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Gin'irochi - October 1 '00- 11:47 Eastern Daylight Time

Hmmm... Well, after much confusion, I'm back. Hopefully the miscommunications have been cleared up, and everyone understands that I'll be doing Q&A tomorrow, then Google will be back. That's right, it was just a vacation. ;)

Anyway, after much deliberation, I still havn't come up with a gimmick. And it's quite a bummer. God, I'm so unoriginal.... heh. I'll think of something eventually.... I hope. On with yonder column, and whatnot!

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We all need a little zaniness in our lives.

What up, Silver?

I'm not sending this for any particular reason.
I'm just sleepy and bored and sleepy.
You're probably not going to print this anyway.
And if you do, then I'll look like an idiot in front of everyone.
Not that that matters.
I manage to do that to myself at least once a day on IRC.
IRC rules!
Oh, all you RPGamer-regular-readers, if you ain't on IRC, then get on. NOW!
Is this letter going anywhere?
I didn't think so.
This is basically an exceptionally long quickie...meh.
I don't care.
I just need to ramble.

-- Deus Noctis
The EVIL One

Deus, you have continued to amaze me with your... utterly psycotic ramblings. Ahem. As for being tired, I have a remedy -

Beer + More Beer = Really pissed up drunk and tired.

Uh... that doesn't sound right... (Note: This was a joke. If you do it, don't sue us complaining with a hangover and more excessive rambling. )


Am I the only person that is about to throw up with joy/anger/confusion because of all these new game systems coming out?

Dreamcast? Hmm, I'll go buy one . . . wait! Forget Dreamcast! I'll wait for the Playstation 2 . . . GameCube?!?!? WTF??? I still haven't even finished Chrono Cross!!! WonderSwan, GameBoy Advance, Majora's Mask, Final Fantasy IX, (dear god not more Pokemon!), English essay, feed the cat, take out the trash . . . *urk* (Garth, if you spew, then I'm gonna hurl, and it'll set off a chain reaction . . .)

Anyway, where you as excited/sickened about Nintendo's announcement as I was and what system(s) are you planning on buying?

-Chris Gallen damn, better get the mop

Hmm... I actually bought a Dreamcast, and I'm pretty happy with it. But, I'll probably end up buying a PS2 eventually... but I'm going to wait. I don't really trust the PS2's launch, but I'm sure it'll do fine. Hey, it's better than buying $300 in sand, right...? Then again, a bigass sandbox in your room would be kinda cool.... mmm... sandbox...


Yo Gin'irochi

In homage of the olympics which are finishing this weekend lets start the new games. The RpgOlympics, where RPG characters, RPGamer staff members and avid fans compete in Olympic-style events all in the name of humor. Also this site should have a humor page because with the seriousness of the pages often let's balance with stuff for the sake of amusement.

Imperial Mog

You know, that's not a bad idea. I'd excell in the soda-drinking and being-lazy events. As for the other staffers, They'd probably excell in that RPG playing stuff. Details, details...

Isn't it "Green Wiggly?"

How the heck to i preorder Lunar2 (or is it Lunar eternal blue, well i guess they are the same thing arent they?? and do we get the ghaleon punching puppet with it? its sooo cool. Will you answer my questions? or am i gonna be shot down and no one will ever see my letter?

The green squigly

Pre-ordering isn't difficult. Just run down to your local game retailer and say "I wanna pre-order Lunar: Eternal Blue Complete." It's that simple. As for the punching puppet, I'm not sure what the exact specifications are to getting it, or even if they're still around. Yoiur best bet is to just go to the store you want to pre-order from, and ask about it. Good luck!


Maybe you've seen this, but what the hey...

Mr. T Rules!!!!!!!!

WOOO! That made my day. Better than a can of beans in the sun, oh yeah...
You will be assimilated.

Assimilated? You know what happens when you Assimilate, right? You make an a-- oh... wrong word. Nevermind. O:)

your mom!


Yes, she's very nice, isn't she?

The lobster escaped my boiling pot of hot water and snapped my steel ear off.


Man, I hate it when that happens. But, now that the lobster has a piece of metal in it....


The Last Laugh:

Yeesh... hardly any letters today. Oh well. As for tomorrow, I'll be around again... so send stuff, mmkay?

gin "Burnin' down the house!"
Mmmmm.... Oldies.

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