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Googleshng - January 12 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

Sorry this is going up so late. I was bedridden all day yesterday with that same nasty stomach flu which all the other staffers came down with at some point or other. Appearently it's going around most of the country. Must have caught it at the airport. Anyway, now I feel better, and tomorrow Sharkey guest hosts.

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Tech Specs
Polygon Power
  • Dolphin: N/A. Suspected to be in the 20 million polygons per second range.
  • PlayStation 2: Around 20 million polygons per second
  • Dreamcast: Around 3 million polygons per second
  • Nintendo 64: Around 150,000 polygons per second
  • PlayStation: Around 360,000 polygons per second (lacks comparable effects)
Main Clock Speed
  • Dolphin: 400MHz
  • PlayStation 2: 300MHz
  • Dreamcast: 200MHz
  • Nintendo 64: 93.75MHz
  • PlayStation: 33.86MHz


  • Dolphin: N/A. Dolphin's graphics chip alone will feature up to 16MBs of embedded DRAM though.
  • PlayStation 2: 32MB Direct Rambus RAM
  • Dreamcast: 16MB (plus 8MB Video RAM, 2MB Sound RAM)
  • Nintendo 64: 4MB (+parity) Rambus D-RAM (expandable to 8MB)
  • PlayStation: 2MB (plus 1MB Video RAM, 512kb Sound RAM)

Memory Bus Bandwidth

  • Dolphin: 3.2 GB/s (Gigabytes per second)
  • PlayStation 2: 3.2 GB/s (Gigabytes per second)
  • Dreamcast: 800 MB/s (Megabytes per second)
  • Nintendo 64: 500 MB/s (Megabytes per second) or about 0.5 GB/s
  • PlayStation: 132 MB/s (Megabytes per second)

Software Format

  • Dolphin: Proprietary DVD, 4.7 GB capacity
  • PlayStation 2: Proprietary DVD, 4.7 GB capacity
  • Dreamcast: Propriety CD, 1 GB capacity
  • Nintendo 64: Cartridge, 64MB capacity (so far)
  • PlayStation: CD, 650 MB capacity

Mmmph.  Do your research next time....
These are all the known stats of the Dolphin in comparison with the specs of other popular systems(shamefully grabbed from  As you can see, it rules, but will probably never be completed in any of our least if you post it that should end further queries?
-Divine "Angling for a posted email" Id

I didn't know they'd gone public with the specs yet. Anyway, in summary, that means the Dolphin will have better specs than the PSX2, cost less, and have good first and second party support (don't go trying to tell me Shigeru Miyamoto and Rare aren't good). The real issue of course though is still the third parties. Speaking of specs by the way, am I the only one who thinks that DC graphics are good enough? I mean, when you have in game FMV quality, do you really need improvement? Well, I suppose higher poly counts always help. Oh, and before people start screaming about those poly counts for the N64 and the PSX, it's not that the PSX can have more, it's that theirs is listed without any account for spiffy special effects in there.

In the spirit of composing lyrics to Uematsu pieces:

Goollll-bez, Goollll-bez,
You've a scaaaa-ry theeeeeme!
Goollll-bez, Goollll-bez,
It's because you're mean!

Yooou des-trooooy the
Na-tions ooffff the woooorld!
Baaa-ron, Faaaaa-bul,
Your scheme iiisss un-furled!

[Organ interlude; repeat]

~Someone with time to waste

You know, I like it.

Weird little tricks
Maybe sorta kinda FF5/8 spoilers?

Hey Goog,
Someone was asking about how to get some rare items in ff8 such as the ribbon and mog amulet. I dont think its possible to actually get them in the game without a pocketstation, but you can get them in the debug room if you have a gameshark. You can also get the moomba summon and (drumroll) 100 APOCALYPSE spells free for the taking. Seems kinda weird that apocalypse isnt as good as ultima at junctioning, but it is a good spell nonetheless. The minimog ability doesnt work for some reason, though. Also, I discovered a way to beat FF5 without fighting neo x-death. Make sure you have the chemist's ability "mix", and when you're fighting x-death, mix a maidens kiss with a holy water and use it on him. He will become berserked, and when you kill him, he will have a regular dying animation just like any other monster instead of bieng engulfed by the void. This trick works well on omega and shinryuu as well. Thanx.

-50%pork, 50%tapeworms...

Interesting. Reminds me of using a Fenix Down on Undead Sr. Behemoth.

Short Question
How do I tell Time in Vandal Hearts 2

See that gray triangular line on the compass? Notice how when you move it spins? There's your clock for you.

It's time for anime(niacs)!
I really like anime and think you should put it in the columns (most people who play RPG's do like anime!). My library of anime is not very extensive at this moment. What animes do you recommend? I especially enjoy anime with action and humor (especially humor!). My favorites are Sailor Moon and The Slayers. I know that I want to check out Ranma 1/2 soon. Please respond.

-A person who like RPG's AND anime!


The reason I don't like talking about anime in here is that it makes people real mad. They think it's at the expense of RPG questions. Obviously I wouldn't deprive the column of serious questions for this sort. Anyway, Slayers does indeed rule, and you probably would like Ranma (although I feel I should point out the manga is superior to the anime). Also, everyone should like Escaflowne.

Weekend theme days
Since there are all these guestspeakers, there should be themed Fridays or Sundays. Like "Pokémon Day" or "Final Fantasy Day". I have a lot of Pokémon questions, so its just a thought.

Well, Brad does Fridays AND Sundays, so he's the one you should talk to about that. 8) One special day a week is plenty for me.

The Last Laugh:

I'm surprised people aren't getting ticked off by the lack of Quickies this week. Anyway, tomorrow Sharkey is guest hosting. Despite the fact that he has an amusing personal page and is up there in the Verge community, he'd prefer real questions. You know, FF8, Xenogears, that sort of thing. Get those in ASAP too.

Googleshng "I got bettah"
Being sick all day sucks.

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