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   August 31, 2001  

Here it is everyone, the reincarnation of RPGamer's Poll Comments section. Why did I bring this back you ask? Partly because I keep finding there's things I want to say about the polls. Partly because I thought you might have some things to say about the polls. Partly because when he gave up on this section, Martin Drury said, "no matter how I tried, the number of polls submitted still was reaching astronomical proportions." By the time I inheritted the poll, just the opposite was the problem. Anything else I have to say on the subject is pretty self evident if you just look at how this page is formatted I hope, so I'll just dive in to filling this template in now.

Comments on this week's poll:

Have you ever played a game where you have to put the controller on the floor for 5 minutes just to hear the last boss' theme music loop once? Have you ever spent 20 hours character building at the end of a game only to be wiped out in the first round? Which bothered you more? Do you prefer winning a game to give you bragging rights, or do you just want to get things over with when you reach the end? That's the sort of thing I want to learn from this poll. I left out the usual fence sitter choice here by the way since it would only apply to extremes. Obviously if it's nearly impossible to beat ANY boss in a game, you don't want the last one to be even harder, and if the rest of the game is so easy it puts you to sleep, you'll want a LITTLE challenge at the end, so just assume this poll is dealing only with the slightly easy to fairly hard range of games.

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   Last Week's Poll - "What do you think of the GameCube Zelda's visual style?"  
I hate it and cannot fathom what Nintendo is thinking. 1468 36.98%
I don't want to pass judgement this early on. 922 23.22%
I like it. It gives the game a unique look and is reminicent of A Link to the Past. 862 21.71%
I'm not sure what to think. 520 13.10%
I don't care about graphics. 198 4.99%
Total Votes 3970 Percentages may not add up exactly to 100%.

My thoughts:

I was pleasantly surprised by the results of this poll. I was guessing well over 50% of you would say you couldn't stand it, but in the end, it was only 37%. On top of that, 21% of you actually LIKE the Power Puff Girls look. I was guessing that would be the least popular choice. Most of you fell in that broad area with no real strong opinions. Come to think of it, it's pretty shocking how few people said they didn't care about graphics. Back in the day that was the average RPGamer's motto.

- Googleshng


Your thoughts:

In the future, I'll throw a couple quotes from my mail box in here about the last week's poll. Since these comments go up at the same time as a new poll, that means you can't really wait until a poll closes before you comment on it. The last minute is basically any time Thursday. Fortunately though, since the ratios in any given poll never seem to budge once it's been up for a couple days, any observations you make on the results then should still hold true when I print'em.

Ideally I'd like to keep things brief down here too, so try to be as concise as you can if you want to increase your odds of being printed.

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