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Fine, Jazz to Moonbase 2!
Googleshng - January 18 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

I salute the many fans of Transformers the movie for Chaz not Jazz yesterday, but I was making a bad little Phantasy Star 4 joke. Anyway, it's come to my attention that doing my column from my cousin's house is a whole lot more draining. Luckily, it's almost my weekend being Tuesday night and all. Man my schedule is weird...
Oh, and just so you don't forget,

Tomorrow Paws is guest hosting

so, send her questions. In addition to pronouncing stuff, she claims to be knowledgable of Pokémon and the translated FFs. Also, she's on an earlier schedule than me, so ask stuff early, will ya?

Like her voice?

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Chu Chu Rocket!
When can I get my furry little hands on Chu-Chu Rocket?

Well, I don't think there's a date yet, but it is comming over, so you CAN eventually get it. If you're saying that has nothing to do with RPGs, well, you're right... but have you seen the commercial?


Oh me of my, of course we must avoid the topic of Christianity in games! God forbid we actually stress our thinking muscles for once! And I'd hate for you, the most-beloved q & a host to actually get CRITICISM for once, where would we be if googleshng was not loved and accepted by all!! Praise the LAHD, HallelUUUUUU-JAH!

Nick Powell

Exactly! 8) Seriously, I'm all for open debates, but religion makes some people really fly off the handle. Besides, do you REALLY want deep discussion of the fact that there aren't any RPGs containing Jesus? It's not like there ARE RPGs containing Moses, Muhamed, Krishna, Hercules, etc.

Final Fantasy Tictacs
Hey Google,

What do you think of Final Fantasy Tactics? I liked the way you could change classes, and learn different abilities. I once had a priest punching for more than my monk! He had a brave of 72! What team did you have?


Great game. I never stuck with any job combo for more than one fight to be honest. Too much fun mixing and matching.

Yikes! Even longer than last time... ah, snip-snip, there.
Got any suggestions as to where someone might start looking for english language versions of FAQ's and hint guides for RPG's?  Not the "let's write in english and change it to gibberish requiring special browser-enhancements that still mean you need to know japanese to understand them" types of guides, but actual english language guides for the english language games that english speaking and reading gamers play.
Thanks!  --Jdot

I cut the long rant about how annoying it is that most walkthroughs aren't in english. I guess the main reason is that people with enough zeal to do a walkthrough just can't wait for translation. I happen to know though, since I ALMOST took over info station, that in the case of our walkthroughs, after the writers get their hands on the english version, most translate a version. You don't see this too often lately though since IS has been sort of up in the air lately. Everyone was vollunteering to take it over but stuff came up, etc. etc. Still, should clear up soon enough.


I'm having problems with FFVI, I'm in Sabin's scenario with Shadow, and I can't find the Imperial Base. All the walk-thrus say its near the bridge, but its not. Can you point me in the right direction?

Moe - My restless thumbs are aching for action! - Zedick

It doesn't appear on the map. Just try crossing the bridge. If it's not there, chalk it up to the FFA glitch list and move on to the forest. 8)

what was the first FF to have moogles?

Final Fantasy Adventure had'em, but that doesn't really count. I believe they first made their appearence in the real FF series starting with FF3(j), then 4 kinda skipped'em and they basically disappeared after 6.


There you go...the quickie song.
--Chris "baka"


I've noticed a couple of title references to Transformers: The Movie recently. Are you a transfan?

-- aNal decePtion

Guilty as charged.

There's this kid at my school that looks exactly like Fei Fong Wong.

-Rinoa the Resistance Fighter

Stay on his good side then!



I hate a quickie
my quickie never made it
where's my quickie

-the Grinch

Who needs grammar?

The Last Laugh:

Google tired. Need sleep. Mail Paws. Paws answer questions. Answers good. Then afterBrad. Google rest.

Googleshng "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"
Baka! Baka Baka!

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