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Gin'irochi - September 17 '00- 12:11 Eastern Daylight Time

Well, after much delay, the column is finally up... with a guest host even. Being that this was my first guest routine, it was somewhat difficult to put together/pull off. Oh well, it worked.... sort of.

I'm in the process of making my own "gimmick" for the column. (Thor with Quikies, Google with "Draw Me!"... I need something. I'll just have to think one up. Anyway, here's Raven!

Dragoon Raven: Hey there. If you'll recall, the last time I was supposed to guest-host Zeus himself flung a mighty lightning bolt from on high to smite the sexiest columnist himself, instead blowing up his modem. Some readers might know me as DragoonRaven (or more recently, the much more suave "DR") from the RPGamer chat room, and, to answer your primary question ("Why are you here?"), it's because I drew some signature pics for Scarmiglion and Gin. On with the column!

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I think I'm gonna cry...

Ginny: I have a couple of questions, so this probably won't be a quickie (howdo you spell that? I'm too lazy to check.)

1. Who is eviler: Kefka or Bill Gates?
2. I want to buy FF9, Lunar: Eternal Blue (the remake), and a couple ofother games. But, oh no, I haven't any money!!! How can I make good cashfast?!?!
3. Did your house ever get struck by lightning, or did you ever eat aburrito with sour beans?

Well, that's it (whew...). Please post THIS letter up; I've been rejected enough! ~katt

1. - See, here's the thing... at least Kefka was a jolly evil one. Billy gates only smiles when he's slapping another corporation with a fat wad of bills. So I'd say Billy Bob Gates. Besides... I'm a UNIX guy. Gates has to be evil.
2.- Uh.... i'll let DR take this one.
3.- Yeah. It's the innate duty of a Q&A host to have some sort of horrible thing happen to them at least once. Seriously!

Dragoon Raven:
1. Well, Kefka poisoned a river and killed a bunch of folks, but Gates has poisoned the computer industry and is probably giving us all cancer somehow. I'd go with Gates.
2. You can quickly rake in the dough if you know a few girls, have a fur coat, a swanky hat and an unused street corner. Or you can get a real job flipping burgers or something like the rest of us poor saps. Your choice.
3 . Nah, neither, luckily. Gin, however...

"Relationship" with games...?

Hi Gin!Is Star Ocean 2 worth beating? I've spent over 120 hours on one file, and got really attached to the game. Then I got money and bought new games. I feel like I'm neglecting the poor guy. Just 'cuz the last boss is indestructible does that mean I should just cut our 120+ hour relationship here?

frum Rand

I would say tht Star Ocean 2 is definitely worth beating at least once. There's no question in my mind about that. I loved Star Ocean 2 more than an Alcoholic loves a good shot of... well... Gin. Ahem. Anyway. My advice is to do some level building and take another shot at it. Indelacio wasn't THAT hard...

Dragoon Raven:
Star Ocean 2? What the blazes?

Well, it seems to me that if your characters can't beat the last boss, you're either A) using the wrong characters or B) they're pitiful weaklings with low levels that couldn't trash a final boss from one of the more recent Final Fantasies. If you can't solve your problems that way, just start over. Hey, if you can spend 120 hours on one file, you sure as heck can spend 120 on another!

Chrono Cross Spoi-freakin'-lers!
If that doesn't get your attention, nothing will. ;)

1. Is it possible to get Harle in your party even after she has left by using the Chrono Cross? I just got the Chrono Cross in my second time through the game, and when I used it, it pulled in all the charactersfrom my first save except for her. Does that mean that your character roster will always have one open space?
2. Do you know anything about Koudelka or Galerians? Koudelka looks like a really cool game, but I have heard mixed reviews. RPG sites don't even cover Galerians... I guess because it is probably reminiscent of the survival horror games, which aren't really RPGs. Those are just two ofthe 8 million Playstation games I would like to buy eventually, and Ithought I'd ask your opinion.


It is possible, but it takes some doing. You need to beat the game with Harle in your party, then play the game up until the Chrono Cross deal, then use it. She'll be in your party. As for Koudelka and such... I don't know much about the game. NEver played it. Google has, though.

Dragoon Raven:
1. All right! A game I haven't played yet has been spoiled. Whoo. (You should notice by now I haven't played a LOT of games... well that's because I am poor. I mean, DIRT POOR. I can barely afford packages of thumbtacks, let alone a PSX game.)
2. Survival horror games are so RPGs, little do you know. They're not RPGs in the classic sense, of course, but they're still RPGs.

Hey, the same thing happened to my Valkyrie Profile disc 2...

Oi Gin.

Ahhhh I want to die! My Chrono Cross disc two is faulty and as a resultI have to send it back, to America being that I'm British (ImportingSUCKS!) I've been playing it all day, everyday since I got it in my sticky mits, I've even snatched alot of the characters (about 30+). Now its gonnatake a week to get back to the store in the states where It was purchased and probably twice aslong coming back....bugger my luck! ><

Moving on, have you had the chance to play Valkyrie Profile? My copyshould be arriving anyday now. I'm just hoping it'll be as good as Chrono Cross(My current favourite with Xenogears...even though I'm yet to beat CC*sob*). Last, do you have any idea when FFIX will make it to Europe? It has medroolin'!

