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Happy Nu Year
Googleshng - January 3 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

I'm still tired from that stupid party my little cousin threw for her friends while I was hiding from them in the basement. Having 8 13 year old girls literally screaming at the top of their lungs right in your ear, repeatedly, sucks. Also I didn't get money for Christmas really like I usually do, so I'm not going to be able to afford any RPGs until summer at least. Wah.

On THAT note, if any of you are into Astrology, then PLEASE go here: Cosmic Connections. I made the site for someone (who CAN'T provide my secret identity you freaks!) so any sales from it get me a commission. Not only does this prevent me from having to give up working here to get a job that pays enough to live off of, but as far as astrology type stuff goes, it's pretty darn good. I mean, 20-40 page bound reports here. I'll stop plugging it now.

Well then, the only other thing I have to say is that it's not the new millenium/century yet. That's a fact. The sooner you admit it, the more you'll be entitled to laugh at people for deciding they believe it right before new years next year so they have another excuse for a major party. 8)

How high in the sky can you fly?

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That's an Ecco quote. 8)

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In the PSX:
Must... finish!
In the Genesis:
Phantasy Star 2
Yeah, STILL!
In the Gameboy:
My cousin's copy of Pokemon
May your eyes burst!
In the SNES:
Great game
In the SMS:
Phantasy Star
In the NES:
A Boy and His Blob
David Crane's a wacko.
In the Saturn:
Albert Odyssey
Look! Look! A Saturn game!
In the N64:
Wow, that's rare.
In the Dreamcast:
Soul Calibur
This victory strengthens the soul of... me!
Ouch, that sucks.
I just had a frustrating encounter with "the first DC rpg", Evolution (World of Sacred Design), and was wondering if any other gamers have had this happen.

Let me briefly explain the save-game system Evolution uses. You can't save your games in the dungeons. (Actually, there's a save point right before the bosses, but not while you're navigating the dungeons themselves.) The dungeons compose 95% of the game, most of the time, your party is exploring and fighting monsters. In between levels of the dungeon, you can "pause" the game and a temporary save file is created that you can resume at a later point. Once you've left a level of the dungeon there's no way to return to it.

So this afternoon I'm working on the third dungeon, and I'm a few hours into it. I enter the 13th level, and start looking around. (Keep in mind, this is hours past my most recent save game.) There's no set of stairs down, and no teleporter. There's not even any monsters. I use a RUIN-SEARCH (item which reveals a map of the entire dungeon floor), and see that the randomly created level is separated into two sections. I'm stuck in the section without stairs or monsters. I'm forced to turn the game off, and restart from town. I've lost all the items and combat experience for the day.

Has anyone else had this problem? Or did I just get lucky?

Jesse Jackson

Uh, darn! I suppose it could be a weird little glitch or fluke, espeicially if it uses the same sort of algorithim Diablo and Lufia 2's Ancient Cave because I've never seen anthing like that in those. In any case, I don't like random dungeon crawls personally. Well, if anyone else has gotten stuck like this, tell me.

I love that game
Biff asked about RPG's for the Gameboy. Brad mentioned Lufia and Star Ocean.. How 'bout a little game called CRYSTALIS!?!? From what I've seen of it, it looks incredible. They added cutscenes and even speech! I loved Crystalis when it first came out, and I was very dissapointed to find that it can't be emulated (Yeah, I'm a bad boy) very well. Hence, why I'm pumped about the re-release.

Also, on an unrelated note, here's a fun quote for Bladder 3:

'We're still one year from the millenium,
That's a science-fiction fact.
Stanley Kubrick and his Buddy HAL.
Now don't look that abstract'
--Jimmy Buffett 'Fruitcakes'

-S. Pustinger

Crystalis is good. Very very good. When it gets rereleased I have to get it, that and a GBC.

Ah reckon it ain't so bad.
Have you ever played Wild ARMs?

How did you like it? I loved that game. Excellent storyline, beautiful music. It just drew me in from the very start. But I don't get why people bash it all the time. They're always saying what a horrible game it was, yet it's one of my very favorites! What do you think of it?

