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Gin'irochi - October 14 '00- 3:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Well, it seems that no one listened to Google and sent me only quickies... I got a total of 2 letters that required actual answers, so don't blame the lack of column on me. :P Google and I are striking n terms of posting quickies since we get too many. Deal. :P


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And so, the lack of games catches up with me...
Omega Smackdown!

Hello bottle thingy that's supposed to change soon depending on the comics (wow, it's like a part of RPGamer now. :-) )!

Regarding Omega in FFVIII, you get "Proof of Omega". It's somewhere in the tutorial area, I believe. I don't see why anyone would need 45 minutes to beat it, though. If you beat the Card Club Quest, you can get 100 Holy Wars (invincible for a couple of turns, like Rinoa's limit break) easy, and then you just need 100 Auras (and low health can also be nice) and the Lionheart (or Leonhart, Leonheart, Lionhart, whatever).

Zohar Gilboa

P.S. If you're a bottle can't you trick people to think that you have some kind of demon inside you and rule using the power of fear and admiration?

Good advice for the Omega Weapon! As for me being a "bottle thingy," It was a joke played off my name - Gin'irochi. See? I change into something seriously cool, but you have to wait to see it. ;)

The Last Laugh:

Gin'irochi: Bleh. A mere one letter... Anyway, time for the comic of me! :D

Whee! Anyway, send letters for tomorrow. Keep in mind that no quickies will be printed until Google and I get some real letters. Until then!

Gin "I look cooooool!"
Why does Google talk to himself, anyway...?

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