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Gin'irochi - August 21 '00- 00:02 Eastern Daylight Time

Well, as it goes, it looks like I'm going to be taking over for weekends. Here's my cue to gloat.


There. Gloating is over with. Anyway, there's something I need to clear up - apparently, there have been some rumors going around that I'm going to take over Google's job. This is FALSE. I have no intention of taking over for Google, because... well... he just does to damn much. ;) To be honest, I don't think anyone who is currently staffed at RPGamer could possibly fill the slime's size 13's. He is the definition of workaholic. Me, on the otherhand... hell, I was playing Chrono Cross all day. Don't blame me, it's fun to be a lazy bastard... ;)


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Did you see Escaflowne Saturday morning?? DID YOU?

This is where I go into my room and cry because of how badly Fox skewered it. *sigh* Well, at least it's in English and gives many people the opportunity to experience it, in one form or another. But I still highly recommend the Japanese version with sub-titles.

So to all of you in RPGamer land, if you can find Escaflowne sub-titled, watch it... it's much better than Fox's rushed/censored version.


PS: They left out the entire first episode. Shame on them.

Yes I did see it. It sucked... muchly. I actually turned it off a quarter of the way through to play Chrono Cross, so I didn't see all of it. However, I hear the crackheads at Fox absolutely butchered it to the point where it's nearly unintelligable to it's original. However, all I can say about the issue is this.

Fool me once, shame on you....

You know the rest. Hopefully we wont be fooled into thinking Fox may actually cater to Animé fans for once.


heres something that i came up with while taking a break from chrono cross. ((the evil dwarves beat me up.......))

SPOILER ((uhhh kinda.... o_0))

When fighting ultamacia in final fantasy 8 have quistis cast shockwave pulsar on greaver three times and he'll give you a cookie, if you can eat the cookie before the game ends, then all your stats will be raised to 255 and a new game plus option will be unlocked. It will also allow you to resurrect aeris in final fantasy 7 and get seigfried to join your party in final fantasy 6. it will also let you find schala in chrono trigger and allow you to make your name chrono in chrono cross. if you are unable to eat the cookie before the game ends, then a picture of lavos, seifer, sepheroth, and ultamacia(riding on lavos) appears, and an audio track of them all laughing at you and making fun of you by name plays.

I hope you all have fun with this code, i did,
((who woulda known that general Leo liked to dance in his tutu? o_0?))

have fun!!!

~:Lunar Moses:~
((the man who made up too much))

Now that Lunar Moses has taken his medication, I think I'll address him for some tips on beating those troublesome dwarves who keep beating him up. I assume he's fighting the dwarf tank at Water Dragon Isle:

1.- Dont keep cookies on your person. Those bigass noses aren't just for drug addictions, you know.
2.- Make sure everyone has a HealAll element. You can buy them in Termina for 300 G I belive.
3. - Pound the CRAP out of the 2 dwarves before starting in on the tank. They can fix it up. Fixing it is bad.
4. - Just keep using your best attavcks and Elements. You'll get it eventually. Green is good, but others will do too. (The tank has a yellow innate ability.)

I wish you luck, oh parter of the nonexistant seas of the moon. Oh, by the way. None of the other stuff he said was true, so don't whine to me or Googleshng about it if none of it works. :P

Be vewy vewy quiet... I'm huntin Ewements. huhuhuhuh....

All right Gin, I'm sure you must be sick of hearing about Chrono Cross, but I figured I'd cross my fingers and see if the gods (i.e. you) would answer my question. How in the world do you use trap elements in Chrono Cross? They're consumable, so I don't want to waste them, but I can't seem to "trap" any elements using them. If you could give me a bit of info on this subject, I just might be willing to (insert comical, unoffensive, and RPG related action here).


Basically, how trapping elements works is like this:

First, you find an enemy who you know has and, most importantly, will cast the element on you. Lets put it in terms of you and me. I have an Inferno element. You want my inferno element. You know I will use my Inferno spell. Therefore, you set out a "Trap Element" tailored for my specific spell, and wait...... I then cast the element, but instead of it following through and hitting you, the element is snared and stolen, netting you a new copy of Inferno. Cool, eh? Only problem is, easier said than done. ;)

Double time, Chop-Chop!

Hey-ya Gin,

On Chrono Cross how in the world do you do Double and Triple Techs? It says you can in the manual, but i can't seem to figure it out for the life of me. Maybe i'm just not far enough yet, or something. I only have one Tech for each of my people. Help would be appreciated.

Thanks Man,
~Angelo, one of the few, proud, male angels

Well, first the characters need to have the ability to form a double or triple tech with each other. As of yet, I have only been able to find one Double Tech between Serge and Glenn. How it works is actually fairly simple.

In this case, I will show an example of how to mae their double tech, "X-Slash" available. First, get both of their element levels charged up to level 3. Then, make sure they each have at least one stamina point left. Now, just go into one of their element menus and choose X-Slash, now where their own Techs used to be. (Techniques are marked with a yin-yang, for those who didn't know)

Chrono Trigger / Cross connections continued

There is one more connection between Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross that wasn't mentioned: Ozzie, Flea and Slash are hidden bosses. I'm not sure if you can fight them until a New Game+, but beating them nets you a Slasher, Dreamer's Sarong and Ozzie Pants. Don't believe me? Check the Official Prima Strategy Guide.

Esquire J

That's kinda nutty. I'd definitely like to see that....

Free Stuph! Oh yeah....

Hey Gin! ^_^

I just picked up my copy of CC on Saturday, but my local Babages was sort changed of the music CD AND clock! (And I even pre-ordered in MARCH!)