(BTW, Lady Harken rocks. ;)


I've heard an awful lot of people say Wild ARMS sucks. I've also heard a large number of people saying it was cool. I've heard a bit of the music (which influences my opinions of games an awful lot, would you believe I kinda like Parasite Eve?) and it's good. Anyway, someone got me it for Christmas, but it's still in the mail. 8(

I'm low on letters today, OK?
Hi, Googleshng! Just to make a correction about something Brad put in yesterday, I do NOT have a crush on Nobuo Umatsu. I probably didn't even spell his name right. He looks like a girl. No offense to one of the best composers ever, but being a girl and having a crush on him would be like being a guy and having a crush on Dominia in Xenogears.


I bet just for printing this a whole slew of guys will write in saying how they have crushes on Dominia. Darn. Speaking of Bishonen, ever see Dilandu from Escaflowne? Guys just don't get any more girly than THAT!

The Battle Rages On
I would liek to address the EVIL that square is .The " squareheads" at your rpg of the year pole voted 1,000 and over votes for FF8, as rpg of the year, and only 187 for grandia what are your problems,,, if you rpg players truely believe in rpgs you must fight the evil that Square is , Square is evil, Grandia is RPG of the year not FF8, FF8 is evil and is even a burden of the name of Final Fantasy, Square is evil. Gamearts is the RPG kings Gamerarts makes great rpgs, Lunar and Grandia are Gameart rpgs, not Square. Square has Xenogears i'll give them that but i mean come on look at FF8 it pales in comparison to Grandia, just cause 8 has a final fantasy in front of it doesnt make it a great rpg.. in fact i think its lame , its lame and evil its giving rpgs a bad name. It takes spotlight away from games like Grandia. I am only 1 man of many who feel this same way . So i say a new year a new comapny and lets all make that company Gamearts. ALL ANTI squares unite and fight the power that

be , and that evil mega power is square, square overshadows great rpg companiesand deserves to be dethroaned so down with square UNITE all anti squares, that is all Thank you

thank you..

I'm torn between saying amen, bashing this person, or giving a little lecture, I think I'll go with lecture. As you may recall, the first RPG that really reached the general public was FF7. Therefore, there's a vast number of people who think FF7, and to a lesser extent 8, are the greatest games in existance. This has a VERY obvious affect on all of RPGamer's polls. If you don't respect the opinions of these people, just mentally edit them off the polls. Then everyone is happy.

Oooh, pity!
Hey Googleshng

I just wanted to write and say that since yesterday when I found out that you guys don't actually get paid for this (I had always assumed you had), I have a whole lot more respect for you and the columns you do.

And is there something wrong with me for not liking Grandia? I guess it was the horrifically cheesy 'boy wants to be a hero' plot that made me sick.


Heh, I thinkk I've heard that techically RPGamer DOES pay, just that it's in really really small ammounts once a month or something. Anyway, I personally haven't seen a cent, so I can still call it charity now can't I? 8) Hmm... Tidwell's probably going to be ticked off by this if he reads it and I'll have to appologize for something so I'll just get it over with and say sorry now. Sorry. 8) As for Grandia, nah, lots of people say they think the plot's too cutesy. I just say it's different and leave it at that.


Why must I be Pants-chan?! WHYYYY!!!


No sticking san on your own name! Haven't we been through this? Now, get in that tea service kimono!

Hi, Googleshng!

If you're a man, my e-mail addres is
If you're a women, don't bother!

-Rena Landford

You DID want this posted, right? >8)


Keep it down!

Guess what I'm a monkey

I think you should tell Brad that Steve.

This is to ensure that you don't run out of quickies. You can thank me later.

I can, but I'm too tired too.

Let's make a bridge outta 'er!

Ah, but can you not also build bridges out of stone?

Who did the voices for the pronunciations?

I already told you! Paws!

The Last Laugh:

Hey, speaking of which, Paws, could you maybe redo those with the volume up a bit, and try to make them a little higher quality? I'm glad you did'em, but they're real hard to hear. Oh, and hey, if you want a REAL challenge, try to do my name. 8)

I tried taking a picture of my kitten, but he was moving a lot and the white balance is off so he came out really demonic looking... fitting. Here.

I think I'll plug that astrology site again. Cosmic Connections. There. 8)

Googleshng "Ugh."
Lousy screaming little girls. X(

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