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Gin'irochi - August 26 '00- 13:27 Eastern Daylight Time

Well, kiddies, I didn't get many letters at ALL, so it looks like I'll have to cut this column short. C'mon, guys! Send me some material! Anyway, here's what I got.

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In the PSX:
Chrono Cross
I don't have the time.
Canned food, yum.

Xenogears Spoiler Ahead!

I get Chrono Cross's Star system, and I get Saga Frontier 2's battle system, and I even understand LoD's additional system, but what I really don't understand is the Soylent system. Help me out, here?

Ramrod Zombie

OK, here's the deal.

The Stamina system in CC and the SaGa Frontier system have one thing in common - they're actually battle systems. ;)

The Soylent system was the system in Xenogears that basically turned mutated humans (Wels) into canned food for Solarians to eat. Good stuff, eh? The Soylent System isn't a battle system.

Oooooh.... Lookit the pretty colors!

People keep asking so let me answer...

The Chrono Cross spell is not just used to refresh all your elements in the last battle, but also for something else. I'll let you find out for yourself but here is what to do. There are all the element types in the chrono cross spell. As soon as you get the spell there will be little balls that show the element color just used. There are enough balls for all the elements. If you can pull off getting all the element colors to appear in a certain arrangement (which I'm still trying to find out) without getting an enemy attack in the way, then that something will happen.

Good luck, you'll need it!

In the words of the great Ed McMahon, "You are correct, sir!"
The chrono Cross spell is actually the key to getting the best ending in Chrono Cross. And belive me- it's worth it.

Spoiler ahead. If you want to figure it out yourself, stop reading.

Here's how to get the best ending. When fighting the final battle, use your elements in the following manner with NO interruptions. If the boss casts a spell, start over. It's really not hard. Just build up to level 8, then use level 1 and 2 spells.

Cast your elements in this order: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Black, White, Chrono Cross. I wont spoil what happens, but I'll just say this:

All the colors in that Chrono Cross spell are kind of trippy. Good stuff.

RPGurus are never wrong! And when we are... we don't print your letter. ;)

sorry Googleshng, you are wrong. You can trap lvl 7 surmmon from normal ennemies in CC.

Mothership-shadow cat in Fossil Valley{Another World}.
Golem-Centaurpedes in Hydra Marshes{Another World}.
RedWolf-Hotdiggity in Mount Pyre{Home World}.
Unicorn-Dodo in Fossil Valley{Home World}.
Sonja-PreyMantis in Gaea's Level{Home World}.

Nutty indeed. Thanks for the tip! I'll have to do some hunting later.

For the record, I didn't say you couldn't get them from normal monsters. Didn't know you could though.

Those damn dragons...

OK, It's going to kill me when I find out how EASY the answer to this question is...but where, is, that cursed Green Dragon! I swear I've searched both worlds in every location, and, WHERE IS HE! I got the Blue, Red, Earth, and Black one's down, I even know where the White one is, but yet, no green! I suspect he's in Another World's Hydra Marsh...but that one vine there keeps slapping me when I try to get past it...stupid vine...

**Any help would be appreciated, even a short e-mail with a tip on where to look, I don't need a posting**

~ *iL* ~ *(hi$)*~

I already replied to this guy personally in an e-mail, but I'll re-answer here to help all you other dragonseekers out.

He's in Gaia's navel. You need the beeba flute and 2 ancient fruit to go there. Go to the Hydra Marshes and search out beeba's in both worlds. DO NOT blow the beeba flute until you have 2 ancient fruit!

I HATED the green dragon.

Just curious, where did the X come from on PSX? It's not the Playstation 10, and Playstation Doesn't have an X in it. The official Playstation logo (The one with the connected PS) doesn't even have an X. Anyways, just curious.

The "X"
actually comes from the PlayStation's development name, PlayStation Xtreme. (Cheesy, eh?) And there IS an "X" in the logo. If you look real close at it, where the P and the S intersect is an X. Nutty.

Is THIS a spoiler?

You've never played Street Fighter 2!?! Trust me, don't play it, unless you want to spend the rest of your life hooked to your TV, screaming "GO BLANKA GO! Oh... wait... he meant Shining Force 2. Trust me, don't play it, unless you want to be depressed for the rest of your life over poor poor poor Oddler. Oh... wait again... he probably meant Saga Frontier 2. Trust me, don't play it, unless you want to spend the rest of your life in jail after going on a frenzied rampage across the country, screaming "MAKE THE PIXELS GO AWAY!"

Wait, I have an actual question! For those of us who didn't think far enough ahead to reserve Chrono Cross, can you try to explain the combat system? I don't want to fish around for a good description in fear of accidental spoilers, and Goog's explanation was pretty vague.

Urban Zombie
<whine>I still think I oughta be weekend guy</whine>
(Gin'irochi: You and 3,000 other readers, buddy. ;)

Actually, I had owned SaGa Frontier 2. Google just assumed (and we all know what happens when one assumes - you make an ass of you and me. Think about it. )
I never played SGF2 because I don't give a rats arse when he calls me Ginny Knights. :P

Anyway, the battle system works like this. You start with 7 points, and a set of 3 attacks - 1, 2, and 3. 3 is the strongest, but takes the most points away. For each poiunt taken away, a magic level is added. When a magic level is activated, you can use magic within that level.

Simple. Oh, and no explainations please. I guarantee you wont get printed if I get a bunch of letters just re-explaining the battle system tomorrow. ;)

So, the bossman feels bad... heh heh heh....
I feel a bit guilty for being late and possibly costing you some decent letters, so here's one for you. Now that Space World has started up, and specs and demos abound from Nintendo's new hardware, what are your first impressions?


My first impressions are that of every system I see - I'll belive it when I see it. Graphics and power are nothing if you don''t have the games. Again, debates suck. Don't send me a pile of letters over this. :P

Hey Gin 'how dry I am' Irochi,

A few CC questions, just a quick 'yes' or 'no'..

1. Is there any time travel in CC?

2. Are there more than two dimensions?

3. What did Square do to the 'Radical Dreamers' song? Did they leave the lyrics in Japanese, change them to English, completely trash the song (god forbid?)


Minor spoilers ahead. You've been warned.

1. - very little to none.
2.- Yes. But you'll have to see on your own
3.- Thankfully, it was left in. In Japanese, even. More addicting than crack. Need more. Must listen. *drool*


BAH.... stupid football and school started.....not enough time to play Chrono Cross........(Yearning)

*cue wierd psycho music here*

What was your final game time on Chrono Cross?

33 hours and 21 minutes

print this and i'll laugh (yet again)

hahahahahaha SHUT UP! (Little Richard was the man)

Chrono Cross Good
Wheel of Time Good
Not the same at all

You people really need something to do in your spare time. Try something constructive, like a drinking habit or something. (OK, don't seriously do that. Lawsuits are bad, mmkay?)

Guess what?

You're hiding under my bed? Momma nooo~!!

This isn't a quickie.

I know.

The Last Laugh:

Gin'irochi: Turns out I had just enough letters. That's almost... sad. I need more! Jeez, you guys actually get a guy who likes doing this, and you don't send letters! :P Check this out:

Crazy shazbot. I'll be back tomorrow.

Gin "Hold the pickles"
Whip it... whip it good!

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