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OK, I've screamed, so I should stay awake for a bit. (Ever get really tired, then scream and scare the living bejesus outta yourself? Hey, don't gimmie that look. I'm not really a crackhead... ) I suppose going out with some friends to Denny's at 3 AM wasn't the brightest idea in the book. Ahem. Anyway. Silkenray will be hosting tomorrow, and she has a bit of a surprise in store for a certain staff member. Until then.... deal with me. :P

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I think Otacon may have a thing for Snake. Why else would he follow him around....?

Gin "Ghetto Superstar" Irochi- I was wondering, now that the PSone (the chibi-Playstation) is out, are you going to get one, wait for the screen and powerpack to come out, or screw the whole thing and buy something sweet with your money. Like pie. Well? WHY AREN'T YOU ANSWERING?! Oh yeah *hits send*

-Magus Darkstar-

Actually, I thought about getting a PSOne. I think I'll probably wait until March, when the screen comes out for it. But, I'm still debating that as well, because I'mn not sure if they are going to make some kind of portable battery pack or not. a portable system with no portability is rather stupid, in my opinion... Ah well.

Yes, I'm a man, thank you very much...

Hey man (I think?), Well, I've been coming to this site since Andrew Vestal's days and it's about time I ask some of the questions I've racked up over the years:

1- Whatever happened to that chat room there was on this site?
2- Ogre Battle for the world's fanciest paper weight was released yesterday and I ordered a copy instead of buying Valkyrie Profile. Am I stupid?
3- In the September 22nd column featuring google and that Cheschire guy, what anime does that pic (schizophrenic looking black cat) at the bottom of the screen come from? I know I've seen it before so I checked the ol' fansub pile, but just can't find where it came from.
4- Isn't about time someone reviewed anime on RPGamer (ie me)??
5- Know anyone that actually owns Tales of Destiny?
6- Do you actually get paid to work at RPGamer, and if so, where does the money come from?
7- Note to ppl buying older rpgs: Alundra, Saga Frontier 1, Saga Frontier 2, Thousand Arms aren't worth the 40 cents of plastic they're printed (?) on.


1. - We switched over to IRC. But you dsidn't ask where the channel was, now did you. :P
2.- I honestly don't know, since I didn't play OB64. I got rid of my N64 a long time ago...
3. - Uh... No idea. You may want to ask Cheshire Catalyst himself.
4.- Actually, that would defeat the whole purpose of the site being called "RPGamer." Because we handle RPG's. Duh. :P
5. - I used to have it, but I don't anymore. Let a friend borrow it, and he took it. Damn hoodlum...
6. - Now if I told you that, I'd have to kill you....

Bah. Saying Alundra isn't worth the money... *sniffle*

Yeesh.. being corrected by Google even? *boggle*

First of all, that person who said they found that weird black mage pic "somewhere" and that I wouldn't post it was pretty much right. I already posted that picture several months ago. 8) Next, a lot of people "corrected" me about the timing of DW/DQ and Phantasy Star. I know that in Japan, DQ came out before PS, but PS arrived in the US first, and I didn't say anything to the contrary on Friday. I said that the first RPG I played was PS, which was the first console RPG ever released, with the words "in this country" implied, and I said that DW was the second both that I played, released. If I'd known so many people would nitpick, I probably would have stuck in those 3 extra words. 8) Finally, it never has been proven conclusively or not whether Google the search engine is named after me or not. It came into eistance not long after people started recognizing mine, and, well, search for More evil than Satan and you'll see that it shares certain views of mine.

- Googleshng

Yeah.. uh... so THERE! *looks all tough*

A correctiopn approaches! Command?

I thought I'd just write in to say few things. Isn't it a bit odd that The Bouncer is going to be released in the US and Japan the same day. I find it very weird,

1. IT must be one HELLUVA game to play.
2. it could be the SQUARE game to end all Square games o_O.

Whats up with DQ7?, I never played any of the DQ games, I just never thought they would be any good. DQ7 sold 2.9 million copies in Japan the first day..nice, I guess i'll get it then. My last Q for today is would you happen to know a site that has a few (OR A LOT :D) of copies of FF Tactics? (good game) thanks, Alex "let us pray at the pole"


Yeah, the Bouncer looks cool. But I don't find it weird that it's coming out at the same time, I think it's great! I always wished game companies would release games simultaneously in the US and Japan... As for Dragon Quest, you GOTTA like it! It was the original RPG! FF Tactics, eh? Your best bet is probably to look at your local used game retailer. It isn't in very high quantities anymore. Sorry...

Rad-ical. :P

Hey Gin, I thought I should address this but I didn't have the time when Chimerasame mentioned it. Unfortunately Chimerasame doesn't have telekinesis his hands simply float. I do it with Goog, Paws, Chronodin and everyone else actually. And if I don't need the hands I don't draw them (the hands are those round circles I draw that always float mysteriously near them). I don't do arms because, well, I just don't, I think it add's yet another dangerously cute level to the comic. Okay just thought I'd mention that cause I figured someone must have been curious (now if only i could make dolls of you all ;) although I don't think a Gin doll would receive a warm welcome from the parents of America)


You're right. A doll of a bottle of Gin might be bad.... UIh... before you make the dolls, could you turn me into a person-type thing? Pwease? O:)

Me? The Star? Whatever...

The square root of 145 is 12.0415945788somethingsomethingsomething (my TI-86 doesn't go any farther). There, that tends to one of your weaknesses, now for the other one...

Input: Find(cute,girl-likes[RPG,freaks]) Calculating...

Location confir- Dang, the batteries died.

Oh well. Happy posting!

BL Alien

Noooooo...! My cute girl who likes RPG's! ;.; Will my search ever be over? *rimshot*


the square root of 145 is less then 13 but more then 12, I'd say 12.0 something. -The Pansy of Doom

Uhh.... good to know.

Hi!! i wanted to be an Rpgamer crew member. so i was wondering what skills do i need? i wanted to to Q&A spicificly but i'll be happy to do anything. so waht do i need to know? and when can i start?

The green wiggly

Uh... if it were that easy, we'd have about 1,000 Q&A columnists. ;) We aren't hiring for Q&A. That's what Google and myself are here for. :P

2 things to do if you want your quicky to not be posted: 1. Point out that RPGamer missed a release 2. Kick RPGamer - Beedrill51

Smart man. ;)

Dear Gin'irochi,
How much money per rent? *wink*
-Rose Angel

Depends on the demand for Gin'irochi rentals. (I'm surprised I actually got a response to that. :P )

Hey Gin, if I decide to rent you will you beat people up for me? Aoshi19

Sure thing! As your personally rented Silver Blood, I'll gladly smash anyone into bits for you! Whee!

The Last Laugh:

Heh... Well then, I suppose this "Rent-a-Gin" thing was actually taken seriously... MNaybe I'll think up a gimmick, like a game or something. We'll see.

Silkenray will be hosting tomorrow, remember.... and I'd like to say "Happy Birthday" to the boss, Mikel Tidwell! (FireMyst) Today would be his birthday, and I'd like to wish him the best. :)

Gin "You got the right one baybaaay!"
Uh-huh! Ray Charles is my hero...

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