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Googleshng - January 5 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

Well, today's the big day. The big boss himself, Mikel Tidwell is answering questions. I notice nobody asked what RPGamer pays, although a lot asked for jobs. 8) That sounds about right.

On another note, you may have noticed I'm actually playing Sonic Adventure. I hate Sonic with a passion for reasons worthy of my putting up a new rant. Not right now though. Anyway, the rest of the game is so good in comparison to having to play Sonic at the beginning that I can't put it down. 8)

Well, as I said, the boss is here today, so uh, hide all the illegal stuff and let's get going. I mean, uh, here's Mike:

Mikel: Hey all! I thought I'd take a day off from running these guys ragged to give you all a chance to have a chat with me. I want to take a second to thank Goog for giving me the chance to share with everyone without actually having to do most of the work. What an ingenious idea that was. Now then, I'm sure we have some questions here... somewhere... Goog?

Like cheese?

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Da boss speaks!
RPGamer is such a huge reasource, but I was wondering where it all came from. I mean putting it all together in one place must be a lot of work. I am thinking of doing my own RPG website but don't know where to begin. So how did RPGamer get started?


P.S. Screw "Be like Mike," I wanna be like MIKEL! ;-D --

RPGamer started officially in March of 1998. The base of the Square works were inherited from the former, with the rest being added from countless staff members. While this was a great start, this was actually harder then starting from scratch, in my opinion. Other things besides files were inherited, like design, and file structure.

If you want to start your own site that would rival RPGamer, you first have to realize it can't be a hobby that you do from time to time. RPGamer takes over a dozen people resigned to no social life to bring you all this. It takes a masochist dedicated effort to make it work. It also takes quite a bit of luck, and alot of hosting space. Since RPGamer is now over 4.5 gigs, it requires special resources. If you don't have the means to host your idea, that's where to start first.

He speaks the truth. The whole staff have self destructive tendancies. Just about everyone goes to work all day, goes to some classes, comes home do some RPGamer work, repeat. I personally stick sleep and games in there instead of work and school, but then, I'm special. 8)

Hey Mike. I was wondering how the pokémon online card game was coming. I noticed on your web page that you are obsessed with pokémon as much as I am. Maybe more. Here's to the Age 20+ Pokémaniacs!!!

Adult PokéManiacs Rule!

As the page stated, don't expect much before this year. Seeing how it's only the 6th, I haven't had a lot of time to work on it. However, I do have a basic design ready, and a database started. The main problem I have right now how to represent the cards. Scanning them all in is 1) time consuming and 2) illegal, since the artwork is copyrighted. At current rate, I hope to have something to show on my page by the end of March, assuming I don't become completely engrossed in Pokémon Stadium. *grin*.

I'd give my opinion on Pokémon, but I have to live with you people, and I don't want half of you hating me, and trust me, it would happen.

Stop saying THE MAN!
Go0g's! Since THE MAN is in today, I thought I'd throw out some legitament questions.

I'd have to assume that THE MAN is an RPG fan.. (insert obvious reason here) Anyway,

1) What was the #1 reasoning for bringing this site into existence? Fans? Personal amusement? Public information?

Mikel: The original purpose was to save an amazing resource for Square information that was closing down. Its purpose now is fueled by itself. All the RPG fans continue to come, so we have a continual audience to keep informed on the latest games. It's a vicious cycle that will never be stopped! Muhahaha!

2) What's THE MAN's take on FFVIII?

Mikel: What is this, flame bait? Ok, I'm highly impressed with the movies, the Junction system, the GF summons, and a host of other visual wonders. But let's bring back the reason we all played the old Final Fantasy games. Character Development. [Long Live FF4]

3) What's it like being the guest host of a genderless being's Q&A?

Mikel: No one said Googleshng is genderless, we simply said we're not telling what the gender is. As for working with Goog, it's been nothing short of a blast.

4) Can I have a job? Please?

Mikel: If I had a nickel for everytime I heard this... *grin*

Heh, and if I had a grand for every time someone asked to guest host, well, I'd have thousand and thousands of dollars and I'd be able to buy more games. Heeey... anyone who sends me $1000 can guest host as soon as I get it! 8)

MORE Pokémon
this one's for you tidwell, you pokemaniac (as reported by googleshng). i heard that gold and silver are going to have about 250 pokemon and a day/night cycle among other things. so, i wanted to know a few things about these games.

