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Gin'irochi - August 28 '00- 22:45 Eastern Daylight Time

Bleh... I think I was out a little too late last night. My head hurts, but I guess that's half the fun! Heh. I really need a girlfriend to keep me from doing stupid things like partying all night. :P Oh well. We got some good stuff tonight, lots of letters. Hell, I even got my first flame! So the running total is:

"Good job" letters: 18
Flames: 1

Cool beans. By the way, dont use that as an excuse to flame me, or Google. ;)

He slimed me!
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Chrono Cross
I REALLY need a new game
I wonder if there's such a thing as a videogame music groupie?

dear Gin,

I felt sorry for you cause you didn't get any mail, so I'm writing. (just kidding, I have a legit question!) Anyway, I really love the music in Chrono Cross, and I've noticed that it sounds really similar to Xenogears'. Did Yasunori Mitsuda do XG's music? (*gah!* something I don't know about Xenogears!!) >>Hangs head in shame<< Also, is Goog's cat Lucifer really that evil?! My cats wake me by licking my eyelids, but they're not THAT evil......


Yep, it's true. Mitsuda-san did indeed do the composures in Chrono Cross. As for Google's cats, I really don't know. I'm just his co-worker, I don't live with him. :P I actually live about 300 miles away in the good 'ol state of New York. <sarcasm> yay

Bloody hell...

If you have Silver blood does that mean your nose turns silver after heavy drinking sessions at the club? Does your blood turn a dark silver or gray after it is depleted of oxygen and is rushing back to your heart? Inquiring minds wish to know.


Uh... not sure who got this or not, but a name is just a name. ;) Just like if a person's name is John Deere (by some cruel twist of fate), it doesn't necessarilly mean he's a tractor salesman.

Major Chrono Cross spoilers!!

Hey Gin,

First off, congrats on the weekend deal, and good job so far. Now, on to my questions.

Yesterday, someone said they didn't think Guile was/could be Magus. I think there's a good chance of him being Magus. Obviously, as was mentioned, Guile floats, uses black magic, looks like Magus. However, given what they did to a certain someone else's wardrobe and hair color, the disparancies with Guile's clothing and mannerisms can be dismissed, or explained away as Janus "undercover" if you wish. Then, if he is undercover for some reason, that explains why he doesn't react as we'd expect.

Also, when Kid's saved by someone from the Mainland, it just says they were from the Mainland, not that they had just arrived from the Mainland. There's a difference there, big enough to allow Guile to be Magus. But even still, that person is most likely Norris, who saves Kid in one of the +endings.

One last thing. You said that whoever's beaten the game knows why Guile couldn't possibly be Magus. Can you be more specific, because I don't remember the ending--any of the regular, non-plusgame ones--saying anything about Guile or Magus. How is Guile prevented from being Magus?

If you don't print this, could you try to respond to me personally? I'm really interested in why Guile couldn't be Magus, although I won't be utterly upset if he's not.


Thanks Jason. :)

In actuality, it is specifically said that the person who saves kid came from the mainland. Anyway, about beating the game - this next section is a major spoiler about the end of the game. STOP READING if you don't want to be spoiled.

ahem. Anyway... if you recall, Kid is actually Schala's clone daughter. Magus is Schala's brother. If Guile is with you when you're on the quest putzing around while kid is sick, then how could he possibly go save her? Say he needs to go out to take a leak, travel 300 miles in a second, give her the serum, then mysteriously come back? Sounds a bit fishy to me. Besides this, in the letter from Lucca, she referrs to Magus as "Janus." I would think that if you had Guile in your party when Kid reads the letter, he would speak up. Yet he doesn't. And about him being undercover, why would he need to be undercover if Kid knows the deal? Doesn't make sense to me.

(I can't stress this enough. Debates - BAD. No more letters on the subject please.)

Are Pee Jee?

Okay I got to ask, do you work on RPG95/2k? I don't keep up with it to much myself. I'm a OHR user. Can you recommend any good games for either one? I've been looking around, and other then Exile, there seems to be very few. So whats you take on RPG Makers for the PC? Theres so many engines and communities out there, I wanted to know which one you think is best. Oh, just want to give a shout out to all the other RPG designers out there! I hope you answer this, as all the other hosts never seemed to interested in RPG Makers.
Thanks for your time!
Chocobo Knight

I've played around with RPG Maker 2k minimally.
And yes, I'll say it again. I did takethe face from the faceset. Dragoon Raven is actually working on a sig pic for me. (Thanks!) Hopefully it'll be done soon and I can use some original material for it. ;)

Decisions, decisions....


I jsut started palying Chrono Cross and i was wonderring something... I know you can't get all of the characters, but d you know when you chose one over another? In Other word is is : "Hey, do you wanna "X" or "Y" to join your party?" or is more like : "Oh, i see that "X" is already in your party, well, "Y" won't join you then"...??


Well, usually it's "You have X, so Y is now not available."

