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Gin'irochi - September 2 '00- 1:03 Eastern Daylight Time

Doh! Due to the mail server being a rabid weasel again, it seems I didn't get enough letters to do a column last night, so I waited until morning.... well... that was the plan anyway. It seems this morning my computer decided to be a crackhead, so the column is even later than it should be. Fragnabbit! Anyway, I eventually got enough letters AND my computer working correctly, so... uh... rather than spouting worthless "jibba-jabba" (You da man, T!) I'll get on with the column.

Milk + Youth Center + Gold Chains = Helluva tough. Words from the man himself!

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Please help me Gin'irochi, you're my only hope!

Chrono Cross questions here. (That reminds me, I want Riddel's dress...) Err... yeah. Moving on.

1. Green Dragon. I can't get to him. I'm in that evil Gaia's place and I can't trigger that blasted dino battle and I can't get to jolly green beastie. What pray tell must I do??

2. Where do I get the hammer or whatever to make stuff from the rainbow shells?

3. Harle was my fav.. *wails*

Okay so #3 wasn't a question but I'm in a shareing mood. Thanks ahead of time!!

-Silence, still Queen of the Omniverse and owner of the Omniverse's Male Harem-

Hey, how did I get in this harem....? Oh well, no complaints here. :P

anyway, for the sake of using shiny text, Chrono Cross Spoiler Ahead!

OK. On to the answers!
1. - You need to kill all the land mosquitos. Have fun. that part sucks. :P
2. - You get it after the Black Dragon quest. There's a merchant in the cave where you defeated it. (The difference is that it's in the Home world, not the Alternate where you actually did the fighting.) He'll sell it to you for 10 grand.
3. - Mine too!

so. i was playing chrono cross and i beat some boss (i forgot his name but he was a white-magic-wielding hat-wearing goob-meister) and when i beat him one of my characters was DEAD. so when the stat increases were distributed captain dead boy didnt get his. so im wondering IF when a character dies and you dont revive them before the battle is over do they miss out on the stat increase? if so, thats lame.

-ty phillips's big eye

Actually, you may be surprised to hear this, but RPG's have long featured a nice little feature that dead people naturally can't get stronger. Ever heard that line? (what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger) Well, it applies in RPG's, too. Take Final Fantasy 4. ( or 6, even )
When you finish a battle with a dead character in the party, the do NOT recieve experience points. I belive the same applies for more recent Final Fantasies as well.

As for the system in CC, EVERYONE'S stat cap goes up, off your party, dead, doesn't matter. Just takes them longer to catch up because they don't get that initial spurt of increase.

Super Game, boy!

In yesterday's column, someone asked if he could play Game Boy Color-only games on the Super Game Boy adapter, and Google told him that he could. But this isnt the case, a GBC-only game will NOT work on the Super GB adapter. Please tell the poor guy because he wanted to buy a couple of GBC-only games and play them on his super game boy.

Gianpiero Ciammaricone

That is very true. The Super GameBoy adapter was made before Game Boy Color even came out. I belive Googleshnorph was thinking of the enhanced GameBoy Games. (Remember those? The ones with the cheesy color schemes for Super GameBoy?) In any case, think of it this way:

The PlayStation will not be able to play PlayStation 2 games because the original PlayStation doesn't support the PS2 technology. Well, the same deal applies with the GameBoy, Super GameBoy, and GameBoy Color.

Wow! someone expressin interest in me!

Hi gin!

In an intresting conversation with my friend, he said that he thinks you watch very little anime, now I don't know for sure but, I think that you must have watched a fair amount so what have you watched? (Aside from Televised anime such as Dragon Ball Z, And Sailor Moon.) And do you watch DBZ, I have managed to watch all of the Japense Episodes an movies and they are way better than the american ones.

--The Pioneer--
"hopelessly addicted to Dandankokoro."

Oho! Dost thouy doubt my animéness?? INFIDEL!

Anyway, I used to be a total anime jukie. I havn't been able to really purchase much as of late, but I try now and then. As for series' and movies that I've seen.... let me try and remember/count.

