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   I so happy!  
Gin'irochi - October 15 '00- 22:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Wheeee! You guys finally pulled through and stopped sending quickies! I so happy!

Since you guys were so good, I'll give you all a nice ASCII cookie. :)


Mmmm... cookie. Anyway, I'm feeling much better now, and ready to floor it on the column. Ikuze! :D

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In the PSX:
Absoloutely nothing
Virginia was a "lot lizard" from F.L.A.
She had a compound fracture in the "trunk"
It started when she run away
Thumbs out on the interstate
She hitched a ride to misery

"Mr. Whirly" had a catastrophic incident
He fell into the city by the bay
He liquidated his estate
Now he sleeps upon the Haight
Panhanding misery

HeÕs gonna get high, high, high
When heÕs low, low low 
The fire burns from better days
And she screems why
I said I donÕt know
The catastrophic hymns from yesterday
Of misery

Vinnie was a hustler out of Amsterdam
He ran the drug cartel in "tinseltown"
They found him in a cadillac
Bludgeoned with a baseball bat----in the name
Of misery

Gina hit the road to New York City
Mysteriously the night Vinnie croaked
She stopped in Vegas to elope
With Virgina and the dope
And kissed the bride eternally

And theyÕre gonna get high, high high
When theyÕre low low low
The fire burns from better days
And he screams why
I said I donÕt know
The catastrophic hymns from yesterday
Of misery

Hell hounds on your trail now once again..boy
ItÕs groping on your leg until it sleeps
The emptiness will fill your soul with sorrow
Because itÕs not what you make,,,,itÕs what you leave

And weÕre gonna get high
When IÕm  low
The fire burns from better days
And she screems why
I said I donÕt know
The catastrophic hymnes from yesterday
Of misery

green day is badass, but warning isnt there finest hour....

mmmmm.... Greenday. I used to be a big fan of them, but I havn't heard much from them since the days of "Dookie". Good stuff...

Ohio...? I live in New York...
Ohio, Gin'irochisan! Just got a few questions for ya:

1. Did you get/are you getting Pokemon G/S?

2. What did you choose in this week's poll?

3. (This one's always bugged me...) Is there an actual RPGamer office where all of you guys work, or do you just do it from your own homes?

That'd be all...
-- Cranium "When you say six figures, does that include two zeroes after the dot? .... ... :^D !!"

P.S. That transformation sequence in Rad's comic yesterday reminded me of Serge's "conveniently-placed arm" transformation sequence in Chrono Cross.

Isn't that "Ohayo Gozaimas?" Anyway...

1. - Don't own a Gameboy, so I can't play any type of Pokemon games. (Which is still true, because I don't own an N64 either.)
2.- I don't actually visit the polls. Just because I work here doesn't mean I have to look at everything.
3.- Actually, no. This site is comprised of various people from various points in the world, all of whom work from their respective residences. As for there being a central office.... well, you could say that. ;)

PS - Yeah, wasn't that neato keen? ;)

Thought provoking indeed...
Yo Gin.

I would like to state my opinion in the quickie business.

Waaay back (Well, maybe not THAT way back, but it feels like a long time) when Brad was still hosting, he was fun with the letters. He would print the most unrelated-to-RPG things, and it was funny. Brad would print comments, not just questions, make fun of them, agree with them, whatever.

(If this seems irrelevant so far, stick with me, I'm gettin' there)

Let's speed things up: Brad quits. You're hired. Googleshng states that s/he will only print questions (I forget what column this was in, but I'm pretty sure at least some of you remember it), which shocked me a bit. I kinda prefer Brad's method more (heh, "kinda"), 'cuz I believe that his method keeps everyone interested. If Goog only prints questions, pretty much the only ones that are interested are:

1:The person who asked the question
2:The other people who had the same question (but were afraid to ask)

However, there were still quickies! Quickies were ment to be funny/bizarre/thought-provoking! I felt that glimmer of hope.

And you know what happens next.

Google, in an effort to get more "real" letters, sucked all the entertainment off the Q&A column, in addition even LESS letters than before.

I prayed and prayed and prayed that YOU would still print quickies, but nope, YOU had to go and take most of the fun off too, blaming US for a smaller column in the process.

My two questions: What's so BAD about quickies? Does their presence send vibes to the readers to stop sending "real" letters and send in more quickies? I know my opinion isn't going to make you print quickies again, but I would at least like you to answer those two questions of mine, since I know you love questions.

Oh, and one more thing, if this letter is the only long letter you get tomorrow, don't act like it's not partially YOUR fault the column's too short.

Sabin "See, I can be serious, too!" XIII My Microsoft Outlook paperclip hates it when I write long letters like these

Actually, I'm glad you brought this up. The reason that Google and I hadn't been printing quickies was because that was ALL we were getting. A Question
and answer column is pretty worthless if there are no actual questions asked, don't you think? And so, by not printing quickies, we provoked some real questions. Which in my opinion is good... Quickies are nice, but if that's all a column is, then what about people who actually look to this section for guidance of some sort? They'll end up taking up constructive hobbies, like model ship building, or crack smoking, or something like that. (Oh, wait... smoking crack is NOT constructive. BAD, kids! SHAME on you! That's what happens when we don't have letters...[Footnote: RPGamer doesn't endorse the use of illegal substances. It's a joke. Dont sue, mmkay?])

Anyway, my point is, if the column is just quickies, then what is the sense of having a Q&A section? Think about it.


Well, since poor Gin didn't get good letters in, I thought I'd help, otherwise we'll never see quickies again. Plus I KNOW my letter will get printed (it helps when the weekend Q&A guy is your friend ;)

  1. Has anyone noticed the large German overtones in SaGa Frontier II? Especially if you look at the soundtrack names.
  2. Are you anticipating ShenMue or Skies of Arcadia more? Why?
  3. What's up with Mythri, RPGamer seems fairly chummy with the Mythri team, you should all know.
  4. Is anyone else anticipating Arc the Lad Collection? Of course I have enough unfinished RPGs that I should finish first but I'll buy it anyway.
  5. No one's mentioned Brad since he left, so I'm mentioning now. What's he doing anyway?

Not the greatest batch of questions in my opinion. But I can shamelessly plug my site now that I'm finally updating it normally. ^^


PS- Expect a "Gin gets sick" comic soon, I need a new maker pen though, mine just died :(>

Uh... yeah, I guess it does pay when the columnist is your friend. ;)

1.) I havn't noticed, but then again I havn't played the game in awhile.
2.) I'm anticipating Skies of Arcadia more because it looks more like an RPG that I could enjoy in a more traditional style. To be honest, Shen Mue doesn't look like it has enough action in it...
3.) no comment.
4.) I'm anticipating it, actually. I'd like to see how this collection comes out. Plus, I've never played any of the "Arc" games, so I have to start somewhere. ;)
5.) Brad is doing fine. If you'd like, you can get at him here.

Whee! I get sick! Uuuugh... *flop*

The Last Laugh:

Well then, it was good to be back in the saddle. I've been a bit busy as of late, plus the little hospital trip wasn't exactly helpful.... But, at least I got one fairly decent column in. I'll speak to Google about having quickies return, since you guys have really picked up the slack on questions. Thanks Again. :) Until next weekend!

Gin "Smurfy!"
V ybir lbh fnenu

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