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Chimerasame - September 29 '00- 04:00 Eastern Daylight Time

This computer is tired. I should let it rest more often than I usually do. For instance, it just crashed, so I'm doing about half this column for a second time. Fortunately, I don't have to get up too terribly early tomorrow.

Oh, and speaking of tomorrow, Scar said in his column that we'd be back to normal Q&A schedule, with Gin`Irochi running standard weekend Q&A. Unfortunately, Gin discovered he'd be busy. Fortunately, Silkenray, head of RPGamer's Media Central section (You may remember her from such illustrations as Google's Sig Pic, and V'Lanna the Dragon.) offered to host. Unfortunately, Silk also found that she'd be busy. The best laid plans of mice and men, and sometimes even elves, dragons, slimes, moogles, or even marilith, often go awry. The end result is, I'll be hosting for a third day. You have my sincerest apologies.

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Just thought you might like to know that the voice of Pokemon's Ash is Veronica Taylor, who also does the voice of Amelia from Slayers. :) Valkyrie Profile also has Rachel Lillis (Jelanda), who does the voices of Martina from Slayers and Jesse from Pokemon. I'm pretty sure Eric Stuart (Gourry from Slayers and Brok from Pokemon) is in there too, as the voice of Arnhgrim's brother. I haven't gotten very far in the game, so I don't know who else is in the game.

Auld Dragon

P.S. Woohoo! Another person who thinks Final Fantasy IV is the best game! :D

P.P.S. How come you pronounce chimera "kee-mar-a"? The "i" is supposed to be long...

Cool. Commentary about voice-acting more interesting than anything I could have churned out. :) Googleshng wanted to add that the main character in Valkyrie Profile is also Nurse Joy. Oh, and as for what I did mention yesterday, there was another letter about Brent Spiner's escapades, from a Mr. "John Doe." Apparently he was the voice of Conan O'Brien in the South Park movie, which I find interesting, but would probably find more interesting if the below chart were somewhat different in one particular aspect.

Movies I have
SeenNot Seen
The Fifth ElementSouth Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut
Some other stuffA lot more other stuff

Further information about Brent Spiner's past acting can be found here, also courtesy of John Doe.

P.S.  I didn't say it was the best, I said it was my favorite. Yeah, there can be a difference. My favorite movie is The Fifth Element, but I doubt it's the best movie I've ever seen.

P.P.S.  Well, there never really was a concrete pronunciation until somewhat recently. When I was trying to figure out how to write it in Katakana, the consensus among most of the people I asked was that "Ki me ra sa me" was better than "Ka i me ra sa me," which would sound more like the long I. And yes, I know that "Chi me ra sa me" exists in Katakana, but that's even farther removed from Chimera's pronunciation than with the "Ki" sound.



I find it frustrating that people use freely interchange "writing quality" with "translation quality". All a good translation does is make sure the meaning comes out the same as in the original language. A piece of quality writing, though, will turn "I had a good feeling!" into "I was confident" or "I felt good" or something like that.

---Marshall Dragoon

I think this is mostly a semantic difference. The job of a translator is both what you call translation and what you call good writing. A better word for it might be "localization," which is what it's called in the Reviews section. Though, there is another viewpoint...

Another Viewpoint

What? FFT with a good translation? Nooooo! Then it would just be a weird dramatic story about religion being evil with no humor! What would we reference? How would we worship Daravon? What motivation would we have to go on endless boring propositions? Where would we find Hyudras and Wildbows? FFt is cute like it is!
Hmm, you were probably expecting more from my letter. Okay, you can put up my rendition of Xenogears too. There, now you have content.

-Cantatrix, Keeper of the Zelgadis plushie they stuffed Gourry's bra with

Good point. Every once in awhile, we make fun of games' translations. Er, localizations. Either way, it would be silly to just repeat "Off course" over and over again, so it's nice to have plenty of good material in FFT to draw from. And it made a hilarious series of fanfics!

Also hilarious is the Xenogears Summary Cantatrix made. It's full of spoilers, so if you haven't beated Xenogears yet, you have to go beat it right now so you can read the hilarious summary. Come on! You're not going... Alright, I guess I'll let you finish this column first. Then you have to go beat Xenogears.

Breath of Fire III I

I know that this question should have come a long time ago but, its about Breath of Fire III (which I hope you have played). HOW THE HECK DO YOU GET THROUGH THE DESERT!!!??? I've looked at the guides on the Internet and followed what they all have said but I still can't get through the freakin' thing. I need some major help!! I have a foot tall stack of other PS games (all RPGs) waiting for me to finish BOFIII!! I've taken so long they're all yelling at me to hurry up.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to provide significantly more help than the guides you read... I'm not sure if I'll be able to provide ANY more help than said guides. From what I can tell, however, there seem to be two main things. First of all, you need water to survive. There's a jar of it near the tepee. One FAQ I read suggests you get "sixteen units" of it.

The second thing is that the best way to navigate seems to be to travel only at night. The lower red star can serve as a guide; follow it. During the day, stand still and drink water. If you do not drink water, you will lose HP, which often leads to death. Generally speaking, death will stop you from crossing the desert.

Breath of Fire III II (VI?)

