want Mac SMAC dagnabit!

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