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Googleshng - January 4 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

I finally got a Dreamcast memory card. Now if I get games for it I can save them. Yay.

As for this week's guest host spot, I was planning to give it to Sharkey, but he's busy biting the heads off of chickens in a guatamalan freak show or something like that, so instead, this Thursday, Q&A will be hosted by the big guy himself, Mike Tidwell. You know, the guy who'd sign my pay checks if I got'em. 8) Should be interesting.

I still need money, so you should still go here: Cosmic Connections. Hmm... I could probably REALLY get some cash by telling my gender for cash, but then I'd need to give out my address and stuff, too much work.

One more thing. Today someone sent me a huge Escaflowne spoiler. Didn't see that one comming, I mean, game spoilers come with the territory, but who'd have thought I'd have my favorite anime spoiled? Oh well, at least it was something I kinda suspected anyway.

Oh! I almost forgot! Paws went and redid those pronounciations so now you can hear them.

Who wears short shorts?

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Oh yeah, Tifa.

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How do you pronounce...?
In the PSX:
Long game.
In the Genesis:
Phantasy Star 2
Must play 4...
In the Gameboy:
My cousin's copy of Pokemon
May your lungs burn!
In the SNES:
Sid Meier rules.
In the SMS:
Phantasy Star
In the NES:
A Boy and His Blob
In the Saturn:
Albert Odyssey
It doesn't get chibier than this.
In the N64:
I was busy today.
In the Dreamcast:
Soul Calibur
and now I can save it!
Konbanwa Googlesan,
Here, a nice little Grandia vs. FF8 game for Mr. Cynical yesterday:
Grandia Final Fantasy VIII
Plot A shorter, less epic, less save the world plot line with few major events Main characters having close calls with death, epic "save the world" story
Characters Less developed, cutesy characters, which have no real world equivalents Very real, very accurate teenage characters that have motivation for their actions
Gameplay Interesting system involving the combination of skills and magic, loads of fun Interesting system involving the combination of items and magic, loads of fun
FMV Animé style cutscenes with slow polygons as the norm, with terrible pop-in Gorgeous FMVs spread throughout the game to emphasize an important scene
Music Gotta admit though, the FF8 music doesn't hold a candle to Grandia Terrible terrible music. This Turkey is DRY!!!!!!!! *sobs*
Americans like flashy stuff they can relate to over cutsey animŽ with a less-than-epic plot or a good plug through television commercials. But if you think about it just a little more, you'd realize that FF8 actually has stuff going for it *gasp* I've been playing RPG's since I was a wee lad of 7, and you know what? I like FF8 better too. I'm not saying that either one is necessarily better, just that each has their own good points, and you shouldn't dismiss as slime anything made by Square, as you claim we all proclaim as God the same.

-Hoenir Aesir

PS - HTML can go jump off a cliff and die.

Before I say anything else, let me say why I picked this letter of all the ones I recieved on the subject. This person did their own HTML. That's always nice. I know it's debate fodder, but oh well. I got an awful awful lot of letters comparing the two games, but I think it can be put quite simply. Grandia and FF8 are both very good games (oh, and I don't agree that Grandia is challenging in the least) that don't nessessarily appeal to the same people. Some call Grandia too cute, some call FF8 all flash, some say they hate both because they're too linear. The bottom line is that more people seem to have enjoyed FF8 than Grandia (and a lot more people played FF8) and debating won't change that. So let's drop it shall we?

Japanese Lesson
Google-sama , the recent talk of adding -san and -chan to one's own name has made me curious. What do all these suffixed mean? I don't know any of them (Except sama). Lord Googleshng , please help me!


OK, here's a rough translation of a bunch of happy little things to tack on to someone's name in Japanese:
-san: It's like saying Mr./Mrs. basically.
-sama: Basically like Lord/Lady.
-chan: doesn't translate well, but it basically implies cute little girlhood.
-kun: again, doesn't translate well, but it indicates being male.
That reminds me, I really should fix my little signiture so people quit picking on it.
Hey, while I'm at it, here's the basic definition of Bishonen: A guy who really really looks like a girl.

Phantasy Star Questions
WARNING! Phantasy Star spoilers left and right!

I was recently digging though the piles of crap in my basement when I found my old Genesis! All the TV hook up cords with it and everything! Also my favorite game ever, Phantasy Star 4, just happened to be in it, and the instruction book for the game was tapped to the bottom of the Genesis, weird since I didnāt do that and I donāt have any siblings. I have only played PS 4 but thereās all sorts of references to previous PS games in it. I donāt know if youāve played the game, but thereās this one part where Chaz has to get Elisdeon (donāt know if thatās the way itās spelled) and when he does all these pictures come up showing past events from past PS games. What events are these? Also, in Termi, thereās a statue of some chick holding a sword and she has a cat by her legs. Who is this? Who was the main character from PS 1? Is Alys, the chick who dies, in PS 3 or something cuz when she meets up with Rune she says that she knows him from a long time ago? I donāt know. If thereās any other weird stuff about PS 4 that you could mention that would be much appreciated. Thanx in advance,