Anyway, they told me to call Squaresoft's customer service and complain\beg\whatever to see if I can get the stuff sent to them or me! Problem is, I don't know the number! I've looked in other Square games I have, and all they have is numbers for returns and warranties. Do you, someone else on the staff, or anyone out there know the number?

(I hope they're as nice at Working Designs was...)

Well, I couldn't come up with a phone number you didn't need to pay for, but I did come up with an e-mail address, which is Try mailing them and seeing what they say.

As for Working Designs, I must say - they rock. Never before have I seen a company that puts as much care and effort into their games and pleasing their fans than they do, and that's a fact. I'd like to make this special note thanking Working Designs for the wonderful job they do. Keep up the excellent work! (Oh, and Free Stuff - goooooood!)

Damn accents....

I could only play the first few minutes of Chrono Cross before I had to leave for Friday-Wed (I'm on vacation now), but I could see it was incredible. One question, however: Is Kid supposed to be British or Australian? In the first few minutes of teh game she says "Bugger," "bloody," and "mate."


I belive Kid is supposed to be Australian. Those stupid accents REALLY irk me. Rar.

Love Jones

Heya Gin ;)

I'd just like to take this chance to fix up a little boo boo Googleshng made in a recent column. Paws and I actually ARE dating in real life, and we just wanted to close up those nasty rumors >:)

Oh! And while I'm at it, what do you think of Legend of Mana? I just can't seem to get into it...any suggestions?

Scarmiglion "Let's throw a wrench in those gears"

Heh. Yep, it's true. Paws and Scar are an Item. A Thing. a Couple. A Package. A 2-for-1 deal at the local Restaurant. A..... OK, I'll stop.

Anyway, Legend of Mana was strange for me. It had absolutely no plot whatsoever, but it held my interest solely because of the cheesy jokes (Kind of like this column. Crack humor is the best I've come up with so far. :P) and the sheer pleasure of being able to run around and hack the shazbot out of anything I run into. Fun stuffage! The New Game + thing is cool too. I call it "Payback Mode." You get to run around and find all the enemies who gave you trouble first time through, and kill them in a blow or three. ;)

Gin Iro Chi. (Gin Ear Cheese?)

Chrono Cross Spoiler Alert

Hi there Mr. .... Q&A... guy....
(I'm not even going to TRY to spell that!)

I just got Chrono Cross (I LOVE it!!), and I've just started the part where I hafta find a cure for Kid. Korcha joined up instead of Mamcha. Unfortunately, the character FAQ says that I needed to take Mamcha to get Glenn. Please tell me it's lying and I can still get Glenn! PLEEEEEASE??

frum Rand

Yes, we all know by now that Chrono Cross is a sweet game (Need more... must... feed... addiction.). If games were pimped, Chrono Cross would be the number one item, I'm sure. Anyway, regarding Glenn. Yes, you must get Mamcha to get Glenn. Kodcha will not net you him.... which sucks a lot, because Glenn seriously rips. I never let him out of my party.

I see men in white coats in your future.

Hi! (that sounds non-confrontational)
I haven't played Chrono Trigger (I hope he doesn't get upset) and I was wondering if I'd still enjoy Chrono Cross (crossed with what?) despite that fact.

--Geoff "No Internal Dialogue" Russell

Hi yourself.

I havn't played Chrono Trigger either (Is that like a .45 calibur clock or something?). I'm enjoying Chrono Cross very much, besdes this fact though. (Crossed with hot buns, and no not Kid's either.)


Isn't it funny how the Prophet of Time in Chrono Cross said all that crap about parallel worlds and then said this?

"To view what world your in, press START on the world map." -Defiled

Yes, but not as funny as when I used to start up my old computer without a keyboard plugged in, and it used to tell me "Keyboard not found. Press F4 to continue." And Bill Gates is rich why?

Hmm... my local EB doesn't have Chrono Cross yet. I wonder why?

Chrono Cross is the hot item right now. A lot of places are coming up short - you may want to try ordering online. Try the GameStop.

Why do I get ignored? Paws RE'ed me and Chrono printed my work, but you and goog just ignore me. Do you have something against Dragonknights or the Royal Order of Starlight, or do you just hate me? Tell me I must know!

We at Q&A get a lot of letters, and there just isn't enough room to print them all. If we don't print your material or get back to you, don't take it personally... we have things to do too, and we'd be here all day if we replied to every letter. That and I'm lazy. Remember? :P

Why is there a rock on my floor!?!? Oh...wait a's my cat...

Damn cats... Always getting in the way. <ducks Paws' oncoming strike>

If Bart is an animus then are Bart and Billy Animi Animai, Animusus, Animus', animé? Thanks

Pop Tarts. Definitely. Strawberry, frosted. Yum.

Hey Gin, Could you define what an RPG exactly is? A friend of mine keeps telling me that if I canęt define it, it doesnęt count as a genre. Thanx a lot

RPG stands for Rabid PackGopher.

Seriously, it means Role Playing Game.

Note: Google doesn't want a debate over this. Please don't send him your definitions, mmmkay?

Gin'Irochi go BOOM!!

In the immortal words of Michael from Star Ocean 2:


Hmm, Persona 2: Eternal Punishment... Isn't that a fairly accurate description of the FIRST one?
- (K~os)

Dat man is funny, haah....

Gin'irochi: WOO! For those of you who are wondering, "Gin'irochi" means "Silver Blood" in Japanese. (Translated literally as "Silver Colored Blood." Same damn thing. >:P) Googleshng will be here again tomorrow, so send all your crap to him. After that, I'll be back again on Saturday. Until then!

Gin "Orange you glad I didn't say banana?"

Rinse, Lather, Repeat.

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