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Gin'irochi - October 28 '00- 5:21 Eastern Daylight Time

Well, after a long grueling day at work, I've finally made it home to produce a VERY late column.


Anyway, I've been tinkering with a new column design for my side of Q&A, so keep your eyes peeled... Oh, and don't worry Google. I'm not changing that much. I'll let you review it before I put it into effect. :P Anyway, if you think a new design is a good idea, tell me. (But please, only tell me if you send in a question. I don't want to get just "Yes"'s or "No's" in my mailbox. Thanks. :) I'll also work on a gimmick of some sort as well. Maybe a riddle? We'll have to see....



And so, the immortal question is raised...
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FF7 Spoilers.... kind of.

Hey Gin, I finally found a question that only you (?) can solve. Well, okay, probably everyone else in the world, too. Okay, here goes....I never beat FFVII. Never even got past the first disk. (I don't actually OWN it, anyway) So anyway, I rely on my friends for FFVII and FFVIII info, for my website or whatever. I was recently comparing elements of different FF games, and I came to WEAPONs. (You know, those ugly giant beasts that...well, you know...) I successfully concluded that FFV has one, FFVI has one, and FFVIII has at least one. But FFVII? Which brings me to my question. I was listing off the WEAPONS to my friend Kyle, who has "mastered" FF7 many many times and knows it by heart. However, when I mentioned Diamond WEAPON, he said no such thing exists. My friend Tom, who has also "mastered" FFVII, said there WAS a Diamond WEAPON. So am I just stupid or what? (Don't answer that!) Whoa, I've rambled a long time....okay, I'll just say it simply: Is there or is there not a Diamond WEAPON in FF7???


Yep, there is a Diamond Weapon. It's true. The Diamond weapon
is the weapon that surfaces from the ocean and attacks Midgar. It also sucks, since it has that fruity little countdown beam. It HURTS. Especially if it were me. I bruise, really I do...

Bios and stuff.

I thought Googleshng's bio was rather interesting. I once suggested a slightly simpler form of it for all of the staff members, but, since turnover is so high, it's a rather unlikely idea. Is there any small chance that other staff members might put up bios? If they do, could they tell us whether they go to school or not (which almost all the talking ones seem to do...), and what they're studying?

Another thing. Gotten Ogre Battle 64 yet? If not, WHY THE SMURF NOT??? I bought a smurfin' N64 just so I could play it. And it was WORTH IT! A third thing. Why does your name have to confuse me? I mean, I KNOW it's pronounced with a hard g, but I always think of it with a soft g. It's really getting on my nerves.

Thanks in advance.
Insanerest of AOL Servant of Darkness and D.D.S.

Yeah, most staffers will put up bios shortly. I'm debating as to wether or not I will put one up myself. I most likely will, but it may tae awhile. As for the whole school idea, I'll let Myst (da Boss) know of your suggestion.

As for Ogre Battle, Nope. Sorry. I don't own an N64, so I can't very well play N64 games. (Emulation is out of the question, so don't bother sending letters. Not that I disagree with it, or anything.... dammit, just don't send Ogre Battle emulation letters, mmkay? :P) I'll check it out sometime though. Perhaps a rental or two. And about my name, it confuses everyone. Either they can't pronounce it, they say "What in the holy hell does that mean?!", or they just stare blankly and say "Duh?" You're not alone.


Hey, I just had a great idea for a Game Boy RPG! It's called "Final Fantasy Monsters". See, you're a ten year old boy that has always dreamed of being a Chocomon (Chocobo Monster) master, but you were too lazy to go to the pet store and buy a Chocomon. Suddenly, you get a call from Professor Cid, who says that he made an extraordinary discovery, that wild Chocomon are appearing everywhere! So he gives you a Chocomon of your choice, and you go on a wild and zany adventure catching Chocomon and trading and battling with your friends. Suddenly, right when you are getting really sick of the plot, a dark cloud looms over the sky, and a big guy in a funny Holloween costume threatens to destroy the world with yet another screwed up magic system. It is then your duty to stop this fiend, who turns out to be your uncle Bob who went into one exploding nuclear power plant too many. The rest of the details are a bit sketchy, but the finding and capturing Chocomon thing will somehow be connected to the killing uncle Bob thing. Oh yeah, it will also utilize the Game Cube in some way. Sounds kewl, eh?

BL Alien

OK, I found this rather amusing, so I thought I'd share it. I'd really love to see this game actually take place... Spoofing Pokémon with crazy Final Fantasy twists. Heh.... neeto. (Note: This game doesn't actually exist. Duh. )


In Breath of Fire III, I am looking for a way to find hints to open the doors from 2 and maybe on. I have looked all through out the plant and can't find any. Your help would greatly be appreciated. One more question. Do you know of a web site that has hints for the game.

Paladin on a Mission, B Barr

Doh... I forgot how to do it! I really should take a memory refresher through Breath of Fire 3. I love that game... As for a site with hints and stuff, if you can't find a walkthrough here, I suspect you can find a good one at GameFAQS. However, I do know exactluy what and where you're talking about.... Keep plugging. You'll get it eventually.


so... for holloween are you going to be a bottle of Gin or an angel thingie.

The untalented bard ^_^

Actually, I went as a cosplay'ed Serge from Chrono Cross. It was a really spiff costume... I'll try and get a pic up online.

No, the Escaflowne people did not steal the FFT characters' noses. I ate them.

Ew. That's all I have to say.

why are you so cool?

Because I'm such a sexy bitch. (Yeah baby, yeah!)

Are you a sandwich then?


Yes. On wheat bread with pickles, lettuce, tomato, and salami... mmmmm.... Salami.

Shenmue is spelled Shenmue damnit not "Shen Mue"

*tattoo's "psycho" accross yonder reader's forehead*

The Last Laugh:

Ha HA! Yet another column finished in (non) record setting time! I'll be back... uh... later with another column. I'll be plugging away viciously at the new format, so it may be ready for tomorrow, and it may not. We'll have to see. Until then!

Gin "POIT!"
One is a genius, the other's insane...

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