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Gin'irochi - August 27 '00- 00:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Woooo! Writing the column a bit early so I can head out and par-tay! Gonna do a bit of club hopping tonight, and I don't think I'll be coming home. Hey, what else is there to do on a Saturday night? Anyway, I got a pretty good batch of letters! Keep 'em coming for tomorrow.

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Hey Gin,

I was reading some Magazine and it said that Sony has already made the logo for Playstation3! and it will be out in Japan around 2006, another thing, I went to and they said that there's gonna be Final Fantasy II and III the movie coming soon aswell! These next couple of years are gonna be sweet!

~Canadian Phatboy

Yeah, it's true. Apparrently, Sony is already well under way with the PS3. As for there being a Final Fantasy 2 and 3 movie.... well... I wouldn't bet on it this soon. Remember, the first hasn't even come out yet, and it's been in production for over 3 years. I doubt they'd just belt out 2 more in a span of 6 months.

GBA Stuff

I've been really excited about the possibility of porting hard to find, extremely expensive RPGs (i.e. Chrono Trigger- damn you ebay!). I was wondering, however, if the cart size of the GBA would permit ports of said larger games.

Well, all I can say is this - I would think that if a human being can cram drugs in certain bodily orifaces to hide them, then I'm sure that Nintendo can stuff a few games in a GBA cart. Anyway, it would also really depend on wether or not Square lets Nintendo re-release these games. I'll belive it when I see it.

Minor Saga Frontier 2 Spoiler

Hey Gin,

Saga Frontier 2? Ahhhhhhhhh....i'm having one of those Front Mission 3/Final Fantasy 7 mental attacks as I struggle to push back memories of that way to beat last bosses.......great characters but horrible story.......No.......POINT.......ahhhhh........AHHHHHH..............

Hey, the blood shooting out my ears makes me feel better. I'll go play some Chrono Cross. Really, though, that game sucked worse than anything. Rich Knights was the best guy ever, but he died in the most emotionless death scene ever......ow. I miss Karsh and the gang. Gonna Cross now. Post this or I will send u another copy of Saga Frontier 2.

The Mino Man

Uh... yeah. anyway. I didn't really have a problem with SGF2, but it just got so... damn... boring.... mommy, make the bad game stop! As for wether it sucked or not, I can't say. (and niether will you readers. :P Hint - Homogeneity = not getting printed. Debates are bad. Very bad.) and yes, I'm printing this letter to again say to Googleshng - I used to own it. ;)

Hey there, PAL!


I live in England, and so have a European Playstation. I imported Chrono Cross from the US, and I managed to get it to run, but it's all in black and white! My US N64 works fine on my TV, so I know it's not the television. Is there any way to fix this? I'm going to keep playing CC anyway, it's just tough when I can't tell what color the elements are...

Bacon Slicer

Well, you may not know it, but it probably is your TV. See, we over here in North America use something called "NTSC" as our video standard. You guys over in england use something called PAL. It may possibly be your TV because NTSC and PAL don't really mix.

Speaking of mixing, a friend of mine (Dragoon Raven) pointed this out to me a couple of days ago. Chemistry majors, here's your chance to prove yourselves:

Chromium + Actinium + Potassium = CrAcK

Don't ask me. I just print the columns.

The End?

I know that there are multiple endings in Chrono Cross, but what will have a bigger influence on which ending you get: WHEN you beat the final boss, or WHAT decisions you make throughout the game?


It basically depends on when you beat the boss, (New Game+) with whom, and how you fight it.


Gin'irochi, Few CC questions, and minor spoilers:

1) What the heck is up with the 'Bend of Time'? I found it by accident and fought some creatures "that I may have missed" and couldn't go through the door there. I think that it's sorta like the End of Time from the first game. Is it?

2) I just got on the second disk, how much left is there? I still haven't made anything out of the 3 rainbow shells I have, and I don't want to get to a point of no return quite yet.

3) Where the heck is the best place to make money? Stone stuff is expensive!

4) 33 hours?! My clock is pushing 50 and I just got on the second disk!

You needed mail, I had a few questions. Works out great.

-Red Raven, who's missed so much stuff already it's not funny

1.) The bend of time is kind of like a little fighting arena. Jump into the little white circles, and see if something attacks.
2.) The second disk is about 7 - 10 hours long. But that's just an estimate. (Send me your estimates and die. :P)
3.) You're in the prime area right now. I know, all that neeto keen prism stuff is great, but expensive as hell. Just remember - there's always New Game +
4.) Yep. 33 hours.


Hi Gin!

So how DO you pronounce Gin'irochi?

This would be a quickie if I didn't have to explain it so much. ;)

First, the "Gin" part. This is easy. Sounds like the drink - "Jin." Easy so far, right?
Next is the hard part - Irochi. Lets break it into 2 parts - Iro, and Chi.
Iro. This is fairly easy too. "ear row." Ram it together. ;)
Now, "Chi." Chi is pronounced.... uh.... Well.... "Chee"

So phonetically, it'd be "JinEarrowChee." got it? Good. :)

Rumors are Bad, mmkay?

Many people I've spoken to seem to think Guile is Magus. I don't, however. He looks, floats, and uses black magic like Magus, but he doesn't act, dress, or many other things like Magus. There is much evidence for and against Guile being Magus. In Radical Dreamers (The game CC is based on loosely) a guy named Gil accompanied Kid and Serge. At the end you found out Gil was Magus looking for Schala, so that may mean Guile is Magus. However, Guile doesn't recognize some of the things Magus would recognize. I wouldn't mention them because they are spoilers.

What do you think?

OK, I just wanted to take a moment to dispell the rumors. Those of you who have played Chrono Trigger know that Magus' real name is Janus.

Janus. Jan us. Jan...... us. Say it with me now.

(Spoiler from early in the game) Anyway. Also, when Kid gets poisoned, if you do not help her, someone who is cloaked comes from the mainland and heals Kid. Magus is from the Mainland. Why would Guile leave El Nido, go to the mainland, then come back to heal Kid? Those of you who have beaten the game also know why Guile couldn't possibly be Magus.


What's in my pocket?!

-Have you got a banana?-

Some change, and some breathmints. Oh, and no. I don't.

Is your name related to that one guy in Mario RPG? I can't think of his name, but he used different gun-arm thingies I think.


I belive you're referring to Geno. No.

Gin'irochi means "Silver Blood" in Japanese.

How can you not like pickles?

Very easily. You should try it sometime.

So which song is the Radical Dreamers song?


The one that plays during the end credits.

Guess what?

You're hiding under my bed? Momma nooo~!!

The Wheels in the sky keeps on turning......

Classic Rock. Good stuff.

The Last Laugh:

Gin'irochi: Sorry. No neet little comic today. Anyway, I'll be back yet again tomorrow! But right now, I gotta jump into my pimp ride and head over to the club! Oh yeah... mah truck is fast, foo! Later guys!

Gin "Disco Inferno"

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