***Grizzly Adams

Well, I feel your pain. I had to return VP because disc 2 didn't work. Major bummerage. As that indicates, yes, I've played Valkyrie Profile. And yes, it's great. ;) Same goes for Final Fantasy IX. the opening scenes are just beautiful, and t has a lot of humorous stuff in it too. Yummy. As for a release date, One can't be sure. (As for DR's response, he is commiting a major No-No in Q&A by giving knowledge that may not be correct. If you flood with corrections, flood him, not me. :P

Dragoon Raven:
I don't know anything about nothin'. Though if I had to guess, I'd say that FF9 might hit Europe in Q1 of 2001, at the least. Indeed, FFIX looks as if it were crafted by the hand of God himself, and I would probably steal it if I didn't have the money (which looks likely, go unemployment!).

I have text-based adventures every weekend!

Hail and well meet my silver blooded friend, I have 2 questions.

1. What are Table Top RPGS? I see this on web sites every now and then but they never tell me what they mean.
2. What is a Text Based Adventure? ( Radical Dreamers ) --Dedendre Ormauve--

DR answered this one fairly thoroughly, so I'll let him answer...

Dragoon Raven:
Table top RPGs (a.k.a. pen & paper RPGs) are RPGs that you play in real life, such as Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Cyberpunk 2020, Rifts, and so forth. The game master (GM) controls the world and is basically who you're playing through -- he's the one that gives you battles to fight, and so on. Text based adventures (like Rogue, the best game ever, or Multi-User Dungeons or such things) basically give you your surroundings in text ("Cave Entrance -- You are at the mouth of a cave. There are bones here. Directions - North/East/South"), and you carry out your actions with the same: text.

Isn't this Paws' job...? ;)

ey Gin and Dragoon,

How would you pronounce Valkyrie? I've always said it "Valk-eye-ree"but I've also heard "Valk-er-eye." What do you think? Also, do you think Valkyrie Profile is worth getting?-Chris

Funky. Yes, VP is very worth getting... Enix is good. I pronounce Valkyrie as "Val-Kree." Silent Y. As for DR, remember the chop job he did on Harle... (Just kidding, DR. But it is pronounced "Har-lee." 7 years of French, buddy... I know my stuff. ;)

Dragoon Raven:
I've always pronounced it "Vahl-kuh-rye" (like wall with a v, "cu" in cut, and rye, like the bread), and yes, buying something that everybody else is getting is a good idea, if you have the money to throw away.


Oh my dear lord, I love you whoever you are! Bad Dudes was a part of my original NES' library of games. I almost fell off my chair laughing when I saw this... great job! :)

(Credit goes to 1220)

You fear my Orcha style

Tad "The Ghost with the Most" Ghostal

Gin: DonCHA be talkin' to me about yer OrCHA style! I'll mop the floor witCHA!

DR: Hey! That's Beetlejuice's saying! How can you expect me to fear you now?

"My nob tastes funny...."
"Please refrain form tasting the nob."

Gin: Well, I smell a Simpsons quote...

DR: Last time I checked, tasting the nob was illegal in the contingent United States and Canada. I wouldn't spread it around if I was you.


We are broke, we are broke, we are broke...-Radrisol- :)

Gin: Yup. I have $5 to my name at the moment. I be a poh boi! (By the way, Radrisol, drawer of all things comical for Q&A lives about 40 minutes from me. :)

DR: Rad, you and I are in the same boat..

That was wrong in so many ways.-Billy Ho

Gin: O.o OK.

DR: The changing of your name to that? I concur.

Bloody frick! Why is everyone trying to kill me?! your friendly neighborhood Christoph

Gin: Because of the large amounts of Pocky you store on your person. Mmm... Pocky... Must kill... must eat...

DR: Because you're using Spider-Man's saying to an extent. That won't net you many fans, and you're probably confusing the super-villians to top it off..

How much would you give to see that well rendered water?

Gin: My friend, I'd give my left...... kidney for that. (What'd you think I was gonna say? O:)

DR: Not only would I give you $19.99 for that well rendered water, I'd throw in Gin's Lean Mean Grilling Machine, a $29.99 value, absolutely free!

The Last Laugh:

Wee, that was fun. Oh, by the way... as I'm writing this, someone I wont mention names *coughcoughcharlie495@aol.comcough* has flooded my mailbox with letters hoping to get at least one printed. Well, not only did I not print your letter, I also added you to my spam filter! Have fun in /dev/null land!

Now that I've got the meanspirited bastard part over with, I'll be back tomorrow for more Q&A bliss, and I apologize for this column being late. And a note for those who didn't know, guest hosting means they wont be back tomorrow. It's just me. :) (Not that that's a bad thing... ) Hey, what can ya do? This guest host stuff is hard to put together...

Dragoon Raven: Too bad that nearly all of the questions pertained to games I haven't played yet. Go, mighty lack of foresight! Didn't I do the most piss-poor guest-hosting job ever? And all caused by the bane of modern man, the lack of money. Oh, woe and rue. Let's hope next time Gin gets a better guest-host than poor DR.


Gin'irochi "Dynamic Laugh"
ha HA!

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