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Gin'irochi - September 10' 00- 23:43:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Well, I just got in from the annual block party held in my neighborhood, and I'm all hopped up on sugar and brownies and such. Good stuff! As I asked, you guys came through and gave me a great batch of letters! Lets see what we have in the 'ol mailbag today....

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Hey Gin!

Just a quick question. I have a borrowed Playstation (essentially on permanent loan) and recently, I discovered Final Fantasy Tactics and Xenogears on sale in the same store. Now, I've read good things on both of these games, but they both cost around 50 bucks, and the playstation has problems running games. I have to flip the darn thing upside down and wipe the lens every time I try to play Chrono Cross. Do you think I should buy one of these two, and if so, which? I only got the cash for one, but I'm hesistant to spend since the systems not mine and it's giving me problems.

Thanks in advance,

Well, I can't really tell you what to do, or what not to do. But, I would say that it may be a good idea to get your own PSX before buying a game for it. I mean, they aren't exactly expensive anymore, (I know, I know... not exactly cheap either). Especially before paying that much for a game.

Answer +

Yo Gin, 'sup?

I got two CC questions that I can't find answers two anywhere else, so I thought I'd pester you with them.

1-What's the difference between New Game+ and Continue+?
2-I thought that you started off New Game+ with the Chrono Cross item. Am I wrong and I have to play through to get it, or is my copy glitched?


Well then, lets get started, shall we?

1.- New Game+ starts off at the beginning, while Continue+ lets you continue a previous save with the New Game + stats.
2.- And no, you don't keep any key items when starting a New Game+ storyline. Only normal equipment and such.

My friend, you are a God.

Hey, Ginny (heh... I'll have to think of a better nick name for ya...) Try this link, it's funny :)

OK, this wasn't a quickie because it just kicks so much ass! Seeing my words turned into that of the immortal T's brought a mist to my eye.... oh wait... it's probably the gallon of spoiled milk I drank. Damn

Mmm... Valkyrie Sucka... Uh! Profile. (Too much Iced T. heheh... I made a funny)

Greetings Gin. I have recently discovered something after beating VP on Thursday. Don't worry, there are no spoilers here. For those who are trying to get the best ending, here is something you should know. You do not get the best ending by sending as many people to Asgard as you can. It's depends on how low your seal value is. Seal value is lowered when you do not send Asgard any, or less Eiherjer. So those who are afraid to get rid of A good char, don't worry about it as much.Just make sure you don't keep to many or you'll get the worst ending. I have'nt got the best ending myself, because I though exactly that. And you don't want the normal ending. It's almost the equivalent of the bad ending on CC, only A little better.


Very cool. Thanks for the tip!


Help Obi-Gin Irochi, you're my only hope!

I've got this problem, see. Chrono Cross is one of my favorite games of all time, andim currently going through it a second time; I'm about halfway through (i just became Lynx), and i don't want to just leave it hanging there. owever, I would scoop out my intestines with a fork before I let myself pass up Lunar 2 or Final Fantasy 9. My question is: Should I buy Valyrie Profile? It sounds good, I like every Tri-Ace game I've evr played (running count: 2), and It's norse mythology, which I'm big on (all those Norse jokes in goog's quickies: thats me). However, I've vowed to get every character in Chrono Cross, All the secrets, etc. I'm having a tough time deciding; help me out! Also, what do you think of the Lunar series?


Heh... Obi-Gin Irochi... that's amusing...

Well, I'm going to say this - I think Valkyrie Profile is definitely worth the cash forked out for it. Great game... I highly reccommend. However, it is a bit short. While it does have all kinds of nifty voiceovers and CG art, all of this takes up lots of space on the CD-ROMS leading to a shortened, yet highly keen experience. And again, I can't stress enough that I highly reccomend this title.


O Ye of Silver Blood and Question-Answering Fruity Goodness,

I've heard about this thing called RPG Maker that is coming out for the PSX next month. I've also heard about the same thing existing on the PC, albeit as a translated version of a Japan-only release. Now, as I am rather loathe to illegally download software (piracy bad!), I was wondering: Is the PSX version going to be as good as the PC version (which I have seen screens from posted to Gogo's column before)? And will the PSX version of RPG Maker be compatibale with the PS Mouse (without which many aspects, notably text input, will be..... difficult, shall we say)?

Thanks for your reply,
-Kenneth Whitten.

I really don't know much about PSX's RPG maker, but RPGM2K is pretty cool. I'd reccomend you check it out, wether you get it or not. It's a great tool for aspiring RPG artists.


They're taking "gullible" out of the dicti... hey, wait a sec.

*points and laughs* Ha Ha!

Why is it that everytime ::splat::

-The Mosquitoe buzzing around in your ear

Damn bloodsuckers.... Leave me alone!

I love you.

Awwww! I wuv woo too, hamster boy!

This proves my theory: Germans love David Hasselhoff.

You know, Knight Rider was such a damn cool show. Yeah, I know... I'm a sucker for late 70's/early-mid 80's TV shows.

Tony Danza scares me.


You know, he scares me too. And you know, I get that Tony Danza/Chrono Trigger image every freakin' day from somebody or another. MAKE THE BAD MAN STOP! AAAAAAAAAAH!


You'd be surprised how many quickies I get with this. Consider this an answer to them all. ;)

Rub Buddha's belly for good luck.


I'll be sure to do that next time I see him.

The Last Laugh:

Ha HA! </dynamic laugh> Another session of Q&A has come to a close. Man, I never get tired of this! I'll e back tomorrow, maybe with a few surprises. Until then, keep those letters coming, and I'll see you then!

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