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Gin'irochi - October 22 '00- 22:52 Eastern Daylight Time

Well, it seems that my use of the word "deal" yesterday was misconstrued as though I were pointing the finger, or something, so I'll just say this - it was a joke, nothing more. I did not mean to offend. However, some people who sent various letters pointed out that this section seriously needs some fresh blood. So, I guess I'll be thinking up ideas and such for new ideas, as well as new stuff for that thar sidebar. God knows I need my own anyway.... I'll work on a tmeplate later this week. Anyway, I have a real column ready (for once) so lets get on with it!

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Oooo, a question from Googlyshng!
Before you were signing your columns with a pic that looked kinda like Brave Fencer Musashi. Then you ditched that in favor of that penciled buff guy. I prefer bishonen anime characters to that sort of thing, and someone just submitted the perfect new one to fanart, see?

Now, to be nice, a question. Hmm... I don't think you have OB64... or PE2... ah, here's one? What are the most recent 3 games you've played enough to answer any questions on? Also, what's the point of the inn in BFM? Your room is free! - Googleshng

Note to self: Reveal Google's identity in a future column. >:P

As for a set of games that I have recently played: Threads of Fate (Mint's Quest. Gotta work on Rue yet.), Final Fantasy Tactics, and Metal Gear Solid. OK, so that isn't an RPG, but it still rocks...

European Concerns, of course!

Hey Gin,

I got a question for yous. RPGMaker or a Dreamcast for my birthday? I know this may seem lopsided, a 150 dollar system for a game, but I think RPGs are thre bomb diggity wack, and I really want this game. Dreamcast.....well, PSO looks sweet, as does SoA, but nothing else excites me enough. So, what's your opinoin? Granted, I probably won't make my decision based on what you say, but I thought I'd give you a letter to post in your time of need. Later.


Me? I would personally go with the Dreamcast, since RPG Maker.... well.... bit. A LOT. I think that RPG creation tools should stick to the PC, and possibly Dreamcast since they have a keyboard rather than attempting to do it with a more limited console like the PSX. (Not that I'm saying there's anything wrong with the PlayStation...) Another reasoning for getting a DC is that $50 is easier to come by than $200. Best of luck to you!

Pseeudo Quickie....

Okay, this is my question: When you're talking, and you say RPGamer (as in "My name is gin and I write a column for RPGamer") do you say RP Gamer or RPG Gamer? Just curious. Thanks.

I personally pronounce it "Arpy Gamer." Funky, I know.... My reasoning is that there is no damned extra G in there. So, that would lead me to say that it's only "RP Gamer"
and not "RPG Gamer." But that's merely my opinion.

I need more money

Hey Gin,

With the upcoming PlayStation 2 launch this Thursday. I've got three questions for you.

1. I've been thinking about getting a PlayStation 2 for a few weeks now. I was wondering, with Square with the X-Box rumors running around, how would that affect the supply of RPG's for the PlayStation 2? Will they be producing games for both systems? I was wondering because I primarily play RPG's, the lack of RPG's made me dump my N64 for some spare cash.

2. Would it be wise to get one in the near future, say a month? I say this becasue my PlayStation seems like it's on it's last legs and I need to be able to play the newer RPG's like Breath of Fire IV, Final Fantasy IX, and Lunar 2. Money right now isn't an object. So would I be better off getting a PlayStation 2 now and hope that Square and other companies will still produce many quality RPG's?

3. In your opinion, what are the chances that I would be able to obtain a PS 2 in about a month without preordering?

Thanks for the help,
Moogle of Death

Thanks you for sending a question, Moogle. :)

I'm not really sure. My gameplan is to buy a PS2 later on since they will be in such high demand and cost for the first few months. Since most places are already sold out, chances of finding them will be slim for a VERY long time. Think N64 only worse. I'm sure RPG's will be along for the PS2 within time. As for launch RPG's, the pickings are very slim. In fact, I'm not even sure what they are. I should pay another visit to the news section, maybe do some remedial research.... blarg.

OK, I've returned from Ye Olde research center, and come up with the following titles:

  • Summoner (THQ)
  • Eternal Ring (Activision)
  • EverGrace (Activision)
these have been confirmed as launch titles for the PS2, however more are on the way. Mmmm... Bouncer.

Check this image out! I always thought that Amano didn't do the character designs for FF7, but, as you can see, this is undeniably supposed to be Cloud. I got this from Now tell me: have I been wrong all of this time or is the guy that runs this site just confused?

DarkRider X

Yes indeedydo, that is Cloud alright...
And Red XIII too. As for the character art done by Amano, I have no idea. I had heard something to the effect that someone else did it, but I had never confirmed that. Thanks for the great pic!

I know. Stop sending in corrections. I was already planning to print one on my own.

The Last Laugh:

Mmkay, yet another column has been finished. On a side note, I went to the mall with Radrisol today, and had a ton of fun. Hi Rad! His friend Cecelia is cool too.... if any other readers are in the Albany, New York region, drop me a line. Maybe we can hook up sometime. :)

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