You can't say I didn't label THIS spoiler. 8) OK, in the original Phantasy Star, the main characters are Alis (yes, same person as Alys in 4), Miau (a talking cat), Odin (big fighter), and Noah (or Lutz, lousy inconsistant translators). When you find Odin, he's been turned to stone by Medusa, and at one point you have a nightmare in which a monster that looks like Dark Falz/Dark Force wipes out your whole party. Oh, and then there's Lassic's Air castle towards the end. I THINK that covers about all of the references to the original game in 4 (aside from the music and such). As for 2 and 3, well, 3 isn't made by the same team so it doesn't really count, and as for PS2, all it's responsible for is the decaying ecological control computers all over the place. In other words, even the rest of the PS series agrees with me that the original is great. 8)

This isn't the personals people.
Go0gs' I was wondering if you could help me out. I can't find the woman of my dreams and this pretty much sums it up.

Wanted: Female. 18-mid 20's. Has vivid thoughts of changing her name to a nonexistent one that would make a good RPG character. Understands that a soundtrack can make or break a game. Plays RPG's for plotline reasons, not CG and propagandist hype. Likes fantasy novels. And understands that sometimes it's a necessity to sit in front of a game for 4 days strait.

Okay, so I'm reaching a bit here. I doubt this person exists but I figured if anyone could find out, it would be the all mighty Q&A entity such as yourself.


You know, an awful lot of that applies to me. Heck I played Xenogears for 2 weeks straight getting up only to meet biological needs. I don't like fantasy though. Ick. In general, most fantasy authors just spend way way too much time describing trees. Still, there's probably several people fitting that description who will be telling me so today. Hey wait a minute, you're LOKI and you can't find a girlfriend? Oh, and before you all jump down my throat, I was really really low on letters that weren't about FF8 vs. Grandia, OK?

Translation Woes
Hey there 1,000(insert 94 zeroes)000shng, (clever huh?)
I got Final Fantasy Anthology for Christmas, eager to play an "official" version of FF5, and just looking forward to the nostolgia of FF6. Anyway, I've played only about an hour of FF5 and I've noticed something. Is it just me or is the language in FF5 slightly more "adult" than FF6? In exempli: "What a load of crap! It's just cause you've got the hots for her!" and "It's a pirate ship for chrissakes!"(or something to that effect). Now I know this is nothing compared to "Sheeit" and "Bastard!" but however, I would have thought that Square would have inserted similar language into FF6, instead of just the direct text straight from the cart. Any insight as to why Square didn't fix a sum total of about 10 words in FF6?


FF6 had already been translated, so Square just recycled that one verbatum. As for FF5, well, the anthology is one of the sloppiest rereleasals of all time, and Square didn't bother to hire a decent translator for the thing. So we wind up with a really awful surly translation for it. Sucks, doesn't it.

Grandia without FF8? WOW!
Hey Googleman,

In Grandia, is Guido a secret character or am i close to getting him. I'm in Savanna Wastelands or whatever and I just wanna know because he looks cool and I'm tired of Milda and her magicless self. I know this is probably a big spoiler for people and i'm sorry, but I just gotta know.

-Gadwin's special move..Dragon King Slice!

Well, I'm pretty sure that stuff in the instructions doesn't count as spoilers. Since you're about as far as me and Guido's moves are listed after Milda's in the instructions, I'm inclined to agree with you on your little theory.


Hey Google, for some reason everytime I get splashed with cold water I turn into a small little black pig and a girl calls me P-chan aswell! What can I do?

Avoid cold water, pigtailed girls, and get a compass.

How do I ask anime characters from RPGs out on a date? They're so hot!

Neo Zeromus

Get Thousand Arms... or go to anime conventions.

You know... you remind me of AFGNCAAP from Zork Grand Inquisitor. Except you talk more. (AFGNCAAP=Ageless, Faceless, Gender-Neutral, Culturally-Ambiguous, Adventuring Person.)

That sounds about right, yeah.

Is that a kitten or a demonic Kodama?

Ribby ~@-@~

The results aren't in from the lab yet.

Speaking of Bishonen, ever see Dilandu from Escaflowne? Guys just don't get any more girly than THAT! Ź
I beg to differ. Ever seen James, from Pokemon? Ź
Blackjack Gabbiani

So you HAVEN'T seen Escaflowne.

To Xenochick.
I have Nobou's email address if you want it. Seriously, but he doesn't speak much english.

Hey, can I have it?

I heard that it was starting to be hrd to find FFT, i looked at amazon and gamecave...and i cant find it?!?! Where can I FIND IT?!?!
Axem 5

I get this a lot, but I don't know, anyone willing to part wiith one?

The Last Laugh:

The mail program I've been using since Christmas really really sucks. Only today do I realize that it makes x-html mail invisible if I don't look at it as source and that I kinda can't reply to stuff with it. Oh well, I can permanently switch back to my REAL one soon enough. That means Paws didn't get that thank you amoung other things...

Uh, you can go now, I'm really done talking. Bye. Bye! Go! Leave! There's probably a cool news story on index! Beat it! Oh wait, maybe you aught to ask your questions before you go. 8)

Googleshng "Spoiled!"
Did I go and refuel that gender debate? 8(

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