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Googleshng - January 17 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

Escaflowne rules. Super Bomberman rules. Goldfish crackers, you guessed it, rule. I had a pretty cool day today, and since I was watching all the Escaflowne I have, I heard the phrase "Van-Sama!" about a hundred times... and it keeps getting funnier every time I hear it! Anyway, I'm glad to discover that Brad didn't leave any dangerous dangling threads, which makes for a better than usual Monday column. Speaking of Brad, I haven't seen him in a while. I also haven't had a chance to talk to Sharkey since doing that column, but then I don't ever talk to Sharkey and the sublimenal messages on his page that only I can see told me he enjoyed himself. FEAR ME. Ahem, uh, anyway, this week I think I'll have Paws guest host this week. I'll have to dig up her adress and tell her so, unless she reads this and sends something to the tune of woohoo! That'd spare me the effort.

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FF4 spoilers... heh.
Googleshng dearest,

Hmmm, I've never written in before. But now I am! Because a game has stumped me. And I can't find a walkthrough. Because the game is FFIV. You can't find walkthroughs for that game! Ok, my problem is that I need the Earth crystal to exchange for Rosa, right? Well, I found the town that the crystal's in, but I can't get there. There's all this forest around it so I can't land the Airship, and there is a river splitting it from any land that I can go on. *sigh* I'm an idiot, I know, but I really can't find a path...or a walkthrough.

On a completely different note, I have noticed something about the people who write in about you gender. IN GENERAL (wouldn't want to generalize here), if the person is male, they think you're female, and if they are female they think that you're male. Hmmmmm, you seem to have many admirers! (true to form, I am female and believe that you are male.)

Oh, and one last thing. There was a letter to Brad yesterday where the person talks about beating Kefka with only Celes, Edgar and Setzer. Going off of that idea of spending entirely too much time on RPG's, I've always wanted to go through FFVII with all the characters named for negative aspects of there personality. Like name Cloud: Puppet or Crazy, Tifa: Slut, Aeris: Airhead or Ditz, Cait Sith: Useless, Vincent: Freak, and so on. Then play through the game. Is it just me, or would that be so funny?


That's one of the funnest parts of the game. You have to get out of your precious airship next to town and (Gasp!) WALK north to a chochobo forest. There you will recieve the coolest form of transportation in the game, a black chocobo! It flys and can land in forests. Plus it has cool music!

Hey Google,
ΚΚΚ I don't believe what Brad's saying about you being a female chicken in a monkey suit, I just think you're a chick. ΚΚΚ Anyways, my question is:
ΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚ What programming languages, if any, do the major RPG producers (Squaresoft, Capcom, Konami) use to great these games we hold so dear to our hearts .Κ I'm getting my degree in Computer Science and would like to know this stuff. Thanks.

C++ is the language of choice. There's probably some weirdos who make professional games in other languages, but C++ is what you want on your resume. Trust me on this. Oh, and if you really want to cause yourself pain, there's always machine assembly. Speaking of which, you can count to 1023 on your fingers if you count in binary! Try it! Well, less if you're missing fingers or you're a purist like me who doesn't count thumbs as fingers. 8)

Shameless self promotion
Dear G-O-O-G-L-E-S-H-N-G, (i can spell!)

What is your web page URL? I lost all my bookmarks in a computer fart, and I don't keep track of the GeoCities/AreaThing/####/ stuff. Could you please tell me, because I've missed out on a good month of you page, and I've been reading your page every update since all-the-way-back when you updated everyday. Please answer!

P.S. You don't even have to post this thing, just reply. Thank you!

It's been a while since I posted that URL, plus it's a Monday, so, hey, I have space to kill. It's thanks to Geocities' URL shortcutting a while back. This month I haven't been updating though what with not being home and all. Besides, I can't do Slime World with a track ball, I had a hard enough time drawing Mordikai on Kirby's Dream Course's name registery. Using pics as names is cool.

