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Gin'irochi - October 7 '00- 14:26 Eastern Daylight Time

I suppose everyone is wondering why my column is late... Well, I suppose I'll be honest. I just plain forgot. Sorry.

Since Google's column was so late, I had literally 4 letters for today's column anyway. But, Google was nice enough to forward a bunch, so everywhere it says "google" in these letters, take a black marker and cross it out, replacing it with "Gin." Oh, but dont send me the bill for ruined monitors please, because I'm so poor at the moment, I'm nearly ready to sell myself. As to what I'd sell myself into, I'll leave that to your sick little minds...

Now that I've remembered I've got obligations to fufill, I'm back on duty with my thinking cap donned, so lets go!

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Can't think of a funny quip. Dammit all.
And I've never taken a minute of Spanish class, either...

Muy Chrono Cross Spoilerenté!

Hello, Does it bother anyone else that CC's entire plot takes place on what basically becomes a dead timeline? Think about it, Serge is sent to the time his adventure began on a unified timeline. The two worlds were mended and the Time Devourer was defeated "Beyond Time" so that he cannot affect any world, even if it's destroyer were from a dead timeline. So it's like nothing ever happened. Poor Serge even loses his memory!

Another thing I thought funny: If the Time Devourer was supposed to "devour time and space," and it existed "beyond time(which doesn't make sense because of course a battle has linearity and cause and effect)," when was it going to start to do so? In other words, obviously he hadn't done so yet, so at what point in time did a being that existed beyond time plan on devouring time? Oh dear I've gone cross-eyed. What do you think?

-Chris Koniar

P.S.- Far too many quotation marks and uses of the word time in this letter!

What do I think? I think you've got way too much time on your hands. :P

Actually, after playing Chrono Cross, even I started thinking about Time paradoxes and stuff... And every time I do, my head spins in circles faster than a hyperative 5-year-old who hasn't taken his rittilin in a week. Make the hurting stop!

Various Questions...

Hi Goog,

1. Have you ever been to the search engine Are you in anyway affiliated with that site?
2. If you were 18 and really liked a 15 year old, would you even bother asking her out?
3. Did Star Ocean 2 bomb? I mean, I don't know anyone else that has this game, and I think it is great. I recently got a copy at EB for $20, new!
4. Can you forgive me for not getting Valkyrie Profile yet? I got RPGMaker instead.
5. If there were a character that was a cross between a paladin and a dragoon, what would you call it?

Thanks Goog,


Whee! I get to answer stuff about Google!

1. - Nope. Google has No affiliation with Google'com. Just a coinkydink
2.-I'm not touching that with a 10 foot pole
3. - Actually, it was considered a sleeper hit...
4.- EVIL! You MUST buy Valkyrie Profile! NOW! GO! :P
5. - Hmm... thats a toughie. I guess I'd have to say "Paladoon." Or how about Dragadin? Oh man... *boggle*

Mmmm... Space filler... I've not really been paying THAT much attention to RPGamer(though enough to know that Google won't post this), so forgive my ignorance about who you are. Secondly, I'd like to state my...outward most appologies for any annoyances Matt Stuckwhich might cause you at some point(he lives in my me GOD). Anyway, I was kind of bored one day, and came across this really interesting image. You gotta admit, it IS scary. Well, that's all I had to say.'M DONE!!

p.s. sorry about the size of the file

What the hell ARE those things, anyway? Uh.... click the image to see it a bit bigger...

A correctiopn approaches! Command?

Okay, I'm tired of Goog spreading the myth that Phantasy Star was the first console RPG - nothing against PS or Goog. It is true that PS was released in the US before DW, but being translated first does not make it the first console RPG. DQ holds that claim by being released a year before. Heck DQ2 was released before PS1; and DQ3 came out a couple of months after PS1.

So of course PS1 had better graphics than DQ1 and 2; don't know about 3 since I haven't played it yet. And just so this doesn't start a debate on which one I liked more or whatever, this is only in response to Goog's mistake on which was released first - not translated - period.

- Surge

Yeah, that's true. Dragon Quest WAS the original console RPG as we know it. Google probably just had a brain fart and forgot, or something...

FF7 Spoilers

hey buddy, Well, this is a pretty old game, but it's something I've never been able to figure out. Is Vincent Valentine like, ageless? The booklet lists him as 27. >From what I gather, he thought he was Sephiroth's father. I assume Sephiroth is at least 21 (Cloud said he was a bit older than him). That would mean when Vincent was a Turk he was.....6!? Something's not right here. The only conclusion I can think of is that he was 27 when he was put to sleep.

~Super Dynamo {I'm so confused}

Actually, Hojo is Sephiroth's father. As for Vincent, there is no telling how old he could be... But lemme tell you. If it meant I could fly and turn into Chaos, I'd want to be put to sleep for a long time too

Me? The Star? Whatever...

Hiya Ginny! I gotta say this, Radrisol's comics ROCK!!! I don't know why my mother doesn't get them, oh well... So anyway, I'm kinda confused about something, so listen up. This is what I'm sure of in terms of characters:
Googleshng - Slime
Chronodin - Guy with a clock in his head
Paws - Cat
Scarmiglion - Googleshng with horns and appendages
Chimersame - no idea, but I've heard he looks like Scar, but different

So, where do YOU come in??? You're practically the star of this web site! I think you should protest. Oh yeah, what GB/GBC RPGs do you recommend? I already got the Final Fantasy games, Link's Awakening, the Pokemon games, and I got Silver preordered. Anything good released recently/will be released soon?

One last thing, tee hee. Does "Link's Awakening" mean "Link is Awakening", or is Link's a possesive noun?

BL Alien, founder and/or dictator of the Get-Ginny-in-the-Comic organization

Actually, I'm the enormous talking bottle of Gin. Whee! As for GBNC RPG's, I don't have a Game Boy, and I havn't had one for about 6 years... but I used to love Link's Awakening. And that's a posessive deal... The Awakening of Link. Get it?


if you close your eyes can you see the green wiggly? are you the yellow crunchy? the green wiggly ^_^

Green wiggly? WHERE? *CHOMP*

Timmy likes the circus.

(-: --JanusTaro-- :-)

Does he really...? O.o


As long as it doesn't get on my new shoes. Ewww... it's so gooey....

Have all the news positions been filled up on RPGamer?

Yeah, I belive the interviews are already over.

what is the sqaure root of 145? hmmm?

Nooo! Math! My one weakness! (Other than a cute girl.... but still!) *melt*

The Last Laugh:

Well then, now that that's over, it seems I have a little time on my hands. anyone want to rent one slightly used Gin'irochi? Please? I really need the money.... aww, c'mon! You know you want to!

Ahem. Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow for more Q&A...

Gin "Rent-a-Host"
I be a poh boy!

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