Hola, got a question for ya, this being Q&A and all... Saw a Breath of Fire 3 reference a few days ago which brought this to mind. Is there any point to the final dragon form (or the Infinity Gene in general)? I can't remember its name, but it turns the hero into... Well, a yellow version of himself. I tried all kinds of combinations, and I could only achieve this one form in two modes: one where he's got a stronger than normal physical attack but is uncontrollable (therefore hitting your party members as well as enemies), and one where the yellow color is the only difference (he has normal strength) but he's now controllable. I could never figure out any use for this final, allegedly "ultimate" dragon form. Kind of a letdown, actually, I was waiting for some screen-filling, awe-inspiring ultimate form and I got... Yellow. Bleh. Anyway, thanks and stuff.


At some point I should finish this game. There are a lot of games I say that for, however, so I'll probably start finishing the ones I own before I try to finish ones I don't own. The final dragon form, called Kaiser, becomes controllable when you add the Failure gene. It seems silly to me, too. Of course, lots of things seem silly on the surface that actually have some point. I mean, we poison public swimming pools so that people won't catch diseases. Yes, chlorine is quite poisonous.

Do you feel horny, baby?

HOOK'EM HORNS!!! Dude, you are doing almost exactly what I want to be doing when I go to college. Does UT have good programs for doing the whole video game thing and whatnot? Do you ever go to any of the football games? Going to the Oklahoma/UT game in Dallas? I just want to know the low-down on UT and the RPGs. Thanks.

Ramzlita loves them Horns. Forget Simms, salute to Major.

Yes, yes. Hook "'em" horns, and such. (In case you can't tell, I've never been much for school spirit.) UT does have a relatively new organization called EGaDS!, which stands for the Electronic Game Developers' Society. I'm curious to know if there's anything like this at other schools. (Well, except for DigiPen, that is, the whole point of which is game development.)

As far as Football, it goes together pretty well with the whole spirit thing. I've never been much of a fan. I went to the games in high school because I was in the marching band (ironically, not marching... pit captain. Xylophone, Marimba, Glockenspiel, etcetera.) It'd be nice if UT won some games, I suppose, but it doesn't affect me a whole lot. Oh, and if anyone from Texas A&M is reading this... what, really, is the point of calling UT "TU"? We don't go around calling your school "M&A," thinking that diminishes you or improves us somehow...

And incidentally, Tifa is a UT student. Mr. T vs. Final Fantasy VII proves it!


Hey, I saw Alfador listed as one of your online nicknames. Is that a Langrisser (Warsong) reference?

Pat Z/S McDonald

Nope. Chrono Trigger. Janus's cat. Though, believe me, your guess was not bad at all compared to some cases of mistaken identity tied to that nick. :)

HAHA! You're an amish! You're picture proves it!


What's weird is, there's actually an IRC channel #amish on DALnet. Oh, and Zook, I printed you're letter, but you're grammar's wrong. ;>

You won't post ad spam!? Die die die! *takes out a magical stick of pointiness* I, with my magical stick of pointiness, will annoy you till you post at least 1 piece of ad spam! *pokes you annoyingly*

- Beedrill51

I didn't get any. You can try to use that stick all you want, but don't forget that floating wand Radrisol drew for me. It shall defeat any measly pointy stick of yours!

Is it about pie?

3.14159265358979323... wait a minute. You can't eat numbers! I think I'll have a frosty.

Real quick question, will Pokemon G&S run on a pocket gameboy? Or does it have to be color? Thanks.


Yes; No; You're welcome!

have you been sending me messages? are you the Yellow Crunchy?

The untalented nontraveling Bard

42! No, wait... that doesn't fit the question... I guess I have to keep looking.

Dude. DUDE! A PRODIGY! :D Well, it seems that at one time, you did indeed use the Prodigy Bulletin Boards, so I ask you only this: Did you ever read / participate in The Arena, sound in the "SNES Games A-L" section at first, until it was later relocated to "Arena"? ^_^


Hehe, yes, I vaguely remember the Arena, and Epic Battle, and various in-character roleplaying that went on in that set of boards. Ahhh, nostalgia..
(Incidentally, if you ever want to feel nostalgic for some reason and have a unique nick like mine, you should try searching for it on a search engine. ;>)
WOAH! You look just like Jimmy Kimbell from 'The Man Show'! Seriously! Or at least you did several months ago when the picture was taken.. The only real difference is that you have a beard.. Um.. So.. Spiffy!

Heh, people that look like people are funny. There was a guy at my high school that looked like Mulder, only no one else thought so, until my senior year when other people started making that observation to ME as if THEY had thought it up. People are funny. Hehehe!

2.) Is EVERYONE on the RPGamer staff in some various level of college? From the number of complaints about school, I'd be lead to believe that.

This was actually only a fraction of a letter... (something which looks at least a little obvious. I mean, "2.") The answer is No, though I think over half of us are.

The Last Laugh:

I think I'll use this closing to finally get around to what I referenced in the column title. "The Game of Life." No, it's not an RPG, and it's not that board game. It's a hypothetical situation my professor in a seminar brought up today. Here's the deal. You're completely blindfolded, and you have to reach into a bag and pull out a ball. There are lots and lots of white balls, and only one black ball. You can't tell the difference by feeling them.

Picking a white ball means you win $10,000,000.

Picking a black ball means instant death.

And the question is: How many white balls have to be in that thing before you play? I'm not sure yet what my answer is, but I'm interested to see if anyone has anything to say about the matter. Ah, philosophy. It can wait. Right now, sleep seems to be the most appealing thing I can think of.


chime "Kanji wa kowai"
Despite what was in this spot yesterday, neither RPGamer nor I endorses the use of crack.

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