I happened to stumple across the alleged "pronunciation" of Xenogears in a waz file from some "paws" person at Rpgamer today. This being pronounced it Zeenogears, then said they didn't see how it could be done any other way. Gee, this paws must have flunked first grade English to not be able to form any other sound from those letters. In the Parasite Eve preview of Xenogears, it is pronounced Zenogears many times repeatedly (seeing as this was made by Squaresoft themselves, it would be undoubtedly correct). Also, in an old Squaresoft promotional video for the Japanese release of the game that most of you Americans wouldn't have seen, it is pronounced Zenogears. In addition to this, the Japanese pronunciation of Xenogears (using the characters on the Japanese cover, or Perfect Works) is Zanogias. The Japanese have a character for Zee, and would have used it if it were to be pronounced Zeenogears, but they didn't. Using all of these solid facts, it should be concluded that Xenogears is pronounced Zenogears, and not Zeenogears.
Thank You,

Well, I hate to be the one to break this to you, but Squaresoft isn't perfect. They got it wrong. In fact, you yourself admit that they screwed up because they spell it Zan and pronounce it Zen. 8) Seriously though, Xeno is greek, and therefore you should pronounce it in the greek fashion, "Zeeno". Like Zebra, not like Zen. If you want to pronounce it in a Japanese accent like the demo does, go ahead. Don't go saying Paws got it wrong though. Anyway, I don't want to hear any more on this subject because I've been getting arouund a letter a day saying Paws did it "wrong". If it was actually wrong, I'd be getting at LEAST 10 a day. You people are vigilant, I'll give you that. 8)

Christianity? In games?
To Google or Sharkey:
Out of curiosity, why do RPGs never show Christianity in video games? I've been a HUGE RPG fan ever since Dragon Warrior, but I've also been a Christian since ten. I've played several RPGs and never once ('cept, if memory serves, Terranigma, but even then, it wasn't really a big topic) have I seen Christianity in any RPGs.
Thanks for the time.

Well, this is several days to late for Sharkey to answer, but unless you REALLY SPECIFICALLY mean Christianity, well, there are PLENTY. First of all, almost every tactical RPG out there is brimming with Christianity (FFT for example). In addition to that, just pulling a name off the top of my head, how about... XENOGEARS! If that's not Christianity, what is? Heck, Balthasar, Gaspar, and Melchior are in CT also. Really, most RPGs I can think of have the whole Christian thing going. I still love the churchs in the original Phantasy Star, and hey, that was out here before Dragon Warrior. 8)

Great movie.
Hey, so you are a transformer fan. Your column's title yesterday was "I still funtion" by Megatron in the Transformers The Movie. He says it when Starscream throws him out of the ship in space. What do you think of the Suikoden games? I really like them alot. I missed the 1rst one and just recently played through it. I'd suggest it to any rpgfan(whoops I mean rpgamer)who missed this old PSX RPG. What do you feel is the next big RPG besides Chrono Cross?

I haven't played Suikoden 2, largely due to being broke. As for the first one, well, maybe some of this is because I was playing a horribly scratched copy, but I didn't care for it that much. It was surprisingly short first of all, and, well, what's the point in having 108 characters when you're just using a party of 6? Most of them are just plain boring anyway. Don't get me wrong, it's a decent game, just not my taste. I hear good things about 2 though. As for upcomming RPGs, well, there's a lot I'm looking forward to but the one that I feel like mentioning is Koudelka. I love stuff set in the 1800s. Plus it's basically Resident Evil meets H.P. Lovecraft with tactical RPG style combat, all made by ex-Square employees! Anyway, after FF8 and Grandia, I could REALLY go for a nice dark game.


Hello genderless Googleshng,
Did you know that if you type in, you get Grandia Insurance company? It's...weird.

Heh. I'll have to add that tomy list of Square and Orc pages that aren't what you'd expect.

I watched Farscape last night(Friday). Now I See Way It's so cool! Please print this as a Quickie! I'll Give you a cookie!
Some person who watches Farscape and who's Wu-Tang Name is "The Lonely Donkey Kong"

Darn right! Farscape is the best written sci-fi on TV! I'm tempted to add ever but The Twilight Zone gives it a run for it's money.

Is it posable to beat hammar after he is fused to the gear, before he self distruct. I have tried 5 times before I decided to move on.

Don't correct me if I'm wrong,but it's possible, not that hard, and gets you the Trader Card, which makes getting Angel Armor +3 so much easier.

The Last Laugh:

Still a little deficient Quickies wise... have I scared all the Quicky regs off? Sorry if I did... anyway, today I recieved 2 pictures of a rather interesting nature. Here's one of me, and here's some nightmare fodder courtesy of Cheshire Catalyst. Hey! If you DO pronounce Xenogears Zen, you get Zen Ogres! Hehehe. What is the sound of one head arguing? If you cast Runes and no one's there to step on it, is it a waste of MP?

Googleshng "Draconian"
What babe? The babe with the Power.

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