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   Owie indeed! 
Gin'irochi - October 29 '00- 23:09 Eastern Daylight Time

Uh... Maybe it was a bad idea to do the whole "guess the message" deal. :P But, you guys did great and I got a TON of letters telling me where it was from! Yeehaw! And yes, yu're all correct... it was from Freakazoid.

Oh yeah, by the way. About the whole WEAPON thing yesterday - I was confused and thought the guy meant Diamond WEAPON, who is run through by the Sister Ray. When in fact, he was talking about Sapphire Weapon who is shot in the face by the cannon at Junon. My mistake, but thatnks for sending in reports anyway. :) By the way, I'm not "laming out" on doing a column, but it was my own fault I didn't get letters this time since not only did I have a brain fart, I also asked for the whole freakazoid thing. So, I'll print a few of the Freakazoid quickies for your enjoyment. But, I have no questions. :( Bummer.




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WOOHOO! FREAKAZOID! And while we're on the cartoon quotes topic...
Sabin "'til the day he saved a chunky elf from being eaten by a crooow" XIII

*Bap* OW!

I love this show!

Da da da da da tada, Freak-a-zoid, Freak-a-zoid!

-Anerin "Due to budget cuts, the chimpanzee in the lavender leisure suit had to be... removed" PD

You know, that theme song is so catchy, I think I'll just do

Look at my Leonard Nemoy action figure collection...!

`Tis from Freakazoid, the ultimate Spielberg evolution in cartoons from Tiny Toons and Animaniacs. And as a sidenote, I know people that are like Fanboy. A LOT like Fanboy. They scare me very, very much.


Fanboys scare everyone - they really do! I should know. I am one. (MWAHAHAHAH! *ahem* I'm fine.)

Diabler Tew, Heeyuck!

Freakazoid! FREAKAZOID!!! Runs around in underwear, Freakazoid! FREAKAZOID!!! Heh, don't hit that delete key, whatever you do... Don't mind me,*twitch* I'm just hyped up on *twitch**flip* Viper Churros.*bbbzt*

Do I get a tilde? or a bottle of gin?
-------- Xero"They're dinky, they're Pinky and the Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, NARF!!!"Zohar

I wonder how exactly he came up with the whole long-john look. I wish I could not really fly and pretend like I could.... oh wait -- I can. *whooooshshshshshshshshsh! * Oh, and I would give you a bottle of gin, but you can't fly with an open container... traffic laws. Who needs 'em?

The Last Laugh:

I suppose since all this column was was quickies, I don't need more. :P

Anyhow, Radrisol had this neeto idea... he made up this comic:

Now here's the catch... you need to e-mail radrisol, and tell him who you want to win the PS2. The winner will whup some ass and get the PS2! (Hint: Pick me. O:) Gotta give credit where credit is due... Rad really came up with a good idea here! :) Good man, adam... good man. The Icee is in the mail. Uh... on second thought, that'd be kind of messy. (Readers - you'll see what I'm talking about in a future comic. ;)

P.S.:  Hi! Black Chocobo here. Gin, in his business and his disappointment at the lack of actual questions forgot that since Goog is going to be out of town for a couple days, he's going to have some column relief, and I'm taking tomorrow's shift. So, if you emailed a question to Goog before I noticed and changed that mailto link up there, you'll have to send it to me if you want it to get answered. See ya tomorrow!

Gin "Watch yourself!"
Obscure cartoon references rock... HOOOOO!
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