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Gin'irochi - September 18 '00- 20:28 Eastern Daylight Time

Yeehaw! Another boring sunday filled with all the exciting crappiness of boredom! Oh well, I'm in a somewhat good mood anyway, because Parasite Eve 2 is now on it's way. Hooray for the things known as credit cards! OK, on with the column.

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Chrono Cross/Trigger Spoilers Ahead!

Oh great Gin'i of the Silver Blood- Hrm... chrono cross spoilers ahead (and some chrono trigger ones too), so watch out! Anyway, here are some comparisons between Chrono Cross and the original Chrono Trigger (some of the less-obvious ones):

1. Pierre's LVL7 tech skill, SlapOfCyrus, reads, "Learned from tough-guy Cyrus." Cyrus was the guy who always protected Frog in the original game (pre-Froginization, of course)
2. Glenn the swordsman who is an Acacia Dragoon. Glenn the weenie who was turned into a Frogg (no pun intended). Enough said.
3. Those children who get angry at Serge at the Dead Sea, and again at Opassa beach before fighting Time Devourer, look suspiciously like Chrono, Marle, and the now-purple-haired Lucca (grr...)
4. Speaking of the Dead Sea, the place where you fight Miguel looks almost exactly like the Chrono's hometown's square, complete with Leene Bell and everything.
5. "La meaning fire... Vos meaning big..." Azala, King of the Reptites.
6. Schala, princess of Zeal... idiot who screwed around with the stankin' Mammon Machine... sister of Janus (magus), and person who is in a big crystal now. (she is supposed to have PURPLE hair, not blonde! PURPLE!!!)
7. Hmm. A bit of a surmise here, but... Luccia in the dream sequence is Lucca's mother... Luccia the lunatic scientist has almost purple hair.... and, has a letter for Kid... clone(cough)clone.... hmm. Coincidence? I think not!
8. In the Dead Sea, if you go up to the door you need a ticket from a ghost from, it says that you have no ticket to access the Arris Dome. Sound familiar? If not... Robo is from there, I think.
9. And one more thing from the Dead Sea... the thing that refills your life... "But your still hungry!" is from the future world in Trigger.

Anyway, thats about all... -Fencer Sly

Neato peachy keen! Thanks for all the stuff regarding ChronoTrigger/Cross. It'll make a nice addition to the set. :)

ESRB my ass! (This column is now rated T for Teen)

>From their respective CD boxes...

Chrono Cross: rated Teen - Animated Violence
Valkyrie Profile: rated Teen - Mild Animated Violence

What's the deal with this? Maybe not everyone agrees but I would say Valkyrie Profile is far, FAR more violent than Chrono Cross can ever be. Chopped off heads is mild? Maybe those ratings guys just thought that it's got to be mild since the voices are done by Pokemon actors...

Well, the rating system has it's quirks and such. Check out
for more info on the ratings and the levels of violence and such.

Divine Whut?

Alright, is there any easy way to find weapons in Valkyrie Profile?! Half the characters do not come with weapons and the weapons that i scarcely get always break on me! I visited half the towns on the world map looking for a weapon shop.

Grr...... Large Joe

the item shop is in your menu. How it works is when at a save point or the world map, open your menu and choose "Divine Item." Now scroll through the list of items and such you can "purchase" with the left or right buttons. Just buy wisely, as your cashflow (Materialize points) is limited.

Corrections, corrections...

Hey Gin, in your intro, you say Google made up "draw me", but actually Thor came up with the idea. He had them draw his picture in different situations, and goog just had them draw him. Get your facts straight, your the coolest Q&A guy around (oh, and Thor also changed "RPGuru" to "Ask ____").

~Casey Edwards~, reader of RPGamer since Andrew Vestahl's time on

Yeah, I remember now... the Thor Hacks. Heh. I forgot about that. But I'm STILL sans gimmick. Doh! I really need to find something to apply to myself. The T humor is starting to wear thin... I may have to switch to Knight Rider.
(Hey Kit! Switch into Turbo Mode! <Yes, Michael.> Hey, my name isn't....)

Xeno geers

Dear Gin,

A few days ago someone mentioned Xenogears Perfect Works. Being a total fanatic about that game, I have to know what it is, and where can I get it? Thanks! And another thing, what is Pocky? I've seen it sold online, but don't know what it is.

Thanks for your time, Ahrman

Xenogears Perfect Works is actually a book based on the XG timeline. sadly, it's Japan only. Pcky is actually a Japanese snack. Basically, unsalted breadsticks covered in candy.
I have yet to try it.

Dear Ginny? Nah

Hey Gin, I just finished getting all the endings on Chrono Cross, and have started to enter the depression state between RPGs. I am have RPG Maker and FFIX reserved, but need something until those come out. I am considering:

1)Legend of Legaia
3)Legend of Dragoon
4)Granstream Saga
5)Azure Dreams

If you have played any of these, which would you reccomend? I am starting to see a social life develop which means I NEED a new game.

Thanks for any help you can offer,
David T Gesfris

Xenogears, definitely. Xenogears is actually one of my all-time favorite games. If you liked Chrono Cross, you'll love XG


I miss Go-Bots.... I love Scooter....

The Goo~ bots! The Gooo~ bots! dodododo.... I used to love that show.



I always thought that the most clichˇd RPG line was: "Fool(s)! Now I will show you my true Power/Form!!" Is it not? SaberRider

You know, you couldn't be more right.

Pronouncing Valkyrie?! It's in the dictionary! Geez... /Adam

Well of -course- you could look it up in the dictionary... but where's the fun in that?? :P

i think we should rid the world of semicolons; no one uses them at all anyway. ~retrowacko

You know, I made a similar proposal before; They just get in the way, and no, nobody uses them. ;)

"Hark Hark!" harkened he!

Quoth the Little Richard: "Shut up, punk!"


....No. But I drive a mean truck...

The Last Laugh:

Well, that concludes today's session of afro-puffed Q&A goodness. tomorrow, Google will be back with snacks and goodie for your viewing delight. Fun fun, right? Just be sure tyo be good after nap-time, kiddies! Gin'irochi, signing off. Until the next! :)

Gin'irochi "Keepin' mah pimpin' hand strong!"
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