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Googleshng - January 20 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

Sorry this is up so late... again. My cousin's ISP died last night so I couldn't finish, but now I can! I also just realized that for the whole month this mail program has been attaching my cousin's signiture to all the mail I send. That explains the recent rash of people who insist I'm male. Anyway, here's Paws.
Paws: Hi! =^^= Wow, this is exciting, really. I got lots of interesting questions (some which nearly passed the bounds of decency :P) Hmm, what to say? Oh, yeah, how about this: I'm 18, and live in my own little apartment away from parents. Very nice. I'm obsessed with RPGs, and Japaname. My favorite anime is Ranma 1/2. And I like transformers. G1's is cool, but I'm more into Beast Wars and Beast Machines. More details, I'm sure, are in the questions below, so read on :)

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Chu Chu Rocket!
Yo yo what's up hommie G?
I can't decide between Grandia and Thousand Arms as the game I'm going to buy next.  Tell me which is the better of the 2.  Let's say hypothetically that I'm on a limited budget and can only afford 1.  Anyway, the input is appreciated.

I toss my vote towards Grandia. It's the next game I'm buying. It says 80 game hours on the pack, which translates to about 100 for me. I'm methodical :) However, if you're tossing between the two, how about renting one and see. Maybe you'll fall in love with it and buy it when you return the game-or maybe you'll bring it back the same day. But you'll never have second thoughts about getting a bum game =^^=

I agree. I may have been screaming END those last few hours but it's a great game. Besides, I here TA has boring combat.

Sick of games? Never!
Sorry, Pokémon and translated FFs aren't exactly my cup of tea. But, Paws, do you plan on continually liking games? I mean once you are like really old, do you think you'll still be playing them? I've heard a lot people say that once they reached college and the "real" world that they lost interest in games. I don't really see that happening to me, because I eventually want to help design at least one RPG.

Anyway, that may or may not be a very relevant question. But I looked at the odds of you getting mail like, "cAn y0u sEnD mE ur piC?!" vs. a real question and thought my odds were pretty good. Oh, and if I ever DO make my RPG, you'll be the first person I'll call as a voice-actor. ;-)


Yep. I mean, if I had my NES I'd still be playing the original Final Fantasy. I'm serious, I played it in Dec '98 last. I'm not sure how I remember, but I do. Go fig :P

As for pictures, not only do I not have access to a scanner, most of the pictures I have of me are NOT PG-13 =^^*=

And I'd love to be a voice actor. Ask Goog to hook us up when you get yor project running.

I think the reason most people over a certain age don't play video games anymore is that, well, all the games that were around when they were kids were 4-bit! I mean, if you grow up on Pacman and Joust, would YOU be playing FF8 right now? It's a different mind set. Hey... yeah, if I ever stick voice acting in this game of mine I WILL need voice actors. I'll keep you in mind too. 8)

Final Fantasy Tictacs
Google.. please.. PLEASE for the love of god, print one of my letters. I'll give you my entire transformers figures collection, plus a transformers blanket if you play nice.
I have an rpg game music question and I would ever so much like to hear your opinion. I have read countless reviews of game music, since I first discovered that I was not the only one recording this stuff to listen to it, and an unfortunate trend seemed to be disliking "recycled music". Allow me to elaborate: Particularly in games that have 2 or more in a series (Final Fantasy, Phantasy Star, Dragon Warrior, Suikoden, I think you get the idea) they often use portions or remix's of music from games earlier in the series. Some people complain that this is lame because they want all new music. As for myself, I LOVE it when they do that. I get a little tingly feeling whenever I hear the similarities in ff battle music, or a returning characters theme song. Am I weird for liking this? Do I need to be put on some sort of medication? Thank you so much for your time! Oh! And hello Paws *wink*


Esper "Thundercats Ho!" Knight

Personally, I too enjoy music that comes back. I dunno, it seems like the FF series wouldn't be the FF series without the freaky overworld music that all seems to come from the same basic score and that slowly drives you insane. =^^=

I remember playing PS4 and hearing that remixed tower music and bouncing up and down with joy. I suppose that means it's a good thing. I also seem to recall that PS4 was originally planned to bring back the original's cool first person caves but it was scrapped for some reason. Oh well.

Greco-Roman fun
There actually is a series that's based around ancient Greek legends. You know, Zeus, Athena, and all them. It's called Glorious Light of Heracles, and it never made it to the US. Niether did the other four or so. Go figure :P But then, it's just another Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior clone anyway...