Green Legend Ran, Iria: Zeiram The Animation, Gundam Wing, Kite(Hella cool, but hella bloody), Tenchi Muyo in Love, Ranma 1/2, Project Ako, 8 Man After, Dragonball Z, Dragonball GT, Sailor Moon, Tenchi in Tokyo, Pokémon, Voltron, Thundercats, Dragonball, Street Fighter: The Animated Movie, Ronin Warriors, Roujin Z, Akira, Demon City Shinjuku, Ghost in the Shell, and a bunch more who's names I either can't remember or I've just forgotten that I've seen. ;)

Oh yeah, I'm also an avid fan of J-pop as well. As for the artists I listen to, I can't name them all... it'd fill the entire column. ;) But I will leave you with this:

DAN DAN kokoro hikareteku sono mafushi-ekaoni tatena iya-mi karato bi tasou HOLD MY HAND

kimi totena tatoki kodomonokorotaise tsuni omoteta dasho oomoitashi tanda bokuto oto tekurenaika hikari tokageno WINDING ROAD imademo aitsunimu chyunano? sukyoshidake funi miki takunaruyouna tokimo arukedo aitoyoukito hokoriomo tetatakauyo

DAN DAN kokoro hikareteku kono hoshinokihounokakera kitonaremoga eienoteniiretai ZEN ZEN kinishinaifurishitemo horakiminiko i shi te ru tatena iya-mi karato bi tasou HOLD YOUR HAND

¬ ¬
In Dark Shadows, vampires can also be killed by a silver bullet, but they're otherwise unaffected by silver. ?_? And werewolves shrink by about six inches when they transform. But Dark Shadows isn't an especially reliable source for things like that.


See, I just had to clarify this whole werewolf thing.... I think I'd be fine, because I know a type of martial arts. It's called the anceint art of "Colt 45."
See, how the Ancient Art of Colt 45 works is the werewolf would come lunging at me to bite me, whereas I will counterattack by busting out my 9 and regulating (foo). Oh, the bullets are silver, of course.... I wouldn't carry any other. ;)

I've run out of topics.

Hey Gin, got a gameplay question about Star Ocean 2... Since I know Goog hates the game I figured I'd hold off till now.

How on earth do you execute a cancel in battle? It's supposed to cut down the time between a regular attack and a killer move, which sure sounds awfully spiffy to me, except for the fact that I can't get it to work (skill's leveled up and activated and everything). This is what I get for buying used with no manual, I guess. Anyway, thanks a lot!


You know, I don't know myself.... and it's gotten my curiosity perked. I think it's a latent ability that you don't really -see-, per se... it just happens. Kind of like an acid flashback, only less fun.
However, if I'm wrong, feel free to submit a correction (however I want real letters too.)

NOTE: I was just given a correction and instructions on how to use the cancel ability, so no correction letters are needed. Apparently, you press X to attack normally, then immediatly press the killer move button of your choice. The cancel ability will take over.


Why, since I was having such an insane amount of fun playing CC, am I playing FFT? Nobody can give me an answer. Please, you must help me!


Because FFT R0x0rz your b0x0rz.

How old are you?

Old as the hills, but young enough to know better.

Some drunk guy attacked me with a toothpick!! ahhhh!!

I hate it when that happens!

Is there some reason a bunch of people, (including Googlesnot) are refering to Pokemon G/S as Pokemon 2? It is not exactly harder to type...

Probably because it's the first true sequel to Pokémon? Usually the second true incarnation of a series is looked at with a "2" next to the original name. Ahhhhh...... (I said USUALLY, not always! No smartass letters! :P)



Could you imagine what would happen if some thoughtless person sent the I love you virus to an RPGamer Q&A guy?

Yes I could. I would cry. A lot.... Well, not really. I run linux so Winders type viruses don't affect me. ;) (That's not an invite)

In Dark Shadows, vampires can also be killed by a silver bullet, but they're otherwise unaffected by silver. ?_? And werewolves shrink by about six inches when they transform. But Dark Shadows isn't an especially reliable source for things like that.

Now if only I knew what Dark Shadows was....

The Last Laugh:

De plane, sir! De plane!! Yeah. Anyway... tomorrow we have a treat for you, as Dragoon Raven will be guesthosting. Send good stuff, because he seems to think he can do my job better than me. ;) Until then!

Gin'irochi "Bursting Into Flames"

Burn baby burn! (Disco inferno!)

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