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Chaz to Moonbase 2!
Googleshng - January 18 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

Earlier tonight I conquered one of my personal demons. I won Phantasy Star 4. It'sone of my all time favorite games, but I never had enough access to it to win until now (not owning a Genesis at the time and all). Anyway, that put me in a mood so good not even these Christianity letters can bring me down! As for the issue of Christianity in games, I'm not going to talk about it anymore. Religious debates are a bad thing to get into.


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Oh yeah, THAT.
Hey google.

Have you ever seen the Final Fantasy anime? If so, how was it? If it's no good, I dont want to waste my hard earned cash on it. Umm... I think that's all.................................................. ................................... oh yeah! Have you ever seen an old animated movie called "Wizards"? It doesn't have anything to do with rpg's or anything, but I think it's cool, and if you haven't seen it, you should!

Dragon T

"Very bad. Not good. Go around." That is both prove that I have seen Wizards, and my opinion of both it and the FF anime. Honestly, the FF anime is not what you'd expect. Comes off a bit generic, and it doesn't have a Square kind of plot (but Escaflowne does!). I'd save my money if I were you.

Flame on!
Why don't you ever print negative criticisms? I'm sure you get them; I send you plenty of them..


Well, I have no problem with printing letters saying that I suck, but, well, I never get any that are print worthy! I mean, "u suck ur gae" or "WHY THE SMURF DON'T YOU EVER PRINT MY LETTERS YOU SMURF SMURFIN' SMURFER!" aren't really within the realms of good taste. Besides, they aren't about RPGs. For the record, I can recall at least one time that I printed a letter insulting me.

Credit where it's due
Hi, Google!
Guess what? I understand Xenogears, the whole thing! How Fei and Elly arrived on the Eldridge and how Miang came to be and the parts of Deus and the M-Project and all of Feis lives and nanomachines and Krelian's troubles and it all! :)
Oh, and my friend was really disappointed that Brad didn't post his name at the bottom of the story on Sunday. Could you please add in that Squall Fong Wong and me, Xenochick, wrote Soylent Eggs and Ham? He was kind of let down (figures Brad would do that!). Thanks!


No problem, today I mostly got religion and Xeno stuff anyway. Funny little spoof there.

Yikes! Long one... ah, snip-snip, there.
However, here's something interesting to consider. Take me and my friend. My friend purchased his Playstation at release. I purchased mine several years later, at the Dual Shock Release. My Playstation is in perfect working condition. His can barely (if at all) run any game. Why? Because, as most of us know, the original PSX was plagued with problems. Mainly, overheating problems. Just by leaving it plugged in regularly, it would eventually fry the PSX. My Dual Shock PSX, however, was like revision eight of the system itself. Looking back now I was always glad that I waited to purchase my PSX. Not only did I get a better system, I also go a considerably better price (half the price of the original), but I also entered the PSX market with a very large game library to choose from.

Now getting back to my point, what if the PS2 is plagued by problems, just like the PSX was at its release? I don't want to shell out $300+ dollars for something that's going to fail on me in a couple of years. Do you understand where I'm going with this? Was the PSX plagued with such considerable problems simply because it was Sony's first venture into the videogaming world? Will they produce a quality, problem-free system first try this time? What do you think?

Also, one may ask themselves if the mark of a true gamer is one who has the la test and greatest system and software before anyone else, or the one who waits and has learned from their countless years observing the events within the gaming industry?

Looking forward to a response,


This has been concerning me too. I'm one of the lucky few with no PSX problems, but I think we all know someone who has had some break on them. Heck, a friend of mine is on his 5th! Now I know you're all probably thinking that nothing lasts forever and all that, but I have almost every system ever released and they last a whole lot longer than the PSX. I'd say at LEAST ten years should be expected from a well made system under good conditions. As for whether the PSX2 will be plagued by this same lack of depend ability, well, nobody can answer that now. We'll just have to wait and see. I just hope those 8 meg memory cards are REALLY resistant to self-erasure. 8)

Oh, and as for your little secondary question, it's a totally unrelated issue. If you're rich, buy every system and every remotely decent game, if you're poor, wait for price drops.

I'd like to ask what Van-Sama actually means... I laughed to this word too... but not because It's meaning (english or japanese.. whatever)... If you add "Ai" to the start you get words: "Aivan sama!" Which is finnish and means "It's all the same!"... So..This is the point where you can learn some finnish and be proud of yourself!

and the other thingie.... Is there going to be Xenogears platinium version.... ( I didn't get the orginal... )

Teenager from the land of Santa.... WEBZIZ

Hehehe. I'll at that to my list. Anyway, Van-Sama is what the... "cat" of the main character in Escaflowne (that being Van) says whenever she sees him. Sama being the ending you stick on someone's name if they're a king/queen/lord/etc. Anyway, it's said so often that it basically turns into a running gag.

Trader Card
Xenogears Spoilers

To defeat hammer before he blows up , the most important thing is having at least 2 , preferably all 3 of your people at attack level infinity (This also means everyone must be high enough level to do so , which I can't remember if it is a problem or not at that point). System Id makes this easier for Fei , but for everyone else , don't use any deathblows at level 3 , just normal attacks , to increase your chances of going into infinity. Even then , he occasionally gets ready to go boom when everyone is at low attack levels , so it can still take a couple tries if you get unlucky. Also , I believe using fast party members (This means no Rico or Seibzien) helps your turns come up faster , ergo more chances to go to infinity.

Several people wrote in on the issue so I just printed one at random. Anyway, if you're having a hard time with it, that strategy should work, as would several others that I won't print so don't bother sending them in. 8)


You remind me of the babe. What babe?
The babe with the power. What power?
The power of voodoo. Who do?
You do! Do what?
Remind me of the babe.
-The Goblin King

An unbelievably large number of people sent me stuff like this. Guess I'll need to find something else obscure to subliminally quote.

Alls I'm sayin' is, Dragon Warrior Monsters and Dragon Warrior VII *better* have Middle English text out the wazoo! The Sesquipedalist, aka Mr. Thou

"Indeed." Googleshng replied.

Oh mighty Google (see, I can be a syphocant too!),
I heard that you could get Griever, Squall's ring, as a GF in FF8. Is this true, and how do you do it. (Sorry about the FF8 question. I know you hate them, but I just need to know).
-Jippy Kim

Short answer, no, you can't. Long answer has spoilers. Also, I have nothing against FF8 questions, what gave you that idea?

-How many roads must brad walk down before we can call him steve?
-Who IS Thor?
-If a giant monkey steps on a genderless Q and A being, does anyone care?
Thank you
The Fox

42, the Norse god of thunder and stuff, and YES!

I am a quickie
Being a quickie is fun
I like the quickies

~Steve Durst

This is a haiku.
Haiku are easy to write.
Just count sylibols.

The Last Laugh:

Sorry this is up so late. Religious debating makes me sleepy. So sleepy I didn't notice this amusing letter about how Kefka is a better villan than Sephiroth because he successfully destroyed large chunks of the world and ruled it for a year. I agree. Several people also pointed out that it's not written zinogias because there IS no Zi. So take that! Finally, someone send me this and asked how someone can say baka that fast. Easy! Bakabakabakabakabakabakabakabakabakabakabakabakabakabaka! Yes, I really can do it. 8) People sure like sending me sound files. Cultural note: Baka is Japanese for idiot. 8)

Googleshng "Draconian is an Escaflowne reference, but those books weren't bad"

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