Sometimes there are other things that stand in your way. "You DON'T have X, so Y isn't available," as in the case with Glenn. (Glenn kicks ass.) Other times, plotlines cause characters to leave.

StarCube stuff

Gin "Hug Me and I Burp" irochi-

I was just wondering a few things:

- Why in the name of little baby Jesus would nintendo make such an unappealing looking system. It's a cube. WoooOOOoooo. I'd imagine it wouldn't be very transport freindly. Why couldn't it be nice and compact like the Dreamcast?

- Did ya see the Gannon/Link sword fight on the Gamecube? Pretty sweet looking I say... Now only if it gets some good games...

- What are they going to name the games? Heaven forbid they come up with some original names. What about Super Mario GC? Shoot me now...

- Metriod possible on Gamecube. What's your opinion?

That about does it.
-Magus Darkstar-
P.S. - I would just like to say I emailed Goog a long while ago saying Fox would nix the first episode of Escaflowne. He didn't believe me. I would just like to say...

"Told ya so."

1.) Well, that's Nintendo's decision. Probably to keep in with the "Cube" theme. It does however have a strap on the back for transport.
2.) Nope. Didn't have the honor of seeing that clip. But I did see a still, and I was quite impressed.
3.) I think that would be interesting to see.
I really hope they don't do that stupid "64" stuf all over again with the GameCube. I really think that a gorilla on various mind-altering drugs could come up with more original names. Bah.
4.) Metroid just kicks ass in any form, so I'm all for it on GameCube. Ahh... the days of Justin Baily...

As for the "Told you So" deal, this says it all.

Sugar is granular, not powdery. In most cases anyway.

Call me crazy, call me ditzy, just don't call me blonde. Err.. anyway, I have a small itty bitty question.

What is Radical Dreamers??? I mean I've seen it mentioned but I'm sooo clueless! Tell this poor young woman with an addiction to saying nutbunnies!

Ok I have 1 more question, are the cut scenes or whatever in CC like FF9? I mean do they have voice overs or just sound effects and such?

Ohh! Thought of one more! My sister (who is such a pain since she refuses to EVER admit she's wrong no matter what. Darn basement dweller.) says that the Final Fantasy movie has characters from 7 in there. She claims she's seen pics. (Which I say are just bogus possibly renders from someone with a 3d program thing.) She's totally wrong. Right? I am right aren't I? *pleading look in her eyes*

-Silence, Queen of the Omniverse-

"One thing I've learned about vampires Šthey keep pulling new rabbits out of their cloaks. Big, fanged, carnivorous bunnies that'll eat your eyeballs if you're not paying attention."

OK, here we go. Radical Dreamers was a Japan-only game for SNES. It was text based, belive it or not, and basically a quasi-sequel to Chrono Trigger.

The cut scenes in Chrono Cross are like the cutscenes of the Final Fantasy series - no voiceovers are featured. As for there being Final Fantasy 7 characters, I'd say it's a crock. You have to remember, all the voices for the characters have been announced, and none of which were characters from any of the Final Fantasies. On top of this, the developers of the games don't use characters over again (except maybe Cid and the Chocobos... moogles... that kind of stuff) becauser they like "new experiences and faces after working so long with the same ones." Said it themselves in a back issue of PSM.

Movie buffs, they ain't.

I guess I'm just being a stiffler, then again maybe I'm just trying to boast my own superiority, but there already is a Final Fantasy movie. It is broken up into four parts, on two video cassettes. Maybe it is just some underground thing...who knows


Figured I might as well clear this up while on the subject. While there is a "movie," it doesn't really count - it isn't a full length motion picture, and it was also never released in theatres. While it is a movie, it's merely an anime representation. The upcoming movie is going to be a full length cinematic experience. I for one can't wait.


I got Dragon Warrior 2,3, and 4 for only $8.27!! AH hahahahahahahahaha.

I'm happy for you. Really I am.

Can you change characters using the tele-porter device other than on the world map? If so, how and where?

You can also change characters at save points.

Mr T's van is faster than your truck any day foo.

Mr. T is my hero.

What's in your closet?

Miscellaneous illegal substances and dead bodies. Be afraid. ¬ ¬

Mr. Irochi, (ha, what a silly intro)

if "Guile" was Janus they'd have called him "Magil" because the entire intro text to Magical Dreamers is available in Chronopolis (with Gil being named Magil)

Good point. I failed to point that out in my explaination above. You get a cookie! (:.)

Arr... Chrono Cross be a pirate adventure!

Arr.... Cheese!

The Last Laugh:

Gin'irochi: Well, that concludes my session of weekend of question answering goodness. Google will be back tomorrow, so make me proud and give him good material. Oh yeah, I got a lot of letters about the Mr. T references I made, one of which contained a link to Mr. T vs. Everything. Enjoy, suckah!

Gin "Oh the pain..."
I've got a lovely bunch of cocconuts (deedily dee)

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