My personal experience with religion in games? It's somehow goofed up, altered or twisted to something it's not. While I don't go out of my way to bypass it, I've just sorta trained myself to ignore it. Easiest way to ignore games. Religion in games will always be one of those unanswered questions-everyone has an answer, and they're right in one way or another. What can you do? =^^=

I see. Well uh, mumblegrumble.

Alright! I confess! I confess! Not the comfy chair!
Hi, it's me again,

First off, I was pleased to know I wasn't the only other person who e-mailed you about Transformers (I wasn't was I 'cause that would just be sad) but I have another correction for you ^_^. In the Amen section of yesterdays (1-18-00) column you retorted saying that there was no RPG with Jesus in it. As much as I hate to admit it, there was one and it was for NES. I do not recall the name, but it was sold at a bush-burning store of Woodland CA (where I live). Needless to say this game did not sell a single copy (to my knowledge) and faded into obscurity as quickly as did Secret of Evermore. I just thought I would point that out to you and reply "yes, that was the first sign of the apocalypse". Feel free to post bits and pieces of this, I would love to see the look on the faces of the RPGamer enhabitants when they find out this little tidbit.

Jeff Chermak

Sorry, Goog, but he's right. It was listed on some sight I saw, it was like the top 20 suckiest games for the NES. You played Moses, then Jesus. I faintly remember one of the churches having a copy and siccing it on me at a youth group meeting. The graphics stank, even for the NES, and while I imagine some effort might have been put into the plot, it was mainly bible quotes and a lot of jumping. :)

I'm going to go over here now.

Manditory Question
Hey Paws,
How do you pronounce acvpoicjpaijgfdsajkre......just kidding.  Anyway, what are your favorite RPG's?

-My favorite games include FFT-it'll always be my top-as well as Pokemon Yellow (I'm probably too old for Pokemon but that's OK!) Link: OoT and Kartia. I got into FFV a lot, but I think that's because it was the FFT drawing board :)

And I was tempted to pronouce that :P

I've answered this before. 8)


This is a question specifically meant for you, Paws. Why do readers have an obsession with you?


That's easy: I'm female and I know RPGs. We're a rare breed, and everyone jumps at the chance =^^= </ego trip>

  Hey Paws and Googleshaft
What setting do you prefer in an RPG? Do you like high fantasy, steampunk, or do you prefer sci-fi ff8 settings?

Paws: It really depends on the game. I enjoyed FFVIII thoroughly, but doesn't top FFT or Lunar, which are both low-tech. I think it's how the tech is written into the storyline, and how believable it is =^^=
Google: I like Steam Punk, it's only been used twice!

Greetings O Genderless One and Paws the Almighty Pronounciation Woman:
First off, I would like to ask the Pat-person a question: Is Escaflowne really THAT good?! Secondly, I would like to let Paws know that I am single (and desperate as you can see), but I would like to be friends with her, if that is all right with her. On another note, Transformers rule!!
Until I write in again, I remain...
-MagusAkaAlex "Ok, I admit that I am not the world's greatest flirt...but hey, no one is perfect..."

Google: Yes. Escaflowne really is THAT good. Better maybe.
Paws: I suddenly realize how desperate some males are for female company :)

Hey Google and...........
Who is this Paws of which you speak? Is it a demon that has come to eat my soul?! Back, evil demon, my soul hath not yours! Run away, Sir Google, run away!
The Fox

Paws: Hey, Goog, if I'm a demon can I be a succubus? Please? Pretty please? *jumps up and down like a little kid* Google: OK, sure you wouldn't rather be a Siren though?

Is it just me or does the girl in 'The Baka Song' when she does the 'bakabakabakabakabaka' part sound like a chicken?

Paws: I downloaded that song and listened to it for 6 hours straight. It's addictive as Hamster Dance, but doesn't drive you nuts. And the name of the chick that sings it is in Ranma 1/2, so it *has* to be cool =^^=
Google: Actually, I think that IS from Ranma, seeing as it says Ranma no baka! Anyone know specifically where it's from?

The Last Laugh:

Paws: Well, it was a real riot. I had loads of fun doing this, and I want to wave a final wave to all the staff at RPGamer; they were all very kind =^^= I would do this every day if I could (not that I'm trying to usurp Google's job :) See you all around in the column, and maybe one day we can convince Google to let me guesthost again next year ;) Oh, and I've also learned the wonderment of IRC, so look for Paws or Paws57. That's me =^^=

Google: Guest hosts go over far too well. Do you not like me? 8( Anyway... Paws also did a big whopping pile of new pronounciations (10) but I'm in too much of a hurry to upload them now. I'll get them up by monday. Hey, where IS the pronounciation link?!? I'll have to fix that too.

Googleshng "lots of wavs here"
Now in color! No wait, it's white. 8)

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