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Jet Lag
Googleshng - January 10 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

Ugh. Long icky end to a long icky day for me. I was in airports all morning instead of asleep as usual, ate little, been setting up all night,check my mail and what do I find? 50 people giving the answer to a question I already knew. Not to mention that this space bar doesn't work so well. In otherwords,shortcolumn.

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I could have told you THAT
The Underground Garden was in the Japanese Saturn version of Symphony of the Night only.  I've been outside of the castle with that glitch, and I've been underneath the castle where the Underground Garden was supposed to be but was removed with another glitch.  Both of them are done with Richter.  We also got jipped (?) out of the Cursed Prison, the lower part of the coliseum (dunno why), a second form of Dracula (I think...forgot where I heard this), playing the game with events using Richter, and we completely lost using Maria as a playable character.  Why...?!  Anyways, that's what I found out about some stuff in SotN....

Posting this lets me throw out 95% of today's mail for redundancy. In the future, if Brad doesn't know something on a Sunday, wait and see if I upstage him Monday before chiming in OK? Anyway, the good news is that Saturns are dirt cheap now and easily modded, so getting the spiffy Saturn version isn't THAT hard. Don't ask me where though, I don't dig the import scene. 8)

Here's the other 4%
Hey Google, i think your cover's up!
I'm sure im not the only one who noticed this! Brad said, and I quote (er, well, copy and paste) "Google says he's not getting too much on Mondays, and it's just making her job harder that it has to be."
Well, that brings months of debate to a conclusion. Heya, babe ;)
-A Blue Guitar

Out of the MANY letters I recieved on the subject, this person makes themself look the worse, so I used it. There are 2 pronouns in this sentence. One is he, one is she. Brad has been alternating like that since he took over weekend. It's his fun little joke. Some people REALLY have selective vision. Anyway, I always get this stuff on Mondays.

Did I mention I won Grandia?
WARNING! MAJOR Grandia spoilers!

Google! (Gotta start the letter all formal-like)

Is it just me, or did Grandia have some of the most predictable plot twists ever? Leen dying, I mean, after the whole "sin" conversation, martyrdom was expected, no? As well as getting Liete in your party. Hrm. Anyway, I'm just curious to see if I'm the only one who thought that this was all predictable.

Also, it was a great game and all, but shouldn't it have ended 5 hours before it actually did? I mean, you beat Baal, and I expect him to die, or at least fight Gaia then, but I played for 5 agonizing hours to the final battle, because I was so sick of regular fights, and so ready for the end. That's just me though.

-Hoenir "I don't believe in shameless plugs!" Aesir

You know, it's funny. I completely agree with this person. Only I figured it'd be Leen not Liete who joined you. Lunar's last few hours also seemed to drag out, still great games though.

I need someno loiteringsigns... 8)
A quick little thing. Brad mentioned I'm 'engaged or something'-I'm not, so all the guys out there still have hope! ;P

But the real question, which interests me since I'm a potential guesthost, and I'm sure interests others. How do you go about putting together a column, either alone or with a guesthost? :)

-Paws =^^=

You're setting yourself up for some crazy proposals when youguest host you know. Anyway, here's how I work:
I read all my mail.
I go back and find the good ones.
If there's a guest host, I forward the good stuff for them to reply to.
I post and reply to everything.
That's about it really, easy job for guests, monotonous drudgery for me. Actually, I honestly like it, except nights like tonight.

The Last Laugh:

Sorry, that's allyouget, like I said,rough day.

Googleshng "Blech"
I found a new friend, underneath my pillow...

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