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Googleshng - January 5 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

Today I got a couple of really good letters that either agree with me or give me a chance to go off on a fun tangent. Anyway, I'm looking forward to it.

Also, remember that discussion about double CD cases over the weekend? I've been meaning to show you how I store mine. Here and here's a closeup. All you have to do is get a cheap little flip rack, yank out half the dividers with a pair of pliers, and you have a nice little CD flip rack that doubles fit in. No more looking at the titles off the spines in a big stack! 8)

Well, let's get going, and remember, tomorrow Mike Tidwell, the big boss himself, is guest hosting, so you can ask all kinds of questions about RPGamer in general and stuff. He also has a MAJOR obsession with Pokémon so he'd probably be willing to talk about that too.

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In the PSX:
I really should beat it.
In the Genesis:
Phantasy Star 2
Team Sonic good.
In the Gameboy:
My cousin's copy of Pokemon
May your feet itch!
In the SNES:
Sid Meier rules.
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Phantasy Star
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A Boy and His Blob
In the Saturn:
Albert Odyssey
It doesn't get chibier than this.
In the N64:
Too busy gutting SC.
In the Dreamcast:
Sonic Adventure
Sonic Team not as good.
Last one, promise
I thought It weird you only posted one Grandia V Ff8 letter, showing only one side of the arguement so I wrote a little HTML of my own with my opinion.I dont think the games should be compared but...

Grandia Final Fantasy 8
Story A Large world with Many different locations and things to do.Pleasant and Casual plot. Whilst not very original, is very refined, and executed extremely well. Very dramatic story which demands concentration taking you from the open sea to the deeps of space. Tries a lot, and mostly succeeds, but some parts seem to fall flat
Characters Very well developed, very likable anime style characters. Good Hero and Heroine. Anime portraits and voice acting as well as some very emootional scenes help tremendously.Good villains aswell. Executed Perfectly Very interesting and original characters, albeight Hero sometimes can be a little too whiny to be likable. A villain nearly never seen, but Seifer is amusing enough.
Gameplay Very fun and refined Battle system As with most FFs, this battle system is different to any other, and is very well executed, yoou have absolute control over what you want your characters to be.
Graphics Very Anime stylised. Sometimes muddy graphics and awkward camera, but has a lot of artistic sense. pop-in Beautiful life-like Fantasy/Sci-Fi setting never seen before, with FMV sliced seamlessly into the gameplay .However, sometimes this approach falls flat (the Ragnarok scene would have been superior if in FMV)
Soundtrack Very pleasant music by Noriyuji Iwadare, using very different styles (ranging from catchy Falcom-like/Anime style rock to pounding orchestral A soaring soundtrack by Nobuo Uematsu. Whilst sometimes dry, there are twice the number good, spirited tracks.
Experiance A very pleasant, casual and enjoyable gaming experiance. GameArts know what they're doing, and they do it well. And most of all, it's fun. What can i say? The FF experiance, unique like no other. Demanding of your attention throughout.

I personally love both games, and since they're on completely different approach and artistic plains all together, comparison is really rather wasted and stupid. Whilst I like Grandia more, variety is the spice of life, and I see no reason why either has to be 'better'. Though with Grandia, I dont think I've ever seen a game that pulls all the right strings at exactly the right times.


This is the last letter I'm printing on the subject, and I think it got the point across well enough to make everyone capable of such a thing happy. 8) I also got some people saying Lunar was better than both and stuff, but these people obviously haven't been paying attention to my comments on the whole issue. 8)

Last time for THIS too.
Hi Googl-my-god-what-a-name

WHO'S THAT LOKI? I want his mail. I played every FF, even the NES ones and that crap of Mystic Quest,Grandia,Xenogears,Lunar, that THING called Legend of Legaia (my god what a waste of money), and lots of other RPGs(these were the most recent ones) My mother likes to kick me at 1:00 am when I'm still playing, my sister hates me cause I play all the day and she is not able to play her (ARGH) Tomb Raider while I'm home; my father loves me (cause he loves RPG too^^) and I'm not bad (wow I'm soooo modest). Please please gimme his mail! I need a boyfriend!
Happy new year Google!
PS: Are you a boy? If you are,let talk a little more later^^ Wanna my photo?:P

Googleshng: meet =Loki= that's the last time I act as a dating service. That's what the message boards are for... or something.

MORE Phantasy Star
WARNING! MAJOR Phantasy Star spoilers!

Just a couple more questions. If Alys from PS 4 is really Alis from PS 1, wouldn't that make her like 1000 years old? They explain how Lutz is translated though the years via the spirit ball and all, but Alis just living for all that time? I don't know man. Also, Alis's last name in the PS1 is Landale yes? Why is her name Brangwin in PS 4? Thanx again,


O ho ho! I got a couple letters like this, so it's lecture time! First of all, that's 2000 years, not 1000, well, slightly more really. Anyway, if you were to play the whole Phantasy Star series, you will find a number of characters who spent a thousand years or so in crogenic freeze (Noah/Lutz in PS2, Laia in 3) so the technology is evidently there. Also, since at the end of the original Phantasy Star she gets to marry the governor of Motavia (who at that point is the supreme ruler) I think that pretty much indicates that she deserves to be frozen. That also covers the last name thing (altough anyone who's read anything by Roger Zelazny will tell you that changing your name when you live that long is a must). Anyway, there's so much evidence that they're the same person that the only people who could convince me otherwise are the makers of the game themselves, and I think they're too busy working on Eternal Arcadia and PSO to tell ME anything. 8)

Hey, look who it is!
If it isn't too much to ask can you please put two things into the column one of these days? :)
1. The link to the pronounciations again, since people don't memorize those sort of things.
2. Can you ask people to send in pronounciations? You mentioned it before but it didn't seem like an invitation for anyone to ask :)

Thanks, and it feels funny to be mentioned in a cool column like RPGamer! Just kinda a funny feeling seeing your name up there, ya know?

