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Gin'irochi - September 11' 00- 21:32:00 Eastern Daylight Time

First a block party, now an office party. I'm a busy little silver blooded freak, aren't I? ;) Man, I am spent. Well, I just need to get the column out of the way, then I can go to sleep. School tomorrow.... fun fun. :P Here we go!

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Bah... Disc 2?

Dear Gin,

What are the lyrics in that song from Legend of Mana? I suppose it's Japanese, but it doesn't really sound like it at times. Maybe my hearing is going bad?

Thanks and congrats on the job well done,

The lyrics are in swedish, actually. (My bum is on the sweedish, sweedish. </Tom_Green>) I printed the lyrics and the translation in a previous column.

Valkyrie Portrait? Just not the same...

Minor freakin' Valkyrie Profile Spoilers!

Actually, in response to Aoshi19 yesterday, the method that was described for getting the best ending is in fact not the way you have to do it. Keeping Einhanjer does not lower your seal value, but sending them to Asgard raises it. There are a number of optional scenes that you can see which lower your seal value. These scenes are: Brahms Castle (choose NOT to fight Brahms), Weeping Lily Meadow, and the town of Gerabellum (I won't go into specifics in fear of spoilage, but you must see this scene before chapter 5). The best way to keep your seal value low is to save all these scenes for one chapter, then see them all in one chapter. The best time to do this is Chapter 4. Make sure to transfer whatever Einhanjer you are going to transfer BEFORE seeing these events. After seeing all three, take off the Nibelungen ring, and recruit Lorenta. Make sure that you complete the Tower of Lezard Valeth, as defeating him also lowers your seal value. Then finish the chapter without the Nibelungen ring on. In Chapter 5, recruit Mystina and Lucian . Don't transfer more than one Einhanjer during this chapter. Finally, in Chapter 6, transfer Lucian to Valhalla, and no one else. Your seal rating should be below 37 at the end of the chapter, and if you've done it right, at the end of Chapter 6, you will see a special scene which signifies that you are going to get the A ending. There is more you have to do after that, but it's all obvious, really no way to miss it. Enjoy!

-John Fienberg

Wow, thanks for the tip. I don't usually print these kinds of letters, but it's fun to have the occasional tip once in awhile. :)

Dat man hurt mah feelin's! :(

Gin, did you read this letter?

"O Ye of Silver Blood and Question-Answering Fruity Goodness, I've heard about this thing called RPG Maker that is coming out for the PSX next month. I've also heard about the same thing existing on the PC, albeit as a translated version of a Japan-only release. Now, as I am rather loathe to illegally download software (piracy bad!), I was wondering: Is the PSX version going to be as good as the PC version (which I have seen screens from posted to Gogo's column before)? And will the PSX version of RPG Maker be compatibale with the PS Mouse (without which many aspects, notably text input, will be..... difficult, shall we say)?

Thanks for your reply,
-Kenneth Whitten. "

Your reply is: "I really don't know much about PSX's RPG maker, but RPGM2K is pretty cool. I'd reccomend you check it out, wether you get it or not. It's a great tool for aspiring RPG artists."

You missed his whole point. He doesn't want to download RPGM2K because it's illegal, pirated software. He wanted to know if the psx version was comparable but you basically told him to do what he already told you that he didn't want to do. I know you're new but be careful about your responses. Plus you promoted piracy which is just dead wrong.



I felt I had to reply to this, since it seemed I was misunderstood. I was NOT condoning piracy in any way. I have no idea wether RPGM2K is legal or illeagal. What I meant in my reply is that this person should find information on RPG Maker 2K, not download it. You missed a very important line of my reply -

I'd reccomend you check it out, wether you get it or not. Check it out would mean find information - look at it's website, for example. Do a little research. Last I checked, knowledge isn't illegal - if it were, I'd be out of a job.

Save... you picked -save-?? :P

So It's been a good 4 months since I last picked up FF8, so I decided to pick it up again and go right where I left off, right in front of Ultimecia's castle... well.... I knocked off the first of those big guys, and idiot me, I unlock "save". Now it seems that the other two guys I can get to both need magic attacks of some sort... uhh.... oops? Anyway I can trade in my sealed power? *laughs*

-Fake "Hey, I could be complaining about FFT again." Out

Ouch That sucks muchly. No, you can't trade in your released abilities. Sucky, eh? Oh, and in the future, it's not a good idea to get pissed up drunk before a long RPG session. ;)


Hey, I have a question that i hope you can answer. Do you have any idea if there is a place in Southern Californa that sells videogame soundtracks? If so, where??? I would really like to know this.


~The Thunder God, Thor.~ (not to be confused with Thor Antrim)

It would really depend. I live on the east coast, but I'll try and offer a suggestion. If you have any MicroPlay locations near you, I know they do imports and such. If not, and you don't have a local import store, then I would try ordering online if you can. Soundtrack Central is a good place to look, as is Tokyo Pop.


Haha! Look at me! I sent the Tony Danza picture!

-- Kaen

Allright, are you freaks happy? I posted the damn pic! :P


I should stop sending you useless stuff huh....

Now there's an idea.

I forgot what I was gonna say!

First sign of a burnout, right there....

Why are you putting up this Q&A page and not watching the A-Team marathon sucka! You crazy fool!

Actually, I've been watching the A-Team marathon all weekend. More Mr. T goodness than I know what to do with.

I luv you more, big guy!

That's because I'm just so dead sexy! Oh yeah! Shake that thang! Keep it movin' now!

What is the meaning of life.


Soda and Kielbasa.

That, or that "love" crap. You choose.

Ebola Zaire:
"Good thing this isn't Marburg!

~The Sack~

In the words of the Church Lady, "Well isn't that special."

I have a pet SQL. Isn't that cool?

~ RoboNerd

Your SQL isn't as cool as MySQL! So HAH! *rimshot*

The Last Laugh:

And so, another session of Answer goodness comes to a close! Google shall take over tomorrow for your weekday bliss, and I'll be back next week. Fun fun! Well, see you then!

Gin'irochi "Crazier den dat Murdock sucka!"
Shut up, foo!

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