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Googleshng - January 11 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

The whole lousy spacebar and trackball combo is really getting on my nerves here. Oh well, it's just for a month... HEY! That's a long time! Oh well. This week I'm actually going to have Sharkey guest host. It should be... interesting. On with the letters.

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There are fairies in all living things.
Dear Googleshng,
In Final Fantasy 8, the characters sometimes mention "faeries" thru out the game. I have no clue what they are. Is it like their god or something?

That's just what they call the voices in their heads. My cousin calls his Brian. 8)

Spoilers, Ho!
Pretty obvious Lunar Spoilers

Hey, Googleshng.
Forgive me, I've not gotten very far in Lunar SSSC, but is the Lunar world supposed to be earth? I guess so, but normally when that is implied the geography of the planet doesn't really look like Earth's. I was staring at my little cloth map when I noticed it looked very similar. North America looks a bit different but keeps the general shape. Africa is a bit lower than it should be. And what's that attached to Africa at the bottom? South America, turned sideways, looking a bit odd. Europe lookes very much like Europe, even with Spain sticking out, although the peninsula with Norway (can't think of the proper name) at the top seems to be missing. As for Asia, it isn't REALLY like Asia, but it'll do. Interesting.
Just thought I'd share with ya.


A lot of games have vaguely earth like maps but Lunar is not set on earth. It's set on the moon. Hence the name. Heck, you can see the earth in the background durring the boat song.

Tech Specs
Dear Googleshng,

I was wondering what the specs are going to be for the Dolphin project Nintendo has going. I mean, I've already looked up the P2, it looks great (and I hope Square decides to stay with Sony), but it's hard to find any info for the Dolphin because it's an iffy subject. Didn't I hear somewhere that the Dolphin was going to have a DVD-ROM? Can you tell me which machine is going to be better out of P2 and Dolphin? Thanks...

Well, technically, Nintendo isn't even acknowledging the existance of their new system last I checked, but from everything I've heard, yes, it's DVD.


I've been playing through FFVII recently and ran across a few things that I always wondered at in playing it in the past. Some of these things may be obvious to a <GRATUITOUS PRAISE> rpg god(ess) like yourself </GRATUITOUS PRAISE> but I never really took the time to look into them.

Who was the first Cait Sith? (Reeve was my speculation on this)

How did Cloud recover from, excuse the term, his heavily mutated state of down syndrome after the Shinra killed Zack and escaping the Mansion in Nibelheim. He looked perma-broke to me. 'urk, grck, uuhhhnn' etc..

What the hell does Morph materia do? I've never really experimented with it.

How did Hojo turn Vincent into whatever the he is? Never really caught on to that one.

Anyway.. that's about it

=Lo "Who stole my hens?!" ki=

Yup. Reeve. As far as Cloud, well, "I got bettah" says it all. Morph turns hurt monsters into items. Finally for Vincent, well, he did a NUMBER of things. Why doesn't he use that claw anyway?

England... like Elfland, but with Engs?
A moral type question for you Googleshng...

Since I live in England and publishers just assume that everyone here hates RPGs, about five have been released on the playstation. Even Square games sometimes don't make it here, Xenogears, parasite eve, Final fantasy anthology...

I was going to import these from America, but the prices are stupidly restrictive, something like the price of three games for one (and games are more expensive in England anyway)... I was annoyed. Then I found somewhere near where I live selling copy games for 5 each (about $8) and they had all the RPGs that don't get released here. Then I found a 'password card' that'll play any games on a playstaion for 7.

So, do you think I should get these copy games and enjoy them or never be able to play some of the best games ever made...


First of all, I'm surprised. I always figured England got more RPGs than the US. Anyway, my ethical stance on bootlegging is that it's very bad if for no other reason than the company not getting those ever so important dollar votes which are the stuff sequels are made of. On the other hand, I think everyone should play Xenogears. Quite the quandry. I can say this though, if you decide to get an illegal copy of FF5, don't bootleg FFA, find the translated ROM. It's a much better translation.

Bye bye games
hi! tell me something:

I was at software etc. the other day and the guy there told me they weren't selling Bushido Blade or Bushido Blade 2 anymore, and that they had also stopped making them. He also said they stopped making FF Anth, but that's only been out for a few months... Is this stuff true or just some kind of twisted Software Etc. marketing ploy? If it's true, it's probably old news, but I'm really too lazy to go looking through all the archives to find out... if it's true, what's Square thinking?


Yes, that's probably true. The actual production of games is more of a big push to meet projections with some extra time if there's not enough out there. Year old games are always no longer in production. As for FFA, well, it's an AWFUL port of older games, so there you go.

The Last Laugh:

This phone company is evil. My cousin's phone bill charges him like a dollar a minute on local calls. No time for Quickies today. Besides, I've been getting EXERCISE today. My limbs are about to fall off.

Googleshng "Tired"
I hope this is not Chris' blood.

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