-Paws =^^=

Ahem, I have a permanent link to them in my little side bar there. 8) Anyway, if your ego is overinflated NOW, read this:

Hey Googleshng,
Paws sounds hot. Not trying to hit on her, just speaking the truth. Anyway, before I get distracted, I had an idea. Now that's a first, heh. The idea was to have Paws guesthost. I know you've got a full guesthost schedule for a while, but it would be great. Just have her answer all her questions in audio. Sounds interesting, right? (No pun intended.)


Actually, I got several things like this so I suppose Paws goes onto the list of potential future guest hosts. Think I'll post it at the bottom.

People sure seem to like people!
It seems as though Xenochick is getting quite the following perhaps you should just turn the column over to her. ;) -Not Xenochick

I got a whole bunch of things like this. This was the best looking one I could find when I went to post one. Anyway, for some reason every Q&A host seems to have one person that they unconsiously keep printing letters from. Remember Shiny Hat, or me for that matter? Anyway, since I'm playing around with it already, I suppose I'll stick her on the guest host list too.

Yes, we're for real.
I've been visiting RPGamer for quite some time now, read many reviews here, got all the lastest RPG news here and stuff. Well a friend gave me the Thousand Arms demo and after you like watch the intro, for instance, it has a list of quotes that game magazines such as GameFan wrote. After watching the wonderfully done intro about 100 times, I finally spotted that RPGamer was credited on there for saying, "Four years in the making, Thousand Arms is an impressive RPG with a strong anime atmosphere and presence." !!!!!!! I couldn't believe this when I saw it, because I've always visited RPGamer and always thought of it like an unofficial place to get RPG info, nothing as big as GameFan and stuff. Of course, don't think Im insulting RPGamer, it's my favorite place on the net to be, but I guess what I'm trying to ask is how official are you guys? I mean I never thought you ranked that high up with like GameFan and stuff! My friend says ya'll are the highest ranked RPG site on the net, and I don't find that hard to believe, I just thought you were a hand-ful of RPG obssessors like myself who review and talk about games, unofficially. I dunno, maybe I'm a little confused here...What made me think of this, is if ya'll are like so high up in the RPG reviewing business, how come you don't get paid (I noticed like on another Q&A that you or someone else said you don't really get paid at all, just like a tiny amount every month or so).


Yup. RPGamer is officially part of the video game industry press. Stuff quotes us, we occassionally interview people, Mike (who I remind you is guest hosting tomorrow) appearently knows the head of Working Designs pretty darn well. More importantly though, we get E3 tickets! Although I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to get any of those tickets unless I assassinate someone in new media... ahem. As for getting money, that's another story. I have yet to be paid a cent for working here, not that I'm complaining. I heartell that at some point this year Mike is going to actually start giving me money, but I'm not the one to ask about THAT. Did I mention Mike's guest hosting tomorrow? 8)


If I kill you do I get my 1gp and my 1exp?
(I only need 255 more for level 10! Honest!)

Go find Bill Gates, he's worth a TON!

"We..are men...of the sea!!!"
This quote is from Xenogears...its the captain of the Thames (actually, a little kid on deck says it also).

Hey! I remember that old contest! You're the first to guess one of those in a LONG time. Have a tilde! ~ Oh, I see you already have one...

Why doesn't Loki just steal one of Thor's girls. That's usually what he did in Norse mythology.


I was wondering that myself.

My dog's name is Loki.


You don't have a Bjorn and a Misha too do you?

Hey thanks for putting that spoiler warning for ps4, I haven't beaten it yet.


I got a lot of compliments on that.

Hiya Googie.
In responce to that person who thinks it's getting hard to find Tactics.......Pass on my addy to him & tell him I'll trade it.



I bet you'd be glad to head that gave Vandal Hearts 2 the best strategy game of 1999. I think the runner up was Monster rancher. Keep up the good work!

I can't think of any others, so I hope it won!

The Last Laugh:

Wow, I think that's the first time I ever had enough letters I wanted to print that I didn't have to go looking for more! That probably means I missed a lot of letters I would normally print. I also think this is a tad longer than usual. Oh well.

Since I'm in such a good mood, I think I'll adress the issue of how to pronounce Xenogears. Squaresoft generally always gets it's names from non-Japanese sources. Xeno is a Latin prefix that basically means alien. That is pronounced Zeeno, but if you use Japanese pronounciation guidelines, you get Zehno. In other words, the demo that came with PE is WRONG. Don't be so shocked. That sort of thing happens ALL THE TIME. Look up the etimology of Beldandy some time, that REALLY got screwed up!

Don't forget, tomorrow Mike's guest hosting, so get those questions in early... and I will fix that icky tsu in that sig soon. 8)

Oh, I almost forgot: Tomorrow it's Mike, I'm getting Sharkey ASAP, then I'll look for other staffers, then comes Paws, Xenochick, and a friend of mine who's been asking forever. 8)

Googleshng "Happy!"
In the sense that Blizzard games are always comming "soon" 8)

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