1) can you fight/trade with friends who have red/blue/yellow?

Mikel: Yes, but the older copies can't recieve any Pokemon above #151.

2) does this day/night cycle mean i'm going to have to play at 4 AM to get certain pokemon?

Mikel: The clock is real time. While it seems like that would be extremely difficult for the normal player, there are only a couple stages of the day. So you may not need to stay up until 4am, but you will have to play before breakfast and after dinner to catch 'em all.

3) are these going to be longer/shorter/about the same size (as in game length) as red/blue/yellow?

Mikel: Without telling you why, so we don't spoil, the game is about twice as long as the original. Add over 100 new pokemon to catch, and the actual length of time playing can be much more than double. (Which is bad for me since I beat red after playing for 90h 23m (hey, I like leveling all my pokemon!)).

4) are there going to be any elusive pokemon (like mewtwo, articuno, etc.) in gold/silver?Mikel: Mikel: Would it be Pokemon if there wasn't? There has to be something for all the dedicated fans to work at.



P, C, RPGs! (Wait, you can't tell I'm singing) 8(
how come there is no mention of everquest on this site. i know its a pc game but everquest rules there should be something on this site about it.

We had a plan once to cover online RPGs, but that plan fizzled out when the sheer amount of time and resources had to be dedicated to it. It's still on the backburner though... maybe someday.

I'm against RPGamer covering PC games to begin with. If for no other reason than they're mostly of the non-linear variety.

Ch-ch-ch-choCObos (Fine, I'll quit singing)
O Google my Google (er something),

Why hasn't anyone been talking about Chocobo's Dungeon 2 yet? Sure, it's "cutesy", but it's a hell of a lot of fun - it's basically Square's answer to Diablo (or Nethack, if yr hardcore like me), complete with random dungeon generation and traps and treasures you have to Identify and puzzles and suchlike... and the CG cutscenes are great! I mean, Chocobo actually looks CUTE again! And Mog just kicks ass. There, I've whored myself to Squaresoft enough now, I'll shut up.

PS - I'm starting to think I'll never get to Disc 2 in Grandia. It's a lot longer than people have led me to believe.

Marketing. Square hasn't put any effort into selling CMD2 to the US. Square usually ties in the "other" titles by giving demos and movies of future games with a new release, which didn't happen, as far as I know. Since Square says as little as possible to outside sources, sometimes a game can go right by without it being noticed. How or why this happens, I don't know, but it does.

Re: P.S. Considering I'm over two hours into it, and done with only the first dungeon, I expect this game to take quite a while, but it's amusing, so just sit back and enjoy it!

I don't really like dungeon crawling. As for Grandia, darn right it's long! I like long though. 8)


I love your collumn. Actually the entire site is awesome. Good work, guys!!!!!!!!

Mikel: *warm fuzzy feeling*
Google: Drooling fans kinda frighten me.

Dear Gaming Masta. Please release my pokemon-loving children from your evil gravitational field of doom.

A concerned mother of 37.

Mikel: Sorry, we're currently out to lunch. Please log a written complaint with the Snorlax at the door on your way out, assuming you can wake him.

I think im gonna have to agree with Nova, Paws sounds very hot, and very..uhh..intellegent...ahem...hey Paws! hehhe woooo

Axem 5

Mikel: All I'll say is, if my English teachers in school sounded like Paws, I would've paid more attention. ;>
Google: ...

The Last Laugh:

Mikel: This was fun. It's been almost a year since I had my name as part of Q&A, so I thought "Why not?". Thanks to everyone for the great questions. I'll have to do this again sometime real soon.

Mikel "the one and only" Tidwell

Darn, I kinda hoped he'd have a miserable time and want to pay me for doing such drudgery daily. Oh well. Now I'm feeding you all to Brad, while I pack up and fly off to the Windy City for the rest of the month. Don't worry, I'll be back at... someone's computer in time for Monday's column. As for next week's guest host, well, I'll have to talk to everyone over the weekend and announce it Tuesday.

Googleshng "Packing"
Soniku! Subs